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(cracked actor)
04/18/03 01:40 PM
Re: We like the same band! new [re: power2charm]  

In reply to:

Lucinda Williams's new album is out (and getting raves), so with any luck I'll get to check her out live for the first time this year. She's touring with Neil Young, but I'm not a fan of his and the venues will be too large (and tix too expensive...$75 in NYC for nosebleed seats) to enjoy her contribution as an opening act.

i'm going to see her and neil young at spac (saratoga performing arts center) for $24.

not bad, i'd say, but i'm also going to see neil young...

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(crash course raver)
04/18/03 02:01 PM
Neil Young new [re: beatled]  

I wish he would tour here (last tour was 1985). Christ, I own 19 of his albums.

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(mortal with potential)
04/18/03 03:54 PM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: johnnysitar]  

Everyone else seem to enjoy lively concert-after-concert-life. Well... when I last enjoyed musical happening dinosaurs were roaming around and dodos were alive! BUT next weekend I'm going to see Sonata Arctica! Yehaw, I have a life!

(grinning soul)
04/19/03 07:22 AM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: fairydragon]  

You have got to be kidding!!! I´m going to see them too. You must be from Finland then. Which show are you going to see?

(mortal with potential)
04/20/03 04:45 PM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: Muukalainen]  

Really?! 25.4 In Tampere... perhaps we could meet?

(electric tomato)
04/20/03 05:13 PM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: fairydragon]  

I haven't seen any music very recently, but I get to see Cat Power this Wednesday! I'm very much looking forward to it.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
04/20/03 05:50 PM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: johnnysitar]  

\m/ Trip Hazard \m/

I'll make you a deal - just like any other candidate

04/20/03 06:33 PM
Re: What Bands Have You Seen Lately? new [re: ix66]  

Tomorrow there's a Pink Floyd tribute show, and I'm going.

Also, David Usher on June 30th (haha, I know that's only in 2 months...) at the Old Port in Montreal.

Looking foward both shows. :-)


Someone to bruise and leave behind

(stardust savant)
04/22/03 10:32 AM
What A Mass new [re: johnnysitar]  

Beck, 19.4. 2003, Berlin, Passionskirche (Passion Church): What a brilliant experience that was. Beck purely on his own, playing a range of guitars, a drum machine, a piano and some strange kind of harmonium. A fascinating solo gig for a few hundred people in a Church in Kreuzberg with myself in the fifth row, happily smiling for two hours. Beck was incredible. He went through well known, unknown and some brandnew stuff, proving that he is one of the few musicians that can easily handle the diverse aspects of being innovative, commercial, serious and entertaining at the same time - even within one song. He is authentic without sounding old fashioned. A non-traditional singer/songwriter that keeps up with time or sometimes is even ahead of it. And he is a friendly bloke who has developed a great voice. I am a big fan - even more now.

The whole parish gave standing ovations.

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T.J. Newton
(stardust savant)
04/22/03 11:51 AM
Re: Neil Young new [re: Adam]  

I'd go to a Neil Young gig for just one reason - to hear a live version of Like A Hurricane which would last for about 20 minutes...

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