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Kristin Machina
(cracked actor)
03/14/03 08:00 AM
Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion new [re: Kristin Machina]  

David stopped every so often, unfolded his piece of paper, and feverishly scribbled down something, occasionally going back to erase or cross out a word or phrase. He refolded the paper, put it in his pocket and kept walking, stopping cold as screams intermittently echoed across the Labryinth. Regathering his nerve, he kept walking...

Elsewhere, the situation seemed grimmer, as Aladdin collected more remains of his fallen counterparts. He wrapped his shimmery, polka-dotted cape around his thin frame, as he leaned against a wall in near exhaustion. Aladdin ran a hand through his long red hair, which now included a few gold strands and two blond ringlets around his face.

"Get up!" Jareth shouted in his head. "We are almost there."

"Shut up," Zero spoke from within, "He's exhausted!"

Jareth: "How dare you...!"

Ricochet: "Shut up!"

Liza and Veronica: "The three of you shut up!"

Nana: "Girls!"

Aladdin screamed: "EVERYONE IN THERE SHUT UP!!!" The voices in his head fell silent. Aladdin Sane felt like he was living up to his name. "I need to think quietly for a moment."

Liza: "...Aladdin?"

Aladdin sighed, exasperated: "What?"

Liza: "At least we're all together again, right?"

Aladdin said nothing as he heard yet another scream.
David stopped yet again to scribble against a wall. He jumped yet again at another howl.
"Murderess!!" Detective Adler drew his gun upon Ramona, as she stood over the bodies of Algeria, Leon and Grace.

"You fool! I found them like this!!" Ramona snarled at the Detective, and drew her own knive. To her surprise, it had bright red blood on it.

Ramona: "Eh? What in Bowie's mind..."

Nathan: "I knew it! This looks like your suicide-murder rituals!" The bodies all had superficial cuts on their faces, like tribal tatoos. They were lying in a perfect circle. "You're still workin' for the Duke!!

Ramona: "You stupid fat little fuck! The Duke is more powerful than ever! He's gathering the energies of all the Bowies so that he will rule his mind unopposed. He will become the Ultimate Ego, and he will compose the greatest masterpiece the Body and the world will ever know! He shall be our new Messiah!"

Nathan: "Like Ziggy? Wait a minute...that magician said Ziggy was split into a bunch o' pieces, and we're sorta like those pieces." The detective/inspector chuckled, "Holy shit. He's trying to become..."

Nathan didn't have time to complete his thought, as a arm from behind snapped his neck and teeth sank into his neck.

The Thin White Duke, his lips bright red with blood, stared at the woman intensely.

"I believe you are a free woman now, Ramona my sweet. I have eliminated these albatrosses around your neck," the Duke slithered towards her.

"A pity," Ramona said, "They were fun for a while--but don't 'my sweet' me, you bastard!" She gave the Duke a hearty shove at the shoulders, "You dumped me with these heathens on Lexington Avenue!"

The Duke: "I knew you'd lead them here..."

Ramona: "...like lambs to the slaughter."

The Duke: "Mere food for higher life forms like us, my dark descendant." He circled around her closely. "I had to let them believe I've abandoned you so they would let you into their circle--take pity on you, even trust you. How gullible Ziggy's children are. You've performed your task beautifully, my sweet."

"And the hospital?" Ramona asked.

The Duke grazed her neck with his cold, spindly fingers, "A minor distraction I did not plan on, but worked well anyway in my plan."

"The others are still lost in the maze, looking for the wife and brat. They are only working to postpone the inevitable," Ramona said.

"Now my sweet," the Duke wrapped his arms around Ramona, "are you ready to create the ultimate masterpiece?"

"Yesss," Ramona hissed, "With you by my side, we shall rule them all."

"I didn't say you'd be by my side," the Duke ripped into Ramona's throat and lay her writhing body underneath him. The high-pitched gurgling cries echoed through the halls as the Duke drank her essence. In the last spasms of pain and ectasy, Ramona pulled at the Duke's hair, then released her grip, lying Christ-like in her circle of Outsiders.

To be continued...

Don't understand me, just love me

Kristin Machina
(cracked actor)
03/14/03 08:52 AM
Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion II new [re: Kristin Machina]  

Always a minute too late, Aladdin gathers the bodies of the Outsiders into himself, "I know what the Duke is trying to do."
David writes more on his paper.
"FUCK!!" Tin's last word escapes his lips as he is drained...
"The question is...does the Duke realize what he is doing?" Aladdin asks as grey and black mix with his hair, and his once flawless skin is marred by long hideous scars and razor-like cuts.
"Please go away," Screamin' Lord Byron cowers helplessly as his death looms over him.
"All the pieces coming together," Aladdin thinks to himself. "Our energies returning to me and the Duke."

From within his mind, Veronica: "So how come the Duke isn't absorbing all of us?"

Jareth: "He can only absorb what is his. Some have more Duke in them than others. Still one cannot exist without both parts."
Something violently grabs Zane's hair from behind as he is dragged into the shadows...
"I've no time to grieve," Aladdin absorbs Byron's body, as his now stubbly face goes blank as stone. "It is not necessary." A scarf now wraps around his neck. "Still, if the Duke completes his feast, he may still by more powerful than I."
Boz floats through the hallways, trying to calculate his path. "Query...Error..this-does-not-compute. Variables-keep-changing. I-am-lost."

An electrical charge strikes Boz over the head, scrambling his circuits, "WARNING! WARNING! MAL-FUN-CTION...." The living computer program collapses into a pile of wires and chips.

A metal hand pick up the pieces, as they absorb into it, forming a new piece of machinery. A distorted voice cackles.
David taps on the walls, gathering a rhythm...
"But I must continue," Aladdin sadly picks up the body of Zane, "I'm starting to feel stronger..."
"I'm so tired of these stairs," Newton deliriously staggers up the stairs. "Won't you carry me...Mary Lou...like you did when we met..."

Just as Newton was about to collapse, he sees...

"A door!" Newton shouts weakly, "I found a door!" Newton calls over his communicator, "I found a door! I think the Duke's inside!" Newton bangs on the iron door, "Open up! Give us back David's wife and child!"

The door slides open, but it's pitch black inside. Drawing his gun (which he knows has no real bullets but hopes the noise will scare anything off), he slowly steps inside.

"Hello?" Newton calls out, but there's no answer. Instead the door slides shut, leaving the alien in absolute darkness. Then, a strangely familiar and sickening feeling of rising upwards.

"OH NO! I'm in an elevator!!" Newton screams. "Let me out!! Let me out...oh...I'm getting dizzy..." Something inside his head felt like it popped as Newton collapsed onto the floor. He never saw the other passenger, who was about to eat him...

To be continued....

Don't understand me, just love me

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(stardust savant)
03/15/03 09:35 PM
Re: Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion II new [re: Kristin Machina]  

distrubing, and i like it! kisses to you dear :) starbuck

“Un bacio proibito brucia piu del fuoco.”

(mortal with potential)
03/16/03 04:18 PM
Re: Splitting Headache--The Rescue Part II(b) new [re: Kristin Machina]  

please go on, you simply can't stop. Waiting...

(crash course raver)
03/18/03 10:17 AM
Re: Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion II new [re: Kristin Machina]  

Awesome, Kristin! She's Baa-AA-ack!!! Now that I've seen Man Who Fell To Earth, I unsderstand the Newton References!

My karma ran over your dogma...

...damn fucking dog!!!

(wild eyed peoploid)
03/29/03 00:50 AM
Re: Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion II new [re: Kristin Machina]  

Very cool. And very amusing. *thumbs up*

~It's not the side effects of the cocaine
I'm thinking that it must be love...~

04/04/03 07:35 PM
Re: Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion II new [re: revidescent]  

*rubs bleary eyes*

I finally started archiving Splitting Headache at Glam Genome Project tonight...took me three hours to do the ten first chapters. Even with as much cut-and-paste as possible it's still a big load of work.
So...this is going to take a while. Ye gods, I still have tons of Pop Goes The God chapters to put up too!

Not your senorita

Kristin Machina
(cracked actor)
04/07/03 06:51 PM
Much appreciated! new [re: SugarPlumFairy]  

In reply to:

I finally started archiving Splitting Headache at Glam Genome Project tonight...took me three hours to do the ten first chapters. Even with as much cut-and-paste as possible it's still a big load of work.
So...this is going to take a while.

And I very much appreciate it, Sugar! *glomps her gently*

Don't understand me, just love me

(grinning soul)
04/14/03 02:06 PM
Re: Much appreciated! [re: Kristin Machina]  

still waiting for a conclusion
what's taking you so long, dear.

Kristin Machina
(cracked actor)
07/22/03 01:02 AM
Splitting Headache--The Mind-Warp Pavillion III [re: Kristin Machina]  

Yankee cautiously slid along the walls of the maze, searching for a possible hidden door. His long, skinny legs trembled under his trousers.

He let out a yelp of surprise, as he felt some cold and metallic open under his palms.

"An elevator?" Yankee asked himself, as the lift doors creaked open. All that can be found inside was a silver revolver.

"Newton's gun?" Yankee gasped. "He'd never leave that lying around." He quickly grabbed the gun, slid it under his suspenders, but as soon as he did this, the lift doors slammed shut. The elevator speed upwards, sending the wobbly Yankee to the floor. Terrified, he squeezed his eyes shut...

Then, a bell rang, and the lift doors opened. Yankee barreled out into a long, dark hallway, lit in slits of white light at rare intervals. At the end stood a platnium blond figure dressed in black.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" Yankee brandished Thomas' gun, running down the hallway.

The figure spun around, and although his face was completely cloaked in shadow, he bellowed in a deep, smoky voice, "Yankee, halt!"

Yankee, remembering Newton's gun only held blanks, tried to psych the Duke out by firing a round towards his chest.


Except there were no blanks.

And that wasn't the Duke. As soon as the gunshot rang out, the figure's hair turned orange. Earthling gurgled, clutching his bleeding chest, as he slumped downwards.

"EARTHLING! NOOO!" Yankee dropped the gun and rushed to his friend's side. Yankee sobbed, "I..I'm s-sorry! I didn't mean to..."

Earthling, gasping for breath, managed a chuckle, "I...always thought...I'd meet...my end...by a young american..." Then one last gasp and...

"NO! No no no!" Yankee screamed, "Don't die! Please..."

"Traitor..." a voice hissed behind him, as Yankee's suspenders were torn from him and wrapped around his neck. It was Yankee's turn to gasp for air, as blue eyes burned above him, bearing a cruel sneer...

To be continued...

Don't understand me, just love me

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