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(wild eyed peoploid)
10/26/03 06:01 PM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: johnnysitar]  

I have only been to one concert this year and that was at the Manchester Evening Arena, to see the Rolling Stones.

Other bands that I have seen in my illustrious career are thus:
(only listing the bands that were good)

David Bowie, Jethro Tull, The Rolling Stones, Halfa Shilling, Roxy Music, R.E.M, Aerosmith, Reef, Paper Lace, Divine Comedy, Suede

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(stardust savant)
10/27/03 09:37 PM
Nothing else matters, cos we're together again new [re: beatled]  

Emmylou Harris, October 25, Carnegie Hall, NYC

First, a tip for all you suburbanites heading into the apple for your first show at Carnegie.....it ain't at Lincoln Center.

Luckily, my error only cost me the first verse of the first song of my first Emmylou show since 1995.

I was left with a spare ticket when a protege had to solve world hunger that evening, and wash her hair. Or was it her dog? Oh, yeah, it was her dog's hair needed washing.

So I took my ex-roomie Abby, who is a nice girl, but has the most fucking annoying applause I've ever heard in my life. Every clap is like a goddamned rifle shot!

Now, I didn't get a good seat for this show....first row in the balcony, and at Carnegie that means I was perched three stories over the orchestra. I'm pleased to report Emmylou's hair is not thinning.

Emmylou can do no wrong - loved the setlist. I'm working on loving the new album, and her performance of the songs helped...they felt more realized in concert than they do on the album, and her phrasing was impeccable. She had the McGarrigle sisters and Nancy Griffin on hand to provide harmonies; a nice bonus, indeed.

The moldy oldies for the night were "Together Again" which was breathtaking, "One of These Days", "Wheels", "Love Hurts", "Born to Run", "Ain't Livin' Long Like This" and "Boulder to Birmingham" (which also benefitted from the performance - the album version always sounded a little stiff to me).

I broke my own rule about not seeing multiple shows by a singer/band on the same leg of a tour, and it didn't bite my ass, I'm pleased to report. After Carnegie, I was very interested to see her the next night, where my seats were front-and-center, eighth row from the stage....

October 26, Palace Theatre, Albany, NY

I had a spare for this show, too, but my eardrums couldn't take another night of Abby's applause, so I used the empty seat to store my jacket and put some space between me and the rubes to my right. What a guilty pleasure...when my novel makes me rich, I'm gonna buy three tickets to every show I see so I don't have to share my seat's armrests with scranners whose elbows are probably grody and scabby!

Albany is a backwater so the audience were a bunch of Ma and Pa Kettles. The two women in front of me literally took naps during the show, slouching down into their seats and letting their heads shamefully loll back in slumber!

Emmylou's very adept guitarist, Buddy Miller, also proved to be an able opening act, and I'm gonna shortly be off to see what I can download of his work before buying.

About half a dozen songs were different this evening, "Wayfaring Stranger" being the only one I can recall off the top of my head. Everything sounded great, even the Red Dirt Girl songs, the studio versions of which have never really grabbed me.

Emmylou is heading off to Euroland in November - you should check her out.

And the circus boss leans over, whispers into the little boy's ear, "Hey son, you want to try the big top?" ~ Springsteen

10/28/03 02:44 AM
Only p2c could find a clap annoying new [re: power2charm]  

I saw the Sounds tonight. It was fun, sort of like the Blondie Hives.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
10/28/03 07:43 PM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: johnnysitar]  

I saw KISS and Aerosmith in Seattle on October 12,and they were both great!! Row 7, Centre, right on the catwalk. My 12 year old son loved it, and so did I.

(stardust savant)
10/28/03 09:22 PM
mature attitudes to new music new [re: power2charm]  

In reply to:

I'm working on loving the new album,

Now, THAT'S a statement I've never read around these parts before. Usually everyone's mind is made up on first listen and if they believe it's crap, it's straight to the Hall Of Crap forever, especially recent Bowie releases.

But as all decent and open minded musicfans know, albums need time to be listened to, worked on, different nuances of vocals and instumentation appreciated and only then can opinions change and albums be enjoyed after the initial shock of different offerings from your favourite artist.

Bowie touring Australia?
....for who can bear to be forgotten

02/08/04 03:12 AM
Screwface: Activated new [re: Marquis]  

Tonight I went to the US debut of Dizzee Rascal. Overall, a good time: the venue was a converted warehouse in some bombed out corner of Greenpoint Brooklyn, with a flatbed tractor trailer acting as the stage. Dizzee was flowing impressively, as were the cats in the 'lounge' area before the show.

On the flip side, though, we got there incredibly early and had to leave to go to a bar for about 2 hours. By the time he came on (at about 1:20), I was stone cold sober. Also, the sound mix wasn't great, so that all you could hear was really muddy bass. I guess that just made the freestyle sections more impressive, though.

When I left, Matthew Dear was spinning while some 14 year old girls were double dutching on the truckbed, which was definitely hot, but since I've got work in the morning, I had to bounce out.

When I activate my screwface gimme space
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(crash course raver)
02/08/04 08:25 AM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: johnnysitar]  

Why only last night i saw an elastic band,Does that count?.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

02/09/04 07:19 AM
Alarmclock: Activated new [re: Marquis]  

In reply to:

since I've got work in the morning, I had to bounce out.

Yeah, those Rock 'n' Roll days are over, aren't they?

And I want to believe
In the madness that calls 'now'

02/10/04 11:17 AM
Snooze Button: Activated new [re: EJSunday]  

Well, sort of. I mean, the earliest I ever work is noon, and that's only three days a week. Bo!

When I activate my screwface gimme space
Screwface means let me breathe

(crash course raver)
02/10/04 11:47 AM
Re: Snooze Button: Activated [re: Marquis]  

Anathema, Under Byen, The Frames, This Beautifull Mess

Andy I'm late, Andy please help me. I never get the silverscreen. I'm not exactly your galleryteen

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