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Kristin Machina
(stardust savant)
11/08/03 02:19 AM
Splitting Headache--Back to Normal? new [re: Kristin Machina]  

Ziggy walks through the glittering cathedral known as the Church of Mad Love, or Stardust's Tomb to the rest of the town's citizens. It's alabaster walls and soaring vaults shine like moonlight. At the alter lays Ziggy's coffin--a glass case trimmed in gold, embedded into the marble floor. The coffin, of course is empty.

Ziggy stands on top of the coffin lid, and pirouettes on his/her stacky heels. Shards of light fly from his body and land in the onyx pews in front of the alter. Each shard becomes a persona--The Bowies, still unconscious, all slump or lie in pews.

Last to appear is Aladdin Sane's body. Instead of landing in the seats, it floats gently into Ziggy's arms. Ziggy gently plants a kiss on Aladdin's forehead, then sets him gently beside the coffin.

Ziggy takes a deep breath, looking out at the Bowies, then vanishes in a bright flash of light.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Screamin' Lord Byron bolts up.

"For the last fuckin' time, STOP THAT FUCKIN' SCREAMIN'!!" Tin Machine rubs his eyes.

"Wait!" Earthling looks around, as all the Bowie awaken and arise from their pews.

"Where are we?" Ricochet looks around.

"Aren't we dead?" Zane pushes Hunky Dory off his legs, as the sphinx arches his back.

"OH MY GOSH!" Liza gasps. "We're alive!! We're home!!!"

The Bowies shout and holler, jump and leap out of their pews into the aisle in a mad celebration, embracing one another.

Except Ramona, who sulks in her seat, feeling very betrayed.

And poor Algeria, whose old bones are too stiff to move quickly, but weeps for joy.

And a white owl perched on the rafters above...

And Aladdin...

"Aladdin Sane?" Major Tom leaps up onto the alter floor to the sleeping genie. He shakes Aladdin's shoulder, and the genie opens his red eyes.

"ZIGGY!!" Aladdin jumps up. "Where's Ziggy?" Aladdin looks down into the coffin...

"It's empty!" Major Tom gasps.

"What??" The Bowies stop whatever they were doing and rushed to the coffin.

"Where's Ziggy Stardust?" Major Celliers scratched his hatless head.

Detective Nathan: "D'ya think he's...gone?"

Aladdin's eyes teared up briefly, but then he smiled, "No. A idea in Bowie's head never goes away. Ziggy's out there...somewhere. I find him one day!"

"Alright, everyone!" Monti shouts, "To the Moonage Daydream for drinks!"

"Come on girls, we've got some cookin' to do!" Nana shouted.

Everyone looks to Aladdin. Earthling asks, "Coming, Laddie?"

Aladdin paused for a moment, "Why not? This is cause for celebration! I feel a new burst of creativity coming on!"
And there was a new burst of creativity. Despite all that happened, Bowie felt completely re-energized. That hot August in 2001, David abandoned his 60's covers album, Toy, and began to write fast and furiously. The song in the Cloisters became "Sunday", and that was only the beginning. Everything that had transpired in the past few days colored the new songs. But a month later, another catastrophic event would bring new meaning to his songs....

To be continued...

Don't understand me, just love me

Kristin Machina
(stardust savant)
11/12/03 02:03 AM
Splitting Headache--Finale! new [re: Kristin Machina]  

Throughout the rest of that hot summer, Suffragette City boomed with the sound of music. The sky, cloudless and bright, crackled with electricity--colored streaks criss-crossed the sky above.

Thomas Jerome Newton was busily tweaking knobs and pushing buttons on the TV control room in the immediately-repaired TVC15 Station. The multiple screens were tuned in to various activities across the Brain...

Through one screen, the animals, Halloween Jack and Hunky Dory, once again ran free across the billowing Earthling plains.
Meanwhile, the spiky-haired Bowie himself sat on a hill, overlooking the plains, jotting down something on a piece of paper....

On another, the chorus girls--Nana, Veronica and Liza--harmonized with each other in the Beauty Parlor...

At the junk shop, Leon Blank haggled with Algeria Touchshriek on the price of an obsure Neil Young album...

At the Labyrinth Castle (previously destroyed by the Duke, but rebuilt after the Bowies' return), Jareth was digging through an old, bejeweled chest for a poem he'd written to Sarah. Baby Grace, whom he adopted, chased the chickens absent-mindedly around the throne room.

Major Tom, up on his capsule, was typing some data into his computer, while Pierrot swung like an acrobat around the tower cross-beams.

Elsewhere across the city, all the Bowies--Ramona in her tunnels, Ricochet on the beach, Detective Adler in his cluttered office, Berlin and Tin Machine in a garage, even Zero atop his pedestal--were busy writting, plucking an instrument or humming something or other.

Energy and music pulsed throughout the brain.

Then September came...

"Are you OK?" Earthling asked.

The Bowies, like most of the humans outside of the body, had gathered at church. The Church of Mad Love became an instant meeting place--the shock, sadness and fear that overcame David's mind in the immediate moments, days, even weeks after Sept. 11th, was certain to have done mortal harm to Aladdin. Worse yet, it could have re-strengthened the Duke.

But Aladdin was surprisingly healthy. Although it was obvious he had been crying (who hadn't?), he seemed well-composed, and provided a sense of solice to the other panicked Bowies.

"Byron wanted to leave Manhattan," Liza said.

"Can you BLAME me!?" Byron screamed, still shaking.

"Isn't it strange," Nana sighed, "we were only outside in New York a month ago..."

"I'm glad David didn't leave," Major Celliers nodded, "I mean, David's folks didn't just pick up and leave London during the Blitz."

"That's different," Ricochet pshawed, "Where were Mum and Dad going to go? They HAD to stay!"

"Right," Celliers nodded again, "it shows character, on the Body's part."

"New York is our home," Aladdin said. "Everything the Body loves and everyone he loves is right here."

"Yeah," Baby Grace, sitting on the floor by the alter, "New York is cool."

Yankee smiled, "I love New York. Phily second."

Tin Machine, "New York fuckin' kicks ass!"

The Bowies laugh in agreement.

Veronica: "And I love Suffragette City."

Leon: "This'll teach us never to take our hometown for granted ever again. You never know if you'll see it again."

The Bowie nodded in unison solemnly.

Newton, followed by Boz, came running down the aisle, hollering, "Everyone! Come look!" Boz once again turned into a TV set and a picture appeared in his abdomen:

A newancher from the outside: "...the effects of 9/11 have affected the people in New York in many ways. Some have developed severe cases of post-traumatic stress disorder..."

Outside the body...

"David, darling, look!" Iman and David were watching the news, like everyone else in the country.

"Oh, my, god!" David tried very hard not to laugh.

"'They're trying to kill me!!' A poor, disheveled man, wearing little more than a diaper and a dog collar, was carried to Bellevue Hospital, claiming a group of rock-stars forced him to perform circus tricks. His apartment was in complete shambles and neighbors complained to police about suspicious activity within...

The Church of Mad Love...

"It's Nigel McCrap!" Zane gasped!

"McCool!" Nana admonished him. "Halloween Jack, Celliers, what did you and Jareth do to the poor devil?"

Major Celliers raised his hands defensively, "I take no responsibility for the goblin's actions!"

Halloween Jack whistled innocently.

Baby Grace tried to hide behind a statue.

An owl in the rafters hooted in a laughing manner.

Nathan scratched his head, "Well, at least our secret's safe with us. No one will believe him about us and that female friend of Dave's."

Zero, "Hey, what about that video? We did all that work for what?"

Hunky Dory chuckled, "Don't wo-rrry. It'll turrrn up. Like"Prrretty Boys Arrre Going to Hell"."

The Bowies chuckled. Boz sulked and flicked off the set.

Berlin, "Or 2. Contamination!" The Bowies laughed.

Nathan: "Hey now!"

Ricochet, "You all are horrible! Making jokes after what just happened..."

Aladdin Sane patted Ricochet on the head, "It's OK. We cannot dwell on the sadness for too long. I, at least, learned that this past summer. It's time to move on..."

Monti: "Right! We can't let this bring us down!"

Ramona, from the back of the Church, "Art and creativity cannot be silenced! It is life itself!"

Aladdin: "For Ziggy's sake!"

Major Tom, "The new songs are ready!"

Pierrot jumped up and down excitedly.

Major Tom: "...But there's something I wanted to tell everyone before the attacks outside happened."

The Bowies turned around and paid attention.

Major Tom: "I've detected a new personae."

"WHAT??" the Bowies gasped.
The Thin White Duke, locked up in his castle by Ziggy, paced the dark onyx halls, his heels clicking on the uncarpeted, shiny floors. Still sulking from hs defeat, he'd take out his anger on various glass vases around the halls by smashing them against a wall.

Somewhere in the middle of his tantrums, he'd manage to take a piece of white chalk and scrawl something awful on the floors and walls...

Then, a shape passed the narrow windows of the castle.

The Duke looked up, "Ziggy?"

The Duke struggled to open the windows, but by Stardust's spell, was unable to. They were sealed. But out of the windows peered a face...

A face unrecognizable to the Thin White Duke.

Whoever it was seemed to repulse the Duke, and he spat:

"Get away from here, you...you heathen"

The windows flashed from the inside and an echo of thunder boomed from within.

The mysterious face turned, unphased and wandered down the streets of the always changing, ever expanding world of David Bowie's mind.

The End...for now

Don't understand me, just love me

Kristin Machina
(stardust savant)
12/30/03 00:20 AM
Before this goes... new [re: Kristin Machina]  

Before this thread is eventually archived, I've put the entire story on my page:


Don't understand me, just love me

(wild eyed peoploid)
01/02/04 01:34 PM
Re: Before this goes... new [re: Kristin Machina]  

Ahhh!! This is so beautiful!! You should write professionally, I'm telling you! I love love LOVE the humor in it. (I'm sure David would find this ultimately entertaining). This is mind blowing! I give it 5 thumbs up!

Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest... Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid. -Captain Jack Sparrow

01/02/04 04:50 PM
Re: Before this goes... new [re: ziggysgrl]  

>>>This is mind blowing! I give it 5 thumbs up!<<<

Yes, it is mind blowing isn't it? BTW, where did you get 5 thumbs? I'd like to check into the market....I hear that multiple thumbs are selling well these days.

"You seem somewhat familiar...Have I threatened you before?"

(wild eyed peoploid)
01/02/04 08:36 PM
Re: Before this goes... new [re: ThomasJNewton6]  

You are correct, they are selling well. That's where I got mine!

Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest... Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid. -Captain Jack Sparrow

Kristin Machina
(stardust savant)
01/03/04 09:55 AM
Re: Before this goes... new [re: ThomasJNewton6]  

I'll take all the 'thumbs up' I can get!

Thanks for the compliments!!

Don't understand me, just love me

(wild eyed peoploid)
01/04/04 01:43 AM
Re: Before this goes... new [re: Kristin Machina]  

What inspired you to write such a beautiful masterpiece, Kristin? And I mean, the actual concept of having all the Bowie personas come together. (I'd love to see this as a movie)

Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest... Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid. -Captain Jack Sparrow

Kristin Machina
(stardust savant)
01/05/04 01:14 AM
The Spark [re: ziggysgrl]  

About 3 years ago, there was a website called Bowie Survivor. The Bowies were split into 3 tribes (Iman, Angie and Melissa) and were marooned on Zahra-Zahra Island. The losers got tossed into a machine and were re-processed into sushi, cigarettes or other stuff. It was great--Newton won, and all he did was sit around watching TV. Ziggy and Aladdin were always making out. Blaylock drank everyone's blood (and got stoned when he bit into the Duke.)
I wanted to do something a little different, something a little more original (for characters I don't legally own, anyway.) So I started writing, and it took a long time to finish. There is just so many characters.

Don't understand me, just love me

Kristin Machina
(stardust savant)
04/06/04 02:48 AM
Re: The Spark new [re: Kristin Machina]  

Don't understand me, just love me

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