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Kristin Machina
(cracked actor)
07/22/03 02:11 AM
Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion IV new [re: Kristin Machina]  

"Pierrot, slow down!" Major Tom yelled after the harlequin as it bounced down the hallways, "We don't know what's..."

Pierrot stumbled upon a garden courtyard. In the middle of the garden was a black pond, with a door sitting in the middle of a small island.

"...ahead?" Major Tom looked on in amazement. "Well, I guess we have no choice but to swim for it!"

Pierrot shook his head, bells jingling.

"That's right!" Major Tom tapped his space-helmet, "I forgot! Your special ability is to walk on water!"

Pierrot nodded his head, bells jingling again. The mime hoisted the astronaut on his back and carefully placed one foot on the water's surface. Once secure in his footing, Pierrot proceeded to carry Major Tom, heavily armored in his spacesuit, across the pond.

"You know, this is probably some old reflecting pool," Major Tom thought out loud, "Only a few inches deep."

Pierrot looked down at his feet. Just under the surface, something green and mossy loomed in the murky pond water. The shape came into focus, and blue-green eyes stared back at Pierrot...

Pierrot let out a silent scream and, in a state of horror, dropped Major Tom. Major sank beneath the water like a stone, the pond much, much deeper than the astronaut presumed. Pierrot dove into the pond, grabbed Major under the arms and kicked to the surface.
To the pair's shock and horror, the surface became as hard as glass. Major and Pierrot pounded with their fists, but could not break the invisible barrier. Major's suit came with a built-in oxygen tank, but Pierrot's painted face was turning blue. Major Tom popped off one of his 2 oxygen tubing lines and put it to Pierrot's face. Pierrot tried to breathe in, but was hyperventilating in the process. Major Tom felt himself sink further into the black abyss, as Pierrot pulled him up to the surface. Minutes passed like hours, until Major's oxygen supply was completely depleted. Pierrot sank into Major's arms, as Major sank to the mossy bottom. Under his feet, Major could barely make out the pale, lifeless face of Berlin, wrapped completely in mossy vines, up to his eyes. Major desperately pulled out his knife and tried to cut Berlin's body free. As the vines deteriorated under his hands, so apparently did Berlin. Pierrot, too, vanished.

And Major Tom, once again, felt himself suspended in utter blackness. Cold and dark, like space. His last sensation was something lifting his helmet as Major murmured, "...tell my wife I love her very much."

Don't understand me, just love me

(stardust savant)
07/22/03 12:37 PM
Re: Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion IV new [re: Kristin Machina]  

warped indeed! damn kristin, you should win an award for this story!!! I LOVE YOU! starbuck

“Un bacio proibito brucia piu del fuoco.”

(cracked actor)
07/22/03 06:39 PM
Re: Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion III new [re: Kristin Machina]  

That was very intertaining! D'you have any more coming?


Come on fallen star, I refuse to let you die

(mortal with potential)
07/25/03 01:47 AM
Re: Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion IV new [re: Kristin Machina]  

I've spent hours up reading the whole thing.....I NEED you to finish this soon....i can't wait that long :) I was hoping you'd have ended it by page 10, but, no.....i'm left in the suspense of near compleation. I think that this should definately be published....i'd buy a copy in seconds. I need this like Merry-Lou (Betty Jo in the book) needs gin. haha....but I guess i'll try to cut down....just hurry up and add some more....i can't wait for the next chapter. Keep them coming at a VERY fast pace, please! I don't know how many days i can make it without knowing how it ends ;). it's lovely story, doll. I think all people that truely understand Bowie have a little bit of Ziggy in them. I'd like to believe that i'm one of those lucky few, but that will all be tested in time, i suppose. Keep writing, love!

Kristin Machina
(cracked actor)
07/30/03 09:45 AM
Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion V new [re: Kristin Machina]  

David sits cross-legged against a wall, his feet aching from what felt like miles of walking. As one hand massages his burning toes, the other finishes a verse...

"I hope it's enough..." David sighs.
Meanwhile, Aladdin wades knee deep in a shallow black pool, dragging Major Tom's body to the pavement. His pale ashen face is already marked with Pierrot's distintive make-up. Just as he is about to reach the edge, his foot catches on something heavy and he falls hard, face down into the water. Aladdin, weary and tired and anguished, crawls back to the edge, dumps Major's body on the ground, turns around and pulls out a heavy canvas bag out of the water.

Aladdin unties the bag. There--bound and gagged like a Houdini trick gone wrong--was Monti's body.

Jareth, within Aladdin's head, clicks his tongue, "They really ought to leave magic to the experts."

Aladdin screams, "That's not funny, Jareth!!" He absorbs Monti and Major Tom's body into himself. "Only Celliers, Halloween Jack and Dory are out there now. They're going to die, too, and there's nothing I can do to save them."

Jareth: "I'm glad you've finally got a grip on reality, Aladdin."
Major Celliers, looking down his rifle, stalks the corridors, finger resting on the trigger. He approaches a four-way intersection.

Then, two distinct howls could be heard coming from one direction. One a Diamond Dog's howl, another a sphinx's yelp.

"JACK!! DORY!!" Major Celliers calls out. A blur of yellow fur shoots across Jacques from right to left, followed by another red and black furry blur.

"Come now! This is no time for your 'dog-and-cat' chase!!" Celliers runs after the two, down a long path of twisting corridors. The howls grow louder and more menacing. Celliers is running as fast as his army boots and gun can allow him.

At a dead end, a large dog-like creature has its jaws buried deep into Dory's neck. The cat mews helplessly as it slips away into oblivion.

"NO!!" Celliers aims his gun and fires a round into the dog's back.

PING! The sound of lead hitting metal resounds in the halls. Just before the bullet hit the creature, the dog's skin turned into thick metal, deflecting the shot!

The dog slowly stands up, and morphs into its true form...

"The Duke!!" Celliers' clenches his teeth. He pulls his trigger a few more times, but the Dukes raises his hand, creating a protective wall in front of him. None of the bullets even touch him!

"How anti-climatic that my last opponent before Aladdin must be a mere 'movie Bowie'," the Duke sneered. Major Celliers was frozen in place.

"What are you going to do now, Major," the Duke arched his eyebrows, "kiss me? Unlike before, it won't save your friends. Like before, it won't save YOU!"

"I can still crack your head wide open with the butt of my rifle!" Major Celliers swings it over his shoulder.

"Then come at me," the Duke wiggles his finger, "if you're stupid enough to think you'll kill me!"

Major makes a lunge at the Duke, but his foot sinks into something soft. The sand-colored floors of the maze suddenly turn into...

"Quicksand!" Celliers drops the gun and tries to pry his legs free, but he sinks further and quicker.

The Duke: "At least Hunky Dory was good for something..." He coldly watches as the soldier desperately sinks into the sand. Every nightmare Celliers ever had--being buried alive, slowly suffocating, his childhood failures--all rushed back as he made one last gasp of air. Then, just as he got neck deep, he stopped sinking. Major Celliers looked up, as the Duke stooped down, grabbing a fistful of hair.

"Since I know you enjoy this," the Duke kissed the Major's left cheek. Then his right. Then his pulled his head back and sank in his teeth....

To be continued...

Don't understand me, just love me

(grinning soul)
07/30/03 01:07 PM
Re: Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion V new [re: Kristin Machina]  

every chapter has been AMAZING! I was so excited when I saw your post up high on the "new posts"! I couldn't wait to read it ;) Now, I can't wait to see what happens! Please try to get this published!!!!

(cracked actor)
07/30/03 05:50 PM
Re: Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion V new [re: Kristin Machina]  

Hahaha that was great, can't wait to read some more!


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(grinning soul)
08/09/03 06:18 PM
Re: Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion V [re: Kristin Machina]  

Hello??? Where are you??? I'm dying here......TOO.......MUCH.......SUSPENSE!!!!!! I'm really needing a new chapter, here.....PLEASE don't wait 7months or anything ;)

"Did you ever see that episode of The Twilight Zone where this guy signed a contract, and they cut out his tounge and put it in a jar, and it didn't die...it just kept growing and pulsating and it gave birth to baby tounges?" ~Garth Algar

Kristin Machina
(cracked actor)
08/15/03 04:39 PM
Splitting Headache--Blackout [re: Kristin Machina]  

Author's note: Due to a major power outtage, this will be a short chapter (hence the title). I did promise a new chapter, though, so here we go...
After several hours of walking, David Bowie turns a corner to find himself...

...right at the beginning of the maze.

"What the HELL is this??" David throws up his hands in utter exasperation. He plops onto the floor, sitting cross-legged, massaging his tired feet. Around the corner, he hears heavy breathing.

David quickly rises to a croutching position, "WHO'S THERE??" He shouts towards the staggering figure, emerging from the shadows.

"Master!" Aladdin Sane collapses near Bowie's feet.

David picks up the odd-looking being, "You look awful."

Aladdin: "I feel no better. Have you seen the Duke?"

David: "No. You're the first persona I've seen since we split up. What was all that screaming I heard?"

Tears welled in Aladdin's eyes, "Everyone's dead. The Duke killed them all, stole their energy and I've been carrying their remains within myself. You and I are alone against the Duke."

David tries to comfort the genie, as he spies a pair of heavy metal doors, "I wonder..." Bowie lets go of Aladdin and walks toward the doors.

Aladdin: "No, Master! That's the entrance! We'll be walking out!"

Bowie heard, but made like he didn't listen as he pushed the doors wide open...

Behind the doors was a dark room, with the Thin White Duke sitting on his throne. Iman and Lexie knelt at the foot of the throne, shackled at the feet.

"DAVID!!" Iman called out to David, as he ran towards his family in huge relief. Aladdin Sane flew after him. A flash of lightning stopped them both in his stride.

"I'm happy to see you've finally made it, 'Master'", the Duke sneered on the last word, "you too, Aladdin. Was my maze challenging enough?"

"You bastard!!" Aladdin screamed. "You've killed everyone!!"

"They were weak!" The Duke scowled, "Anyone foolish to fall for my traps deserved to die. And now, David Bowie shall see who is truly the superior ego...with Aladdin Sane's death!"

To be continued...

Don't understand me, just love me

(grinning soul)
08/15/03 06:09 PM
Re: Splitting Headache--Blackout [re: Kristin Machina]  

oooohoooooo.....and the plot thickens..... ;)

"Did you ever see that episode of The Twilight Zone where this guy signed a contract, and they cut out his tounge and put it in a jar, and it didn't die...it just kept growing and pulsating and it gave birth to baby tounges?" ~Garth Algar

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