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05/27/05 09:36 PM
All the Aussies in Wellington new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

Fucking awesome indeed.... I've only just got home (have done 12 days in a campervan right around NZ south island since the gig).

The Bad Seeds were tight - LOUD to a whisper in the blink of an eye. The gospel singers were angelic, Nick dances hilariously and punches out a great WHAM when the music requires it, Warren Ellis is incredible and the two percussionists had so much equipment it's a wonder it fitted in the hall. We were on the balcony, near the front (old cow territory so we could sit down during the slow numbers ) and had a great view of Nick's balding patch.

But seriously, the music was fan fucking tastic. I just wanted ANOTHER two encores on top of the two we already got.

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GBBD 2005 !!!!

05/29/05 11:24 AM
6 concerts in 3 weeks new [re: SoulLoveChild]  

Tori Amos, Hamer Hall, May 18, 2005
Tori's second Melbourne concert had only two songs in common with the first. Tonight, there were no flat moments and at times the performance was really intense. The cover songs were 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' followed by 'Let It Be'.

The John Lennon Show, Forum Theatre, May 20, 2005
As the name implies, this was a tribute show. The singer - Alan Jager - had a voice similar to Lennon's and ambitiously, he sang the songs in the same key. All the obvious solo picks and Beatles tunes were played but as a major Lennon fan, that was probably my main gripe as I really pine for the obscurities rather than the songs you hear literally everywhere every day. Still, it was nice to hear 'Whatever Gets You Through the Night' as the finale.

James Reyne and Mark Seymour, Corner Hotel, May 29, 2005
These veterans of Australian music really exceeded expectations tonight. James Reyne had the opening set and played all of his well known tunes acoustically. Mark Seymour opened with 'When the River Runs Dry' and closed with the untopable 'Throw Your Arms Around Me'. So I began to wonder what was left for the final 'collaboration' set? Well, it was all covers - Talking Head's 'Psycho Killer', Dragon's 'April Sun in Cuba', Mental as Anything's 'The Nips Are Getting Bigger' and then Neil Young's 'Helpless'. A really great concert.

The Last of the Disco Kings MP3 by Adam D Versus David B

05/30/05 03:29 AM
James Reyne and Mark Seymour ... new [re: Adam]  

... Ah yes Adam - I'm really getting into the acoustic albums these two boys have just released.

The songs take on a whole new meaning in the acoustic style, and Mark Seymour's guitar playing, in particular, is just wonderful.

Another 'must have' in the acoustic re-release series is 'el momento descuidado' by The Church - do yourself a favour, as they say.

... and a Stoli and Tonic for me.

(heroic dolphin)
06/07/05 03:03 PM
Punks Not Old new [re: Stevee]  

Die Toten Hosen played Berlin's magnificent open-air venue "Waldbühne" (Forrest Stage) and it was incredible. Again. As it has always been since I first saw them live in 1982.

Those guys are a miracle: All into their early 40s now but still they are far from becoming ridiculous punk fossils and still they know how to put on an energetic 2:30 hours live show which sent the 20.000 people in the Waldbühne into a frenzy. And still they are far from losing any credibility or their fan's trust in their integrity - millions of sold records haven't changed them. Their lyrical comments on political and social issues are still sharp and never embarassing, their songs about football and parties are still fun and it was an amazing experience to see how fans from all the decades of the band's existence were heavily affected by their power.

You get into Die Toten Hosen when you are a teenager and you never let go of them, and so there were teenagers from the 80s (like myself), the 90s and thousands of youngsters from this new millenium. Every generation has their large new Hosen following - and I don't know how they do it, but that's what keeps them on track. Fascinating.

That it was a fantastically warm summer night and that we had some great fun with a group of beer annihilating Glasgow punks in kilts and Doc Marten's who had travelled all the way from Scotland for that show just added to a concert of the finest kind.

And I want to believe
In the madness that calls 'now'

06/07/05 03:14 PM
Re: Punks Not Old new [re: EJSunday]  

The Dead Pants? Why does that sound so familiar?

took my pills today but i don't feel better in a funny sort of way

(heroic dolphin)
06/07/05 03:17 PM
The Naked Truth new [re: ohramona]  

Poor little girl.

And I want to believe
In the madness that calls 'now'

(stardust savant)
06/08/05 07:25 PM
Re: The Naked Truth new [re: EJSunday]  

We used to analyse their lyrics in German class in the 7th grade. Classic!

Their name is slang for something like 'totally lame', right?

Still perfecting imperfection

(stardust savant)
06/08/05 07:33 PM
jealous! new [re: Adam]  

Adam, I am a HUGE Hunters and Collectors fan and am thrilled to read what Mark Seymour is up to these days. Sounds like a grand time. I had the pleasure of seeing H&C live here back in 1987/88 or so. They were great, pity it was an outdoor show in San Hose-a (Jose) with a miniscule audience.

What recent solo efforts would you recommend?

It is my opinion and I am unanimous in this, because it is my opinion, which is, in fact, mine.

06/09/05 12:44 PM
Mark Seymour new [re: Tin]  

Tin, the acoustic release that Stevee mentioned (called Daytime and the Dark) looks very good for the H&C fan. Also, look out soon for a live release - the gig I saw was being recorded.

Another great thing about that night - the venue played Wilco and Bragg's Mermaid Avenue on high volume before and after the boys' sets.

The Last of the Disco Kings MP3 by Adam D Versus David B

(heroic dolphin)
06/09/05 01:44 PM
Re: The Naked Truth new [re: decibel]  

In reply to:

Their name is slang for something like 'totally lame', right?

Right. All dead, nothing happening. Though you would never use the term in the personalized form as in Die Toten Hosen (The Dead Pants) but rather say something like "alles tote Hose hier" (all dead pants here) to express a totally boring situation where nothing is happening though there should be. Like in "How was the party?" - "Totally dead pants (total tote Hose)"

And I want to believe
In the madness that calls 'now'

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