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Kristin Machina
(crash course raver)
10/23/01 04:06 PM
That Crazy Balance of My Mind new [re: Kristin Machina]  


"Dad, calm down!" Duncan tried to soothe his father, as they and Iman sat by the window of David's hospital room.

"I can't," David was near tears, "I've always been afraid of becoming schitzophrenic--I just thought it would have happened sooner. I can still remember your Uncle Terry screaming about cracks in the pavement..."

Iman said, "But David, my darling, this is different--you've had an accident! These visions could just be a side effect of medication..."

"Or lack of sleep, from what Iman tells me," Duncan said.

David became quiet for a moment, "What if I never write another song again? Ever?"

Iman shrugged, "It's up to you. We're not hard up for money..."

"It's NOT about money!!" David snapped, startling his son and wife. David blushed, "I'm...I'm sorry I yelled. I'm so confused...I don't know what I'd do if I can't sing again."

"Are you sure it's not just a sore throat?" Iman asked.

David tried to sing a note again, but all that came out was a silent wheeze.

"Wierd," Duncan said.

"You know," David said, "quitting cigarettes is turning out to be the worst thing I've ever done..."

Duncan: "No, Dad, don't say that!"

David: "Well, it's true! Maybe I was just never meant to quit. This isn't a battle I'm willing to fight..."
"So give in, David," The Duke whispers..

Ramona taps her foot on the ground, "I wonder where all of the other Bowies are. I don't trust Jareth..."

"Hush!" Duke snapped, "It doesn't matter, as long as they are out of my way. But just to be safe..."
The pizza parlor....

"It's an all-or-nothing action," Jareth explained over his slice of peach pizza, "If even one of us objects to going home, no one goes home."

"WE'RE DOOMED!" Byron screamed, "The Duke won't come back until the body starts smokin' again, and then we'll all be slaves!"

"Not if we let him," Major Celliers said.

"For once, Major Flower-Eater is right," Jareth grimaced, "The Duke became so powerful because we ALL let him be!" The others listened attentively. Jareth continued, "When Ziggy 'died', there was a void left for a leader--a central character. The Duke, whether we knew it or not, took over that position..."

Aladdin Sane interjected, "Which is why we need Ziggy back!" The others nodded in agreement with shouts of "Here, here!"

Jareth put his slice down, "I've been trying to revive Ziggy for years. My early revivals were failures: first was a Polish prostitute."

Ricochet asked, "Paul?"

Tin chucked, "Our '32 Elvis movies in one!?'"

Ricochet: "Tin, watch it," he glanced over at the still-fuming owner, "I wondered why he wasn't around...And Blaylock!"

Jareth, rubbing his neck, "Ah yes...him. Rather messy episode. Do something nice like bring a vampire back from the dead, and he thinks you're dinner. No gratitude. No manners, either. No matter--he rotted away as soon as I revived him. But my third attempt was more successful," Jareth looks to...

"Who, me?" Major Celliers was stunned.

"Wot? You think you just popped back to life 'cause the body liked you?" Jareth cocked an eyebrow.

Celliers gulped, "But why me? I thought you hated me!"

Jareth gasped, pretentiously, "Jacques! I don't hate YOU...although in your post-mortem post-vivication hysteria, you almost SHOT me!"

Celliers scratched his head (his hat was off, for good table manners), "Um, I don't remember that...but...um...sorry, mate."

Jareth: "I blame hypoxia to the brain. Forgivable..from a medical point of view."

Nathan said, "So I supposed Baby Grace Blue was your latest attempt."

Jareth's expression turned darker than usual, and a little sad, "The longest, more gut-wrenching experiment I've ever done. The idea that anyone would have the nerve to call this art...," his gloved fist tightened, "It makes me hate humans even more."

Grace took his fist in her little cold hands and smiled at him. Jareth's face relaxed, leaving only a rueful smile, "Anyway, if I could re-assemble this piece of human wreckage, then there was no reason why I couldn't revive Ziggy. Or so I thought."

Earthling: "So why don't you revive Ziggy?"

Jareth: "At first, I thought it was the nature of his death. Grace and Major Celliers were murdered. Ziggy was a suicide. Suicides are almost impossible to revive. The reason is: With suicide, the person forfeits his or her will to live."

Ricochet shrugged, "But Paul was murdered, too."

Jareth, "But the body didn't want Paul to live."

Tin: "We never liked that movie, anyway. Even "Hunger" was a bit dodgy..."

Jareth: "Blaylock died of old age. Very old age--there was almost nothing to revive."

Aladdin stood up, "Wait! Are you saying that the reason you can't revive Ziggy because the body doesn't want him!?" Blue tears began to fall from his red eyes, "That's not fair!!"

"No, no! I didn't say I CAN'T revive him! It's just...um...how do I say this right?"

Zane, "Just say it!"

"I don't have all the pieces."

Everyone: "HUH?"

Jareth took a deep breath, "It took me years to figure it out but...There are two major components to revival: One--all the pieces have to be together and two--the body must will it. Grace was in several pieces, but the body still wants her for "Contamination,""

Nathan says to himself, "That's why I can't finish!"

Jareth: "I believe that David wants very much for Ziggy to return...but pieces are missing..."

Zero: "What pieces? Ziggy wasn't dismembered. Was he?"

Jareth: "Well, who is missing now?"

Leon: "Duke and Ramona."

Dory: "But they came well after Ziggy!"

Jareth tapped his chin, "Did they? Let's think for a moment: In the beginning, there was Major Tom--the spaceman, the beginning of David's alien fascination. Then came Zane--not only David's first attempt at gender bending, but the first attempt at 'hard rock'. The sphinx--in our case, Dory--is the ancient symbol of androgyny--and magic. Instead of separate entities, these three in particular were the prototypes, or 'building blocks', to Ziggy."

Yankee thought, "Is the Duke trying to prevent Ziggy's revival. I mean he kidnapped Zane and Dory..."

Newton, "And the lightning strike on TVC15 could not have been an accident!"

Jareth: "Very good, there is intelligent life here after all! But there's more! Ziggy became too big for the body's mind to handle--he overwhelmed the other personas and began to take over David's life..."

Major Tom: "The memories are a bit hazy...but it felt as if we all became part of Ziggy's consciousness..."

Jareth: "Ziggy's ego! So to save the body and mind--before suicide became the only alternative--Ziggy had to split his ego into smaller pieces," then Jareth looks to...

"Me." Aladdin Sane said. "Ziggy created me as sort of a second pair of eyes."

"But he unknowingly upset the balance of his own mind. Like Bowie, Ziggy's mind is made up of different characters--two essential and opposite forces--one of creation, one of destruction. Aladdin Sane is that of creation. The remaining 'destructive' side was left alone, and consumed Ziggy from the inside."

Aladdin: "That's wrong! Ziggy was never destructive! He was kind and gentle!"

Jareth smiled ruefully, "Ah, my dear Aladdin, that's because YOU were Ziggy's kind and gentle half. But when you split with Ziggy..."

Dory: "He became a monst-urr. Aladdin, I'm sor-rry, but Ziggy ran amok at the end. The body lost a lot of weight. David was lost in Ziggy!"

Jareth: "And Ziggy knew this! He knew he had to sacrifice himself to save the mind. But his plan back-fired--after Ziggy's self-destruction, the 'destructive' side was set free, but wasn't given a name for years."

"Then which one of us is Ziggy's destructive side?" Liza asked.

Everyone looked to Aladdin.

"The Thin White Duke," Aladdin said. "The truth is he's existed for years before Ziggy."

Jareth: "Classic tale of good-vs.-evil. Without one, the other would not exist. And yet, Ziggy never really 'died'--he's just scattered. His 'pieces'--knowingly or not--have often tried to come back together. Every persona since is a hybrid or mutation of a previous persona. For example..."

"You!" Aladdin exclaims.

"Right--I'm probably more Duke than Aladdin, though. Same with Newton, but kinder. Berlin, Ricochet and Yankee are more benign forms of the Duke. Liza, Veronica and Nana--as David in drag--owe their existences to both Berlin and Dory. Tin is Zane's descendant. Pierrot is Major Tom's descendant. Earthling is a second-generation Berlin. Zero is part Halloween Jack, part Ricochet. Screamin' Lord Byron is everyone up until '84!"

"So what you're saying is," Earthing said, "is we're all related to Ziggy in some way."

Pierrot was feverishly sketching Jareth's proposed family tree on a napkin.

Jareth: "Correct."

Tin: "And the only way for Ziggy to revive is for all of us to--to quote a dearly departed friend of mine--come together."

Zane: "Even the Duke."

Jareth: "Especially the Duke. We need everyone--I do mean EVERYONE--to come together."

Zero shook his head, "But you tried to destroy me!"

Jareth: "I had to prove my loyalty to the Duke to save my own skin. I'm sorry. Beside, I couldn't destroy you even if I really tried. The body would not allow it."

Zero was taken aback: "You...you mean.. David still needs me??"

"I suppose you learn from your mistakes..."

Zero started doing backflips across the restaurant, "Bowie NEEDS ME!!!" Laughter broke out in the pizzaria.

Screamin' Lord Byron screamed again, "WE'RE DOOMED! The Duke's never coming home until he gets his way! He'll zap us first!"

"That is the frustrating part," Aladdin said, "It's the body's decision to start smoking again. We need to prepare if he does..."

Thunder booms. "I just can't trust anyone, can I, Jareth?" The Duke walks in, in a thin cloud of mist, followed by Ramona.

Everyone jumps to their feet.

"So Duke," Dory growls, "You've come crrrawling out of yurr hole!"

Nathan: "Ramona."

"Conspiring against me??" The Duke angrily glares at Jareth.

"Damn it! I thought we were snoop-proof," Jareth spat.

"More freaks!" Big Elvis sighed, "You ain't gonna cause trouble in here, are ya?"

The Duke looked about the place with a disgusted look, "You dedicated this little dive to some fat, bloated, washed-up, homophobic has-been! I should tear this place apart brick by brick!" As he said this, a lightning bolt formed in his hand. Before he tossed it, a glass globe crashed into the Duke's head, knocking him down. The Duke was stunned.

"Leave these mortals out of this!" Jareth glared down. 'Big Elvis', terrified, ducked behing a counter, and began to dial '911.' But Ramona, with her rifle, shot up the phone.

"Enough!" Aladdin and the other Bowies surrounded the Duke, "I wil not have innocent people hurt!"

"Well then, little genie," the Duke sneered, standing up, rubbing his head, "You're right. Let's settle matters outside!"

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10/24/01 00:49 AM
Re: That Crazy Balance of My Mind new [re: Kristin Machina]  

ok...great new chapter, but damn, im spinning now!!! i think ill have to read that whole family tree thing 2 more times to get it all straight. i tell you, kristin, you rock for being to put a story like this together, you obviously put a lot of thought and planning into it, and its so detailed, im just amazed!!! starbuck

ps, once i get my creative juices back, im gonna try really hard to do some drawings for the story, but damnit, ive got serious problems with my creativity and the damn pen just wont draw!!!


Kristin Machina
(crash course raver)
10/24/01 01:09 AM
The Family Tree new [re: Starbuck]  

And that was the short version of the tree! I'm sure His Crankiness didn't have the time or patience to go over all of it, but it just shows how all the personas evolved from each other. The Bowies in this story are all really squabbling siblings!

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Kristin Machina
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10/24/01 03:31 AM
Splitting Headache--Fallen Wings new [re: Kristin Machina]  

"Fine by me!" Aladdin Sane scowled, as he and the Duke stormed outside. The other Bowies chased after the two...

Ricochet left a one-hundred dollar bill on the counter, where Big Elvis was trembling behind.

Ricochet: "Um...this ought to cover it. Sorry about the mess. Keep the change!" And he ran out to follow the others.

Young Elvis Waiter stood dumbfounded, "Only in New York..."

"Wait a minute!!" Detective Nathan Adler shouted after the Duke and Aladdin, who stood in the middle of Lexington Avenue, in the way of traffic. "What about what the Goblin King was just saying!? We can't be fightin'!"

Aladdin: "It's just a safety precaution, in case the Duke throws one of his tantrums and brings the place down!" His red eyes never left the Duke's piercing blues.

"Why should I care about some silly little shrine to a dead rock star?" the Duke huffed.

"When there's PEOPLE in it, you heartless son of a..."

Nana: "Ah, could you boys settle this OUT OF THE STREET!" Not only was the multitude of Bowies drawing a crowd, but they were halting traffic on one of the busiest streets in the city! Car honked furiously: "Git outta da way!" "Yo! Put on some pants!"

The Thin White Duke whipped his arms up and down, and lightning crashed onto the street behind him. Panicked motorists fled their vehicles and ran down the street.

Aladdin tackled the Duke in a red-and-blue lightning flash and screamed: "STOP IT!! You've wrecked our own world! Do you have to wreck this one too??"

Ramona aimed her very large gun at Aladdin's head, "He's trying to save our world, you simple creature. Now get off him, now!"

Nathan drew his gun, "Get away from Aladdin, Ms. Stone! I hardly call scaring dozens of New Yorkers 'savin' the world'."

As frail as the Thin White Duke appears to be, he managed to roll on top of Aladdin, as the two rolled around on the concrete, "If the body stops smoking, it IS the end of the world as we know it! It is the fuel of his creativity!"

Aladdin rolled on top, "No, my other half--WE are the fuel of his creativity--as well as its products! Get up," the genie pulled up the Duke by the lapels of his vest, "Look at us!" He gestures at the Bowies on the sidewalk, all holding knives, "WE created all this--just as Major Tom, Zane and Dory created Ziggy and Ziggy created us!"

Duke swatted away Aladdin's hands, "Well I'm not going back without my cigarettes!"

Aladdin breathed a heavy sigh, "Look, my brother, I am very tired of fighting with you...perhaps it's time we talked for once."

Duke made a loud, humourless "Ha!" "'Brother??' How dare you, my lesser half! I am far superior to you--far superior to you all--including Ziggy!"

"That's not important right now, Duke," Aladdin said. "We cannot stay here forever. We have nowhere to go--nowhere to stay. Eventually we will fade away, and David will be left with nothing."

"If he doesn't start smoking again, then nothing he is!" The Duke was adamant.

Tin screamed, "I can't f**kin' believe he's keeping us here because he wants his f**kin' smokes!! He's such a god-damn baby!"

"This isn't about smokes, is it, Duke?" Jareth stepped forward, "This is about control. You're afraid of losing control."

The Duke glanced coldly at Jareth, "Practicing psychiatry without a license, I see?"

Jareth: "I've found that Major Celliers inherited your temper."

"And whose side are you on, Goblin King? Weren't you aiming to make Ziggy your slave the same as you've made Baby Grace?" The Duke cocked an eyebrow.

"What??" Aladdin looked at Jareth, shocked.

"We both have our ambitions, Duke," Jareth cooly adjusted his long, black gloves. "I am only claiming my birthright as a descendant of Ziggy Stardust--you and Aladdin have had your chance."

Leon Blank: "Son of a bitch!"

The Duke stepped up to Jareth, the two men in black staring pale face to pale face, "You don't know what you're asking for, boy. To revive Ziggy is to damn us into a subconscious collective. We'll lose our autonomy, our individuality. I won't share power with anyone!"

Jareth smirked in his usual cavalier fashion: "Didn't your mummy and daddy tell you to share with the other boys and girls." Then his expression turned serious, "You've done without cocaine--you can without cigarettes. So grow up!"

The Duke stared at his descendant intently, "I have to give you credit. You've done a fine job deducing our family tree. But do you know where John Blaylock came from?"

Before Jareth could even think of an answer, the Duke grabbed the King's hair from behind and jerked his backwards. The Duke then sank his teeth into his throat! The wild-haired wizard screamed as the blood and his power were drained from his body.

"NO!" Nathan fired his gun and struck Duke in the shoulder. The others rushed to the two, but Ramona sprayed gunfire above their heads. Earthing was the first to hit the ground, terrified of firearms. The others followed suit, screaming.

Meanwhile, the Duke-- blue blood dripping from his lips and his arm, reeled in pain and dropped the wizard. He transformed into a black owl and flew off. Nathan and Major Celliers got up and fired their weapons at the fleeing bird, but missed as the owl vanished.

"Duke!" Ramona screamed. "Wait! Don't leave my behind, you bastard!!"

Aladdin was the first to reach Jareth. The Goblin King looked ashen, blood gurgling from his mouth and neck. "Jareth!!" Aladdin screamed, "Jareth, are you alright!? Oh God," he tried to cover Jareth's wound with his own little hand, "I'm sorry...I couldn't stop him..."

Jareth's eyes twinkled with fading magic, "A...Al...Aladdin...re..member...what I..."

Grace fell at her fallen master's side, "Master!! Don't die, please!"

Jareth very weakly chuckled, as blood gurgled, "My...li'... dar...ling...I cannot...die...my power...will pass...on....Aladdin..." The genie leaned in. "Aladdin...take...my power...it's...yours..."

Aladdin shook his red head furiously, "Don't talk like that! I won't have another Bowie die!"

Grace took her own knife, then took Aladdin's hand and forcebly slashed his palm. Before Aladdin can protest in pain,Grace placed his shallowly slashed palm onto Jareth's neck. A blood-to-blood transfer of power--as it began fifteen years ago--returned some of Aladdin's energy to him from his own descendant. Energy flowed up Aladdin's arm and throughout his body, causing him to glow brightly. Seconds later, the transfer was complete, and the Goblin King was...

"NOOOOO!" Aladdin screamed, covering his face with his bloody hands.

Grace said, quietly, "Master said that if anything ever happened to him, his power would go to me. He taught me what to do. But his power is really your power, Master Aladdin."

Aladdin shook violently, sobbing. Grace embraced him, sobbing as well. The other Bowies gingerly gathered around, gazing in horror and grief. Nathan and Halloween Jack removed their hats. So did Major Celliers, "How cruel..."

Ramona, uncomfortably, backed away from the scene, but was grabbed from the arm by Leon Blank, "Your lover just killed a man! Where has he gone, you old bitch!!??"

"Let go, child," Ramona slapped him away, "The double-crosser got what was coming to him!"

Aladdin choked back tears, "We've got to find the Duke. Now."

"Right, he can't get away with this!" Halloween Jack howled, "I don't care what Jareth's done--he didn't deserve this!"

"It's not just that," Aladdin said, cradling Jareth's lifeless body in his arms, "The Duke has half of his power, including his own. The Thin White Duke has now become more dangerous than ever."

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10/24/01 10:26 AM
Re: The Family Tree new [re: Kristin Machina]  

squabling siblings...hmmm...we at teenagewildlife wouldnt know anything about that....hehe starbuck (ill read the new chapter later, must drag ass to class...)


(grinning soul)
10/25/01 08:07 PM
Re: Splitting Headache--Fallen Wings new [re: Kristin Machina]  

::sniff::::sniff:: Jareth really dead? ::SNIFFF::

siblings.... heheheh

can't wait for the next chapter!


Kristin Machina
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11/16/01 05:01 AM
Splitting Headache--Underground new [re: Kristin Machina]  

The sirens of rapidly approaching police cars could be heard, as the Bowies, still reeling from what just happened, ran for cover. Aladdin carried Jareth in his arms; Leon grabbed Ramona by the arm and the mob ran off. Pushing past stunned New Yorkers, the Bowies stampede down the narrow side-streets, down the subway steps and jump past the turnstyle gates. A half-dozing subway clerk woke up in time to find that Boz has hacked into the electronic Metro-Card System, allowing the Bowies to escape freely into the tunnels.

Bewildered strap-hangers don't know what to make of the flurry of colorful characters rushing in. Before uniformed police could make it past the gates, the Bowie already have hopped on the incoming 6 train, as it pulled away uptown.

The handful of humans silently stare at the twenty or so odd-looking, out of breath people, who all sort of look alike. They wonder why one of them looks unconscious, with blue liquid around his neck. All they know is, instinct tells them to move to another car and fast.

Alone in the car, except for a shabby-looking man sleeping in the corner, the Bowie contemplate the last few moments...

"WE'RE DOOMED!!" Screamin' Lord Byron whines.

"You say that so often," Aladdin Sane says, "One wonders what your basis of...." Before he can finish his sentence, he and the others become acutely aware of a persona quoting a line belonging to the seemingly deceased.

"Aladdin?" Earthling begins to ask.

Aladdin smiles, as he strokes the goblin's hair in his lap, "This is what Jareth was saying--we are not as separate or as different as we think we are. We share the same energy--one arises from another. I feel as if Jareth's energy has passed onto me, like he was returning a borrowed piece of myself."

Aladdin's hands glow, and Jareth's form shifts form into a small gold orb. The gold orb hovers briefly for a few seconds at Aladdin's forehead, then melts into it. The brief vision of a gold circle on the brow of the red-headed genie invoked in the others a memory of another lost persona, before the circle quickly vanished.

Aladdin then smiled serenely, "Jareth's not dead. Ziggy's not dead. We're going to bring them back!"

"How??" Detective Adler scratching his thinning hair under his hat, "My head is still spinning."

Aladdin: "We have to find the Duke. Like it or not, we cannot go home without him."

Ramona, who had been dragged with the group by the arms by Leon, was now the focus of attention. Leon clamped onto her like a vice, glaring into her eyes, "Where is he, witch!? Where have you two been shacking up??"

Ramona roughly kicked Leon in the shins with her heavy jackboots, knocking him onto the train floor. She turned to the train door to run, but was blocked by Zero.

Zero: "This is not a game, Ramona! Futures are at stake here!"

Ramona drew her gun, and pointed it at Zero's head, "You gilded fool--there IS no future!! We are headed to a bleak damnation of mediocrity!"

Zero: "Huh?"

Ramona: "It's over! Our body is regressing into a life of domestic sterility! His artistic soul is gone! There is no point in going back!"

Zero: "But Ramona...how did you get here?"

Ramona glared at him puzzled.

Zero: "I mean, I was supposed to be the end of Bowie's creative glory. I'm the weakest link, to quote the dame in black. It was supposed to be 'over' when I was born, so how did you get created?"

Ramona put a fist on her waist, annoyed: "I still don't understand."

Zero: "Well, you wouldn't consider "Outside" a weak effort, right?"

Ramona: "Of course not! I was brilliant!"

Nathan, Leon, Algeria and Grace coughed conspicuously.

"OK, WE were brilliant!"

Zero: "Right, and that was 8 years after me! So there was still something there--his 'artistic soul' wasn't gone. It was just...lulled to sleep, I guess. Shoved to the back in the name of popularity and money."

Ricochet uncomfortable shifted in his chair.

Zero: "I'm not saying it's anyone's fault. I'm just saying...it happened. We made mistakes, and some of us are products of those mistakes. Especially me. But anyway...it doesn't have to be over! You're living proof," he points to Ramona, who by then lowered her gun. "It's over only if we sit back and do nothing!"

Ramona paused, "How trite."

Halloween Jack: "Sheesh, what a tough nut!"

Tin stood up, "OK, let's cut the bullshit! Ramona, you're outnumber about 20 to 1. So..." he drew a knife, "you can either help us, or we could just cut you open, like Duke did Jareth, and watch which parts of you go to which persona."

Ramona screamed, waving a gun, "You wouldn't! The Duke will rain hell on all of you!"

Leon, from the floor, "Well, how valuable do you really think you are to him, if he just dumped yo' ass on Lexington!"

Ramona screamed, "DUKE!!! HELP ME!!"

"F-f-f-freeze!" the shabby-looking man jumped up, with a badge and a gun, "I..I don't know what you are, but you're all under arrest!"

Grace tapped the undercover cop on the arm. As he looked down, she took a handful of moondust and gently blew it into his face. The cop collapsed, fast asleep on the cabin floor.

Monte gasped, "Baby Grace, what have you done!!??"

Grace: "Master gave me some--for emergencies."

Byron shook his head in his hands, "We are ALL going straight to hell!"

Ramona, meanwhile, saw no means of escape. There was no response from the Duke. She was utterly alone.

The Bowies surrounded her. Detective Adler said, "Well, Ramona? You with us or what?"

Ramona, like the Duke, believes that emotions are a sign of weakness. Showing them are even worse. But her threshhold had been exceeded, and she began to weep, "I'm frightened. What if David never creates again? What will I do?"

"Ya wanna let that happen?" Detective Adler asked, gently.

Ramona wiped a solitary tear from her eye, recompossing herself, "Hell, no!"

Nathan: "Good. Then let's get home and start somethin'! Let's get off our asses and do somethin', rather than sittin' around, bitching about it!"

Major Tom: "The body cannot create if it is dead, which is what will happen if the Duke has his way."

Ramona crossed her arms: "Only if I see the promise of new creation...I cannot change what I am--I am The Voyeur of Utter Destruction. I exist for death. Perhaps I am the reaper that allows for new crops to grow. Destroy that which is destined to die to allow for new life." Ramona paused, "I do not want this body to die. I do not want to die. The Cloisters..."

Nathan: "Huh?"

Ramona sighed, "The Duke is at the Cloisters. Uptown."
To be continued....

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Kristin Machina
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11/21/01 01:32 AM
Splitting Headache--The Hunger new [re: Kristin Machina]  

At the uppermost tip of Manhattan is the Cloisters, an old monestary that is now a museum. Its lovely medieval structure and sprawling gardens offers a respite of the sometimes overwhelming moderness of the rest of the city. It is the picture of serenity...

But a dark cloud loomed over the Cloisters, as the interior was mutated into the blackness of the Duke's castle. Stark and cold, intermittent narrow white beams of light offer little light and no warmth.

The Duke sat on his throne, licking the residual blue blood of the Goblin King, relishing its taste, with a faraway gaze on his face. Unlike before, he usually cold glare had a hue of feral hunger. The taste of blood has awakened in the Duke a new kind of lust...

He felt his battle over cigarettes was becoming a futile one, as long as the others won't cooperate with him...

Jareth was proven to be working against him...and he paid for it...

And Ramona is too much of a loose cannon, as fun as she was in bed...

And there's Aladdin...

Then there were external factors...That damned black enchantress.......the Duke mused. I can control his mind, but she is the master of his heart. Lately he's been using too much of the latter....But, he slowly licked the last drop off his bony thumb, What if there were a way to...eliminate...this external threat?

Lost in hideous thought, the Duke's tongue rolled over his fingertips, How sweet would her warm blood taste?

The Duke rose from his throne, but interrupted by the stabbing sharp pain in his still-healing wounded arm. Hissing, he's determined that the feeding order would simply have to start with all those annoying inferior incarnations of himself! By that, he's finally gather enough power to destroy Aladdin, then go for 'the witch.'

He gazed into the mirror--the body is still in the hospital...that den of disease and foul body fluids. I won't even think of stepping foot in there! he turns up his nose, better wait until they're home...less people likely to intefere...

With his good arm, he lifted the seat of his wide throne. Stuffed inside, was the quivering mummy of yet another persona!

"Hmm, hmm," the Duke dryly chuckled, "And that over-coiffed idiot wondered why he couldn't revive you. Don't worry, Mr. Blaylock," The Duke slammed the throne shut, "you were very useful, for one thing at least..."

To be continue

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Kristin Machina
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12/18/01 08:54 AM
Splitting Headache--Busted! new [re: Kristin Machina]  

The Manhattan subway system can take you anwhere, the Bowies collectively think, as the train makes its final stop at the uppermost tip of Manhattan. The train glides to a stop...but the doors do not open.

Leon: "Hmm? C'mon! Open up already!"

The doors swing open--dozens of police officers and assorted men in bullet-proof vests are waiting on the platform, guns drawn.

Earthling screams and drops to the floor.

"And he's supposed to be the most balanced of all of us," Ricochet says as he raises his hands.

"In comparison to whom?" Monte follows suit, as do the others.

Nathan moves to draw his badge, "Gentlemen, ladies, I'm with..."

One officers screams, "MAKE A MOVE AND WE OPEN FIRE!!"

Leon grabs Nathan's arm, "Jesus, man! You don't EVER move to take anything outta your pockets with a cop aiming at you! They might think you got a gun!"

Baby Grace says out loud, "But Detective Adler DOES have a gun!"

"ON THE GROUND, NOW!" the officers scream!

Leon growls, "Thanks a lot, Grace." The Bowies lower to the cabin floor.

Grace: "An' Ramona has a gun, and Major Celliers and Newton, but he got only blanks..."


Grace: "An' knives. Everybody got knives."

Ramona springs from the floor and tackles Grace, ready to beat her into an (already) lifeless pulp, until...

BANG! BANG! BANG! Gun shots fill the cabin, and the Bowies, cowering on the floor, scream in horror. By design or miracle, no one is hit. Ramona freezes, stock still, hunched over Grace's curled-up form, as the police rush the cabin....
"Oh, how mortifying!!" Nana laments as the Bowies are shacked together by the wrists in a human (or quasi-human) chain. "Dragged away like criminals! I'll never hold my head up high again!"

Dory and Halloween Jack are pulled away on separate leashs, struggling to free themselves.

Dory: "Meow!! Please untie me! I haven't done anything wrrrong!"

Jack, muzzled: "Shut up, pussy! We're in enough trouble! C'mon, we ain't pets! Let us off these leashes!"

Tin reads the letters off the awaing paddywagon, "FBI?"

Yankee, "So you CAN read!"

Tin, "What the fuck has the FBI got to do with anything?"

Major Tom: "Aren't they the persons who deal with....paranormal matters?"

Zane: "Where are they taking us? Area 51?"

Berlin: "Is that in Arizona?"

Lord Byron: "I DON'T WANNA GO TO ARIZONA!! I wanna go home to the body!"

FBI agent: "Calm down! Just get in!" As the Bowies are loaded into three different wagons, one agent says to the other, "This is the wierdest case ever."

Agent #2: "Did you see that cat-person? I think those legs are real!"

Agent #1: "An' that naked guy with red-hair..."

The police chief interrupts them, "We wanna take these people downtown for questioning."

Agent #1, "No can do. This is way out of NYPD's league. I've got orders to take them to headquarters..."

Chief: "OUTTA OUR LEAGUE!!?? Listen son, we've dealt with serial killers, riots, terror attacks--you think we can't handle some costumed freaks???"

A female police officer, "Sir, phone call!" She hands the chief a cell phone...

Chief, " 'Ello? Your Honor!......Uh huh? But.....Yeah, I know it's wierd....wierder than the Elvis bank-robbers, I agree...But....Yes, sir...I understand....I'll tell them....Agent, the mayor," the chief hands the agents the phone.

Agent, "Your honor?.....I understand....alright, until we agree on something more suitable....thank you, sir."

Chief, "Bellevue."

Agent #1, "Psychiatric evaluation and tests--but just until we get this conflict resolved!"

Inside the wagons....

"Did you hear that?" Liza whispered.

Zane began to weep, "I don't wanna go to insane asylum!"

Screamin' Lord Byron, "At least it's not jail. Zane and I wouldn't last 5 minutes without being..."

Liza, "NO! Bellevue...that's where David is, right!"

Zane stopped weeping, "Oh yeah!! We can get back with our body!!

Major Celliers, "Not without the Duke, remember?"

Liza stomps on the floor, "Oh no! We were SO close!"

Major Celliers, "Earthling, you OK?"

Earthling was still trembing on the bench, "Guns...everywhere...straight at me...Americans...."

In another wagon, meant for carting away animals, Dory and Jack sat in small cages, sedated. The drivers talk to each other, "You see that dark cloud over the Cloisters?"

Driver #2, "Yep. Gonna rain."

Up in the cloisters, the Duke looks down from a window, watching the cars and trucks carry the Bowies away. His pleasure of seeing Aladdin and the others in chains, being taken away dissapeared as the sound of "Bellevue."

"Doesn't matter," the Duke thought, "They'll be locked up under guard and gun. They still won't get near the body. Besides, once David leaves tomorrow morning, he's mine!"

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12/21/01 01:26 PM
Re: Splitting Headache--Busted! [re: Kristin Machina]  

o my . . . . what a wonderful story going on.... i can't believe it.Very good Job, Kristin! Keep it coming!


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