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Kristin Machina
(electric tomato)
06/22/01 01:46 AM
Splitting Headache--Zeroed In new [re: Kristin Machina]  

Thanks to Boz, everyone was outfitted with a hand-held communication device that fit on a knife holster.

Leon's communicator rings, to the tune of "I Have Not Been To Oxford Town."


"This is Ricochet...Aladdin's been spotting heading north..."

"Right, I'll keep a heads up."

Above Manhattan...The sun is rising, adding to Zero's golden glimmer. Zero is dazzled by the glow. But it's a even brighter glimmer that literally knocks him for a loop, as a flash of red fire passes directly beneath him.

Recovering quickly, Zero flips and chases the flash....

"Aladdin, STOP!" Zero zooms after the confused genie, wings splayed back to allow maximum speed. As fast as his gold wings were, Aladdin, with his boneless grace, seemed just as fast. Darting in between skyscrapers, around hairpin turns, ducking overpasses, and barely scraping the tops of trees and lamp-posts, the two whiz around Manhattan in a dizzying dance...

Soho...Berlin looks up, "I see something red and gold..."

Leon: "He's comin' this way!"

Berlin: "Leon, where's the rope?" Leon takes the clothesline and makes another loop.

Leon: "I gotta catch this exactly..."

Zero slowly closed in, within 2 feet of Aladdin, and almost in reach of his feet. As Aladdin and Zero were about to pass over them...

Berlin: "Schnell!"

Leon swung the rope, as it caught Aladdin's ankles. Leon and Berlin wound the rops tightly around their hands, thinking that they are twice Aladdin's size, and they should stop Aladdin cold.

To their surprise, little Aladdin is stronger than he looks. They realized this as their feet lifted off the roof and they swung over Manhattan!

Berlin screwed his eyes shut: "AAAAAAAAACCCHHHH! I HATE FLYING!!!"

Even more aggravated than before, Aladdin's erratic flight nearly smacked the two into various buildings. Leon and Berlin lifted their legs in an L-position to, at points, walk along walls to avoid collision. Aladdin went into a dive, onto early-morning traffic!

Leon: "Berlin, damn it, open your eyes or be roadkill!"

The two were bounced on the roofs of cars, to the shock and anger of drivers. A few fingers directed at them was the least of their worries.

Zero managed to grab the end of the rope, but even with a third man, it did nothing to slow Aladdin Sane.

With Zero as an anchor, Leon climbed up the rope, mid-flight, and grabbed onto Aladdin's legs. He slowly climbed onto Aladdin's body until his legs were latched around his slender waist.

"Sorry mate, nothing personal," Leon threw a hand over Aladdin's eyes. Leon then tilted Aladdin's head back, sending them back skyward. He attempted to steer the genie to a safe location. Aladdin screamed in protest, flaying his arms, and trying to pry his face free.

With a free hand, Leon took a small hypodermic needle, and jabbed it into Aladdin's shoulder. Aladdin screamed again as Leon injected the substance. The genie became very drowsy...

Central Park...."Isn't the park loverly?" Mr Touchshriek sighed, as he and Nana sat on a bench by the pond. The area was open, so they can look for their wayward comrade.

Nana said, "Mmm...I used to love going to the park as a girl...Central Park is nice this time of year..."

Touchshriek: "Not so much anymore, now with the 'porto-ricans' and all taking their clothes off..."

Nana: "Mr. Touchshriek, for shame!"

Touchshriek: "Oh, I don't mean all 'porto-ricans.' I mean that Carlos Alomar, 'e's one o' the good ones..."


"Good lord, what was that???" Nana bolted off the bench, with her cane. "Algeria, let's get a boat!"

"Oh, what a loverly idea, my dear! I haven't been boating since 19...."

"No, you ass! I think we need to rescue Aladdin!"

Leon emerged from the water, bobbing, "Aladdin? Berlin? Zero?" BErlin came back up a second later, sputtering out water. Zero's wings somehow kept him afloat, except he was face down. Leon and Berlin flipped him over.

"Where's Aladdin?" Berlin looked around. Leon dived back down, and pulled up a passed out Aladdin.

Nana reached into her purse and called on the communicator, "Hallo, hallo! This is Nana! Aladdin's at the pond in Central Park!'

Major Tom and Pierrot came running within minutes. Major Tom panted, "We were at Strawberry Fields--Pierrot just had to pay respects." Pierrot looked down mournfully.

"Quick, get a boat!" Nana shouted. As Major Tom ran to the boathouse, Pierrot took a step onto the pond. To Nana's and Algeria's surprise, he began to walk on the surface as if it were glass! Pierrot skipped acoss the pond's surface to the nearly-drowned four. Once there, he stooped down, and picked Aladdin up into his arms.

"How does he do it?" Berlin looked in wonder. Leon and Berlin grabbed a wing and began to slowly paddle Zero to shore. Major Tom met them half-way and scooped them up in the boat....
Somewhere else in Manhattan, in a dark space...

The Duke lightly rubs his jaw with the pads of his fingers, as he watches the scene from a mystic circle, "Hmmm...six ducks in the water. How easy would it be for me to send a bolt and electrocute them all?"

Ramona, lounging on Duke's lap, gazes darkly at the circle, her eyes focused upon Leon. "You'd be done with Aladdin, the winged blunder, the snooping astronaut, the mime, the German hangover and..."

"As tempting as Jareth's plan is to enslave Aladdin, I simply cannot let him live," the Duke pointed a finger upward, as a bolt flew skyward towards the pond. But instead of hitting the pond, the bolt disipitated into the bubble.

"WHAT?!" The Duke sat up, almost knocking off Ramona.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you..."


To be continued....

Don't understand me, just love me

Kristin Machina
(electric tomato)
06/27/01 02:37 AM
Splitting Headache--Morning Becomes Aladdin new [re: Kristin Machina]  

6:30 AM...

The Bowies began to convene onto Central Park.

Nana and Algeria sat on the bench by the lake. Aladdin lay sleeping across their laps, his head resting in Nana's hands. Leon and Berlin sat in the grass--Berlin shook as his leather jacket lie next to him drying. Zero flapped his wings dry. Pierrot swam in the lake, as Major Tom sat on a rock across from the bench.

Ricochet and Yankee arrived. Ricochet looked at Aladdin in alarm, "Good lord, is he alright?"

"Sleeping like a baby," Nana said, smoothing out the spiky red locks.

Zane, Dory and Newton arrived only seconds later. Dory said, "Meow! We saw something whirrrrl over our heads! Was that Zero?"

"The little firecracker gave me a run," Zero straightened his wings and folded them neatly across his back. "Took Leon and Berlin with him."

"It was terrible..." Berlin mumbled.

"It was the SHIT, man!" Leon shouted. "I mean you got suburban white trash yuppies payin' mad chedder to go on a ride like that! When we almost crashed into a wall..."

*Fwhack!* Berlin wacked Leon on top of his head with his damp jacket, "Will you shut up! You almost got me killed! I don't EVER want to do that again!"

Detective Prof. Adler, Tin, Monte and Earthlng came at that moment, carrying several trays of....

"Sniff, sniff...coffee?" Dory pounced in their direction.

"Whoa, down boy!" Nathan lifted his cardboard tray defensively. "It's been a long night. Thought we'd treat."

"We?" Earthling cocked an eyebrow.

"Right, I thought of it, you paid for it, so that makes it equal."

"Damn, Laddie looks like shite, what did ya do to him," Tin ran a hand through his beard.

Berlin: "Leon stuck him."

Leon: "Had some horse tranquilizers in my pocket."

Nathan: "Leon.."

Leon: "What? Mr. Touchshriek sold them to me."

Mr. Touchshriek looked him innocently.

Leon: "Besides, Aladdin was too whacked out."

Tin, "Oh for Christ sake!" Liza, Veronica and Byron came carrying at least 3 shopping bags each.

Earthling scowled, hands akimbo: "We're all out on a desperate search for a lost friend and YOU lot go shopping!?"

Liza: "Not true! We searched the Fashion District."

Byron: "Being the always fashionable offspring of Ziggy, we'd concluded that he'd naturally gravitate there. Plus, we found a few bargains."

Veronica lifted a paper bag, "But we did bring sandwiches."

Liza: "And doughnuts."

Byron: "Just to be nice. And just because we're watching our figures doesn't mean you are."

Earthing muttered between his teeth: "Gee, thanks mate."

Once coffee, doughnuts and sandwiches were passed around...

Zane: "Where's the goblin and the soldier?"

Dory: "And Jack?"

Earthling punched into his communicator, "Boz, are Jareth and the two Jacks coming?"

Boz materialized: "Affirmative. First-His-Majesty-stated-he-needed-to-take-care-of-'business.'"

Major Tom, mouth full of cruller, "Nigel McCrap?"

Boz: "I-suppose-so."
Not far away, Nigel's Central Park West apartment...

Major Celliers rifled though tons of boxes and notebooks, looking for the tell-tale photographs, with no luck. Frustrated, he angrily knocks over a stack of boxes and calls on his communicator.

"This is assinine! The place is an utterly disorganized mess!"

Back at the theatre...

Jareth lounged in a throne he made with magic out of the director's chair. He swung a riding crop and sang mockingly, "Oh, Ni-gel!"

Nigel was wearing nothing but a dog collar and a pair of nappies. He squat on the stage on hands and knees. Halloween Jack held him by a leash. Nigel stammered, "Y-yes, your highness?"

"Major Celliers cannot find your daddy's pictures? Where are they?"

"I told you...they're somewhere in the apartment, you sadistic..."

Jareth whipped him across the behind with the crop. Nigel yelped. Jareth bent over his head, menacingly, "You know, if this is some wild goose chase you've sent us on, you will be VERY sorry!"

Halloween Jack growled through clenched teeth, "Yeah, REALLY sorry!"

"Oh...oh yeah?" Nigel was sweating profusely, "What can you do to me? Whip me? I pay for this kind of action once a weekend! Although you're much uglier than most of the..."

Jareth sighed in exasperation: "Are most mortals as stupid as you? Gracie, dearie?" He called sweetly to his assistant, who was seated by a camera. She was recording the whole thing. The crew had already been sent home, and, by Jareth's spell, won't remember past Bowie's faint.

Grace Blue: "Yes, master?"

Jareth clapped his hands in excitement and smiled broadly, "How about we play 'cirque de soleil?'"

Nigel: "What's that?"

Jareth: "Circus, you ignorant twit. Except it would be positively CRUEL to use animals," glances at Jack, "so this troupe uses HUMANS only." He smiles cruelly, as he takes a crystal, tosses a few feet, and it turns into a flaming hoop.

Grace: "Oh, I LOVE this trick."

Nigel shakes violently, "No no no no no no no no no no no no no no! Oh no...."

Jareth: "Where's the photographs?"

Nigel: "Forget it! I ain't..."

Jareth sighed: "Jack?"

Halloween Jack snapped at Nigel with his razor-sharp jaws, slowly pushing him toward the hoop. Nigel tried to run, but Jack held onto the leash too tightly.

Jareth: "The photographs, Nigel?"


Jareth shook his head, clicking his tongue, "No one's here to help you, Nigel."

Nigel gulped hard. Beaten, humiliated, he broke down in tears...
Bellevue Hospital...

Iman sat at David's bedside all night, silently praying for him to wake up. She could not stop weeping. Don't leave me, please, she silently begged, I can't raise Alex alone.

Then, a knock on the door. Duncan came running in.

"Duncan!" Iman jumped up, as Duncan embraced her. His eyes didn't come off his father.

"I got the nearest flight from London," Duncan panted. "What happened? Has the doctors found anything?"

"They took CAT scans. They're ruling out a stroke," Iman wept.

"It's not f**kin' fair!" Duncan spat, then retracted, "Excuse the language."

"Oh," Iman tried to smile through her tears, "I've wanted to curse at someone all night...your father...that director..."

"I ran into the band downstairs. I sent them home, told them I'd call if I knew anything. Where's Alex?"

"With our neighbor," Iman said. "It was an emergency, and I had no one else to..." she then broke into heavy sobbing again.

Duncan hugged her tight, "It's gonna be OK. Dad's stronger than he looks. He's been through worse..."
Somewhere...The Thin White Duke's Hideout...

The Duke gazed into his magic mirror, "Ah, I love it. A family in chaos. The drama. The angst."

Ramona sat on his lap, "This is bullshit, can't we go kill Aladdin now?"

Duke, "Now, now, sweet. I have everything right where I want them. Now, the real game begins."

To be continued...

Don't understand me, just love me

(crash course raver)
06/27/01 03:54 AM
Re: Splitting Headache--Zeroed In new [re: Kristin Machina]  

In reply to:


Somehow that strikes me as totally hilarious.

Can't wait for the next chapter....
I can so easily imagine all the Bowies wandering around New York - he he, I wish that was really happening!

~Den tunne vite greven sjunger om gyllene Śr~

Kristin Machina
(electric tomato)
06/27/01 03:41 PM
A Note to My Readers new [re: SugarPlumFairy]  

I'd like to thank you for your comments--it's wonderful that people appreciate my story.

Quick announcement: I'm currently moving out of my apartment and going on a 1-week trip to Texas. The next chapter after "Morning Becomes Aladdin" will be no sooner than July 8th. (If I can steal some time on my brother's computer.) Until then, stay tuned!

Don't understand me, just love me

(crash course raver)
08/05/01 01:12 AM
hello? new [re: Kristin Machina]  

ok...its aug 5 now....like a month after when yo usaid you would work on the story!!! so whats up? i hope everything is ok with you, and that your move went smoothly. please at least let us know whats going on with you, and then you can post more....sigh, im just dying to read more (if only i could be The Duke's bitch...drool). ciao, starbuck

"and maybe you can keep me from ever being happy,but you're not gonna stop me from having fun." ani difranco

Echoes Of A Fairy
(cracked actor)
08/06/01 09:41 AM
Re: hello? new [re: Starbuck]  

Yesss, indeed, where is Kristin? I want to see what happens next! I was going to bring this thread up, myself, but I sort of forgot what with going away and everything, so I'm glad you did, Starbuck.

~I was an Artiste~

(crash course raver)
08/06/01 03:06 PM
Re: hello? new [re: Echoes Of A Fairy]  

yes, i need my fan fic!!!! not only is she MIA, but coan teen has decided to ignore her fic as well. what is it with this horrible case of writers block? starbuck

"and maybe you can keep me from ever being happy,but you're not gonna stop me from having fun." ani difranco

(crash course raver)
08/06/01 07:00 PM
Re: hello? new [re: Starbuck]  

Wow - I only just read this fan-fic now, and it's great! Although I think there might be more than one reason why it's called "Splitting Headache". I mean all those different personaes! They almost gave me a headache trying to keep them a part in my head. Auuwie

This monster beauty is not eternal. - Apollinaire

Kristin Machina
(electric tomato)
08/06/01 07:06 PM
MY MY! new [re: decibel]  

I'm so sorry everyone....

You see, after my move and vacation to Texas, my life had been devoted to studying for this brutally hard exam called the NCLEX--the state license exam for nurses. I spent weeks on end reviewing everything I was supposed to know from the past 6 years of college! So now my test is over, and I am IMMEDIATELY going to continue the story.

Uh, just give my an hour or so...

Be right back, lieblings!

Don't understand me, just love me

(crash course raver)
08/06/01 09:04 PM
Re: MY MY! [re: Kristin Machina]  

just good to hear that you are alive and well. so, how did the test go? we need to know if we should call you kristinmachina RN!!! glad to have you back, NOW GET TO WORK...hehe starbuck

"and maybe you can keep me from ever being happy,but you're not gonna stop me from having fun." ani difranco

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