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(stardust savant)
05/21/03 09:49 PM
Switcheroo new [re: power2charm]  

In reply to:

I'm going to lobby for leaving after Wilco performs

Proposal: Can I meet you at the gates, then, and take your ticket back in for Sonic Youth?

I ushered for a Lucinda show a couple years back; it was solid stuff.

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(grinning soul)
05/30/03 10:44 PM
Summer concerts in full swing! new [re: Marquis]  

A few weeks back I saw a band called Enter The HHHaggis, a Scottish punk band from Montreal or something. They wore kilts and they were really punkin'! They played the pipes, the fiddle, and massive guitars. I won a copy of their cd by having a crazy dance.

Tonight I saw Killer Mike and The Donnas.

Next week I'm gonna see They Might Be Giants for the 3rd time! I might take mom. Or vice versa.

Everyone says "Yo!"

(electric tomato)
05/31/03 12:03 PM
Re: Summer concerts in full swing! new [re: skeezix]  

I just saw a whole bunch of local bands last night, including, thr 86'ers, Cold Blue Sky, The Endagered Feeces, and more. I'm going to see Coldplay (don't laugh) on the 11th.

Late news breaking, this just in: Common sense makes a comeback!

the ethereal dawn
05/31/03 02:46 PM
Re: Summer concerts in full swing! new [re: RealThing]  

I'd LOVE to see Coldplay, I'm quite envious. They've been my latest obsession lately.

For me, I haven't seen anything recently, but I have three wonderful concerts coming soon. On June 25th (courtesey of Silverstar), a few of us TWers are going to see Nick Cave and the Badseeds in Manhattan. July 7th holds Placebo once more in Irving Plaza, the same venue I saw them in the first time. The biggest (and newest) addition to the series is Bjork. Someome just offered me an extra ticket that just happens to be a front box seat for the Brooklyn show in August.

"How can I ignore? For this is sex without touching..."

peace light and love

05/31/03 03:01 PM
Re: Summer concerts in full swing! new [re: the ethereal dawn]  

I've seen The Sisters of Mercy at the Forum(Kentish Town London) and Lou Reed at the Brighton Dome so far this year.
I've got tickets to see Jools Holland later in the year and I'll definately go and see Bowie again if he's touring this autumn. Other than that none of the bands I really want to see are giging at the moment, or they're giging in places I simply can't get to.

They see void while I see solid holes

(mortal with potential)
05/31/03 05:19 PM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: johnnysitar]  

Last Feb. i saw Elton and Billy--won tickets.
Last weekend i saw The Iguanas, Catalytic, BR549, John Adam Murph, The Doobie Brothers, James Brown, and Peter Frampton--city fest

I'm a thinker, not a talker
I've no one to talk to, anyway

(stardust savant)
05/31/03 07:00 PM
Glasto Here We Go! new [re: johnnysitar]  

Looks like I'll be going to Glastonbury. Yessssssssss!

Volunteering for Oxfam, so I get the best campsite, free food and free entry!

TW is doubleplus ungood

Spacker Dave
(mortal with potential)
05/31/03 09:58 PM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: johnnysitar]  

I saw Pearl Jam and IdleWild last night in Vancouver. A good time was had by all. I'm actually listening to the bootleg right now. I say any band who has a bootleg of their concert available online the day after the show takes pretty good fucking care of their fans.

(electric tomato)
06/01/03 01:58 PM
Re: Summer concerts in full swing! new [re: RealThing]  

Coldplay??? You're so lucky! I missed their show in Montreal last February, and I bitterly regret it...


Is it nice in your snowstorm, freezing your brain?

(crash course raver)
06/11/03 04:27 PM
New Pornographers! [re: Spacker Dave]  

I had the delight of seeing Vancouver's New Pornographers at a groovy club in San Francisco called Bimbo's last night. Two opening bands... The Organ and Cinerama. Somewhere in the middle end of the New Porn's set, they invited an air-guitaring fan up to "play" along to one song. The guy was hilarious, really hammed it up... but was never obnoxious.

That went so well that their lead singer Carl decided it was time to have an air-bassist up. The guy who came on stage to bass out was extremely animated. Off they went into the next song... air-bass guy was so enthused he orchestrated a synchronized jump w/the air-guitarist amongst other hammy rock moves. It was just a thing of beauty.

For the last air song... the band invited air performers to cover the rest of the instruments... air keys, drums, singing (Neko and Carl), plus the original two airs. It was utter bedlam on stage, but amazing too... the air-singer dude knew all of the lyrics and sang into an empty beer bottle, air-key gal was the only air-performer who had some rhythm issues, actually. By the end of the song all air folks had rocked out quite well. Air-bass guy was so ecstatic about being on stage that he leaned into Neko's mic and said they'd made his dream come true and thanked all and Neko specifically. No overzealousness, he bowed to her and left the stage — very respectful.

NPs also scared the crap out of me playing bits of Journey and Survivor "gems," don't think the person who yelled out Journey expected them to whip out "Lights" as they did. Wrapped up their encore w/"Action" by The Sweet... talk about a wayback rock moment Overall it was the best show I've seen this year, and more because of how the band was with the audience then their just their music (though I do like their music).

"I would never join any group that would have me as a member." - Groucho Marx

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