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06/09/05 07:40 PM
Ah soooooooooooo new [re: EJSunday]  

We were very fortunate here in Atlanta to have the opportunity to see the Singapore Chinese Orchestra the other night, which featured not only the orchestra but also a chorus performing in Chinese and Mongolian. Chinese orchestral music is pretty cool, but sure enough, an hour later, we had to go listen to something else.

took my pills today but i don't feel better in a funny sort of way

(electric tomato)
06/09/05 07:49 PM
Re: Ah soooooooooooo new [re: ohramona]  

Xenophobia begins at home.

06/11/05 01:04 AM
Alabaster flesh abounds new [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

Tonight we (me 'n' skeezix) saw Lou Reed and The White Stripes.

ohro: "So skeezix, whadya think of the ancient rock star?"

skeezix: "Ehn. It's kind of like a fossilized Green Day."

took my pills today but i don't feel better in a funny sort of way

(wild eyed peoploid)
06/11/05 07:55 AM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: johnnysitar]  

The last show I've seen was The Arcade Fire.
They did a great show!
Before them I saw the Dresden Dolls and I liked them even better!

06/11/05 11:27 PM
All I needed was a little bit of pixie dust new [re: Gilly]  

skeezix saw The Pixies tonight, but not me. I had the shits.

took my pills today but i don't feel better in a funny sort of way

(heroic dolphin)
06/13/05 10:32 AM
Stormbringer new [re: ohramona]  

It was Hurricane 2005 weekend and though the line up wasn't half as good as last year's magnificent event which included Bowie, Pixies, Placebo, Franz Ferdinand, Air or Wilco, there were still some good moments.

Biggest positive surprise: Audioslave.
I have never been much of a grungie and liked Rage Against The Machine more for their attitude than for their music, but this was a terrific show. Chris Cornell's voice was totally enthralling, the band never sank too deep into guitar wanking and instead delivered a highly energetic string of songs, with Cornell's solo and acoustic performance of "Blackhole Sun" sending shivers down everybody's spine. Excellent.

Most powerful act: Dinosaur Jr.
They came on at about 1:00 at night when the temperature had gone down to about 5 degrees celsius and a cold rain started to come down - and brought full heat. J Mascis looked like a super freak with his dyed thin long hair and when he plugged his Stratocaster into the double Marschall rack behind him hell broke loose. Accompanied by a frenetic bassist and a relentless drummer they hammered out a great hour of loud Rock 'n' Roll. Great fun.

The best moment: "Don't Look Back In Anger"
The Oasis gig started off totally lame, partly due to Liam's apparent voice problems, partly due to the new material. But things improved a lot in the run of the show and when finally Noel took over for "Don't Look Back In Anger" it was pure glory - and a sad reminder of what fantastic songs Oasis created before they ran out of ideas.

Worst Band Of The Weekend: System Of A Down
I knew they would be dreadful but this was even worse. Idiotic Prog Rock shit made from the lowest lows from Yes mixed with badly copied Metallica riffs and delivered in such seriousness that it hurts. Godawful super crap. Still their album went to Nr.1 here and most of the 60.000 seemed to heavily enjoy that silliness in notes. This country is doomed.

Unfortunately I had to miss out on Beck and New Order but from what I was told they were both very good.

And I want to believe
In the madness that calls 'now'

06/13/05 10:37 AM
Sicko Homo new [re: EJSunday]  

Yesterday skeezix saw DEVO, but not me. I still had the shits!

took my pills today but i don't feel better in a funny sort of way

(stardust savant)
06/13/05 10:52 AM
Painkiller new [re: EJSunday]  

I saw Turin Breaks the other weekend in a dim and sweaty cellar at the Cluny. They were good, and best of all it was a free gig.

"The Alan Bennett Appreciation Society wants YOU."

(stardust savant)
06/13/05 05:38 PM
Re: Mark Seymour new [re: Adam]  

Thanks for the info and link, Adam (and Stevee). Grooooovy.

It is my opinion and I am unanimous in this, because it is my opinion, which is, in fact, mine.

06/14/05 08:20 AM
Re: My God EJ new [re: EJSunday]  

Oasis created before they ran out of ideas.

What ideas, they stole every idea in their vacant heads, tsk. tsk. tsk. EJ, I expected better from you, but then again, you couldn't get your head around Outside so why should I expect any interesting comments from you.

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