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(stardust savant)
07/31/05 05:48 PM
LIGHTS OUT! new [re: Wraith2]  

I saw Turn Pale, Sentai, and La Mi Vie Violentia on Friday night at WIUS in Bloomington for the much more reasonable suggested donation price of $3.

La Mi Vie Violentia is a nine piece group from Massachusetts that completely defies categorization. Most of the musicians are multi-instrumentalists but there is, at intervals, a trumpet/trombone player, guitarist, bassist/saxophonist, flautist, up to two synthesists, cellist and up to two drummers (and not in the lame-ass Grateful Dead way; in an awesome way). Their music is highly composed, blisteringly fast, and unrelentingly chaotic. If the tour's headed your way, I highly suggest you catch it.

Sentai aims for comparable intensity with a three piece ensemble consisting of a guitarist/synthesist, bassist and drummer. Lots of stop-and-start rhythmic devices and call-and-response synth/guitar hooks played by the same musician! Their absurd levels of energy are so contagious that even the hipster kids can't stop themselves from dancing!

As much as I loved the other bands, Turn Pale, Bloomington's one and only post-punk death disco act, stole the show. Any fans of The Birthday Party or early Bad Seeds need to check these guys out (I'm told comparisons to Joy Division also hold true, but don't let that stop you, Marquis ). I'm automatically disposed to think favorably of any band in which the lead singer gets out into the audience, but even moreso when he's writhing on the floor screaming and crawling between peoples' legs. You can download a few of their mp3s in the "sounds" section of the website. I particularly recommend W.E.S. (one) and Lights Melt Away.

Oh yeah, Hand Fed Babies also played...but they kinda sucked.

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(stardust savant)
08/11/05 09:58 AM
I saw you watching from the stairs new [re: Adam]  

Funny Billy Corgan story, Adam. But he returned after having furiously left the stage?

Yesterday, or, actually, the day before yesterday, on Tuesday, August 9, 2005, I went to Stockholm to see Dinosaur Jr on their reunion tour. It's the original setup, with J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph. Lou was kicked out of the band in 1989. This Spring, they reunited, and have been touring all over the world for some months now. They only play songs from the first three albums though, because those are the albums Lou played on.

The greatest moment for me was not the actual concert, but seeing J (he's the one in the middle, with long gray hair) standing on top of the stairs leading up to the concert venue three hours prior to the concert. I was there early, and as I was approaching the place, I see J standing there, on top of the stairs, watching all the people of Stockholm (or, rather, the ones you can see from this particular place where he was standing). He was wearing his adidas jacket and glasses and was looking really cool. He was talking to some guy, who I'm guessing was his manager, or the arranger of the show. And nobody seemed to know who he was. There's this outdoor restaurant right next to where J was standing, and nobody seemed to know who J was.

So he was standing there, talking to this guy, looking down on the city. Then he went down the stairs, and disappeared around a corner. It was just him and this other guy, and I was really close to them, and didn't know if I should take a picture or not, because I wasn't sure he'd like to be photographed. So I didn't take any photos.

Anyway, about the actual concert. The place was packed. Many many people came. It was completely sold out and many, who hadn't pre-bought their tickets, had to leave without a ticket. There simply wasn't room for more people. I was surprised to see this. That the demand for tickets was so big that many people had to return back hime. I certainly didn't think Dinosaur Jr was so popular in Sweden.

Also, thank God for earplugs, because they played so loud I thought I was going to die. It was insane, and I realized that the best possible torture weapon in the world is really really loud music. Even with earplugs in my ears, I thought it was too loud, and I love loud music, and worship Dinosaur Jr to death. The following day, I read a review in Aftonbladet (the biggest newspaper in this country) where they received one star out of five, apparently because the reviewer thought J looked like Gandalf. The whole reviewe was about that, but I can't see why that would make it a bad concert. It was a great concert. And I bought this beautiful t-shirt:

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08/11/05 10:24 AM
dino jr new [re: eraserhead]  

Dinosaur Jr. play in Oslo tonight, at ya-festivalen, but I've been told it's impossible to get by a ticket.

(heroic dolphin)
08/11/05 12:30 PM
Re: dino jr new [re: Emil]  

I saw Dinosaur Jr. at the Hurricane Festival and as mentioned a little further up this thread they were great fun. Full energy pack.

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08/15/05 11:15 AM
Get up to get down new [re: EJSunday]  

On Saturday night, I went to the tiny, crowded sweatbox known as the Knitting Factory to see Diplo and Kano, making his U.S. debut.

Diplo, as with the last time I saw him, is a phenomenal live DJ. Seems like everything he spins is more danceable than the track before, and to get a downtown New York crowd full of backpackers and white chicks to do more than nod heads for an hour is an accomplishment. I see on Pitchfork that he's headed to Dublin, London, Stockholm, and Helsinki at the end of the month. Anyone in those towns who likes to get funky with it is urged to check it out.

Kano was pretty good, though by the time he came on, I and everyone else was pretty much an exhausted pile of sweat. He also blew it by opening with "Ps and Qs," the only song anyone in the audience knew, so that it was all downhill from there. I'd like to know who his hype man was - some East London cat who was spitting this tough grime shit about 1000 words a minute. Kano also looks suspiciously like Kenyon Martin. Except more stoned.

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looking glass
08/15/05 05:10 PM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: johnnysitar]  

a quick synopsis of the show's i've seen since it's been 2005:

2.10.05- the fall @ the knitting factory. tense crowd. we were there since 11pm, and the band didn't take the stage until 1am. made it well worth the wait. mark e. smith stumbled around the stage, cranky as ever. turning up volume knobs, messing with his wife's keys, singing into two/three mics at a time. brilliant. i was able to sing parts of big new prinz towards the end. mark didn't want to.

4.06.05- the psychedelic furs @ the supper club. right across the street from work! front row spot, richard butler almost stepping on my hands a few times. played all the classics, and then some ((sister europe was on fire)). met the band. decent guys.

4.19.05- garbage @ the hammerstein ballroom. i don't like the new album very much at all, but the band still has pizzaz. music sounded tight as shirley strutted around stage, hot as a firecracker. front row views at the woman who kickstarted puberty for you is always a treat. the set was pretty decent too, very debut-album heavy. a slight mishap on cherry lips ((easily recovered)) made the band known for sleek production seem a little more human...

5.15.05- nine inch nails @ the hammerstein ballroom. about time. front row view. sufficiently beated, bruised, and battered by a pit full of miscreants the entire time, but the blistering set and proximity were most certainly worth it. left pit fully drenched in sweat/water/amniotic fluid.

5.25.05- rasputina @ southpaw. decent show. the band is pretty fun live. melora creagor is batshit insane though, not in an endearing way. tries too hard. second rasputina concert- first was better, though set had better songs this time around...

also- a ton of local bands. the anabolics, the dead stars on hollywood, etc.

on the roster- dead can dance and bauhaus reunion tours...

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08/15/05 10:00 PM
Gnaff new [re: eraserhead]  

In reply to:

The following day, I read a review in Aftonbladet (the biggest newspaper in this country) where they received one star out of five, apparently because the reviewer thought J looked like Gandalf. The whole review was about that

It seems to be a basic rule of music journalism to focus on absolutely anything but the music.


(cricket menace)
08/18/05 10:29 AM
Re: I saw you watching from the stairs new [re: eraserhead]  

In reply to:

Funny Billy Corgan story, Adam. But he returned after having furiously left the stage?

Corgan left the stage more saddened/disappointed than angry......and no, he did not return afterwards. He had already played all his music and recieved good applause......then he returned and made his speech but left when he got heckled. It was very unusual to see a major performer leave the stage to audience silence.

Here is what I've seen in the last week. Just a couple of lil gigs I am sure no one has heard of:

Matthew @ Northcote Social Club, 14 Aug, 2005
This was the debut show for the new band of Pinky Beecroft (from Machine Gun Fellatio). They were good and in the encore, they did a cover of Portishead's best song, 'Glory Box'. The opening act, Gus and Frank, were absolute crap, however.

Marty Donald, Rob Clarkson, Anthony Atkinson @ The Brunswick Green, 18 Aug, 2005
These guys are label mates of Melbourne based Candle Records. Marty Donald is from The Lucksmiths so I knew all of his songs apart from the opener. Clarkson has a good voice for live singing and Atkinson was better this time then when I saw him at the Candle Concert last year. With only 25 people in attendance, this is the smallest show I have ever been to!

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09/05/05 12:05 PM
Vincent and his minions new [re: Adam]  

I saw Cheap Trick and Alice Cooper last night. Great seats in an arena. Cheap Trick was quirky and fun and enjoyable, just as you'd expect. But Alice...

Oh my, when I left, I felt like I'd just had my ass kicked. He was awesome - it wasn't just a concert, there was passion and pain and performance. Unbefuckinglievable how good that show was. It's like you feel lucky that Alice allows you to be in his presence for this glorious moment. If Alice Cooper is performing near any of you and you don't go, you suck.


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looking glass
09/08/05 12:09 PM
on cornwood new [re: WildWind]  

i had tickets to a cheap trick/alice cooper show in long island, but it was FAR too out of my travel range to attend. i'm bound by the NYC trains. i'm sorry i missed it.

speaking of the city- last night, i was witness to the spectacle of Jandek in concert, and even though i figured it would be an unsustainable and ironic concert to attend, it was absolutely amazing...

\the venue was an art gallery in brooklyn called carrol gardens- small and almost castle-like, with a near jungle area outside to walk through on the way in. as we sat down on rugs in a room that could barely hold one hundred people, those of us to the left were asked to move to the side after a representative from Cornwood industries gave a quick introduction. a trapdoor opened below where we were sitting and up rose two musicians, a long haired lanky man and a younger bald man in a red shirt. Jandek followed afterwards, clad in all black with a cross between a fedora and a cowboy had atop his head. he rose from the trapdoor as if he was ascending from some cinderblock laced hell. they took the stage, and as he 'tuned' his guitar ((to pitches that didn't blend)), the man in the red shirt took to the drum kit and the long haired gentleman picked up the contrabass. the set began.

each song was not the harrowed whisperings and potentially unpleasant sounds that can be heard on most of the man's recordings. instead, each one was a near ten-minute avant-garde epic. the drummer, between bowing cymbals and using interesting percussion elements in his kit ((an iron bowl, for example)), kept an off rhythm yet driving beat as the songs grew in intensity. the contrabass-player attacked his instrument with both bow and fingers, often times bowing below the bridge or smacking the wood around while holding chords.

Jandek himself was perhaps the most haunting person i've ever seen with my eyes. his face was shrunken, naturally the sign of age, as he strummed his guitar out of tune and up and down, occasionally finding a groove and then instantly losing it with intention. the vocals were mostly spoken word, intense tales or even silly exchanges between two people. once in a blue moon, his voice rose high and mighty as the music picked up, near shrieking with intensity.

as fascinating as it was to watch the men at play, the shadows they left behind them ((intentionally created by some interesting light fixtures around the stage)) were just as entrancing to watch.

the set was almost an hour and forty five minutes long. men and women in the audience remained near-captivated the entire time... only opening their mouths and making an awful amount of sound in between songs, as Jandek shuffled papers around a music stand, most likely containing words- but who knows? he never said a word other than the words he was speaking/singing. not a single utterance otherwise... after the show, he descended back below through the trapdoor, seemingly returning to the 'hell' he emerged from. he didn't look anyone in the eye, nor make contact with anyone standing right nearby. and that was that.

though the man let us into his world for the first time in his 30 year career, he still retains that immense and intense shroud of mystery.

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