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04/05/06 10:23 AM
yeah new [re: RabbitFighter]  

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Now I've seen and experienced everything worthwhile this world has to offer.

Hearing a grown man whine about how girls mistreat him? Must have been great.

As an alternative, we will be confiscating weed supplies and replacing them with magic mushrooms, in hopes of helping niggas see beyond their reality. ~ Saul Williams

(stardust savant)
04/05/06 11:49 AM
Wait... new [re: Emil]  


04/05/06 03:24 PM
If only new [re: Dara]  

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Did he drag you up on stage, hug you in an asexual manner, and then have security throw you back like a fish not worth keeping?

Unfortunately that didn't happen, Finns are way too docile for such silliness. Would have been great though.

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Emil: Hearing a grown man whine about how girls mistreat him? Must have been great.

Haven't you heard? He's almost happy these days and even gave up celibacy at some point. Whineing has steadily decreased over the years but in all honesty I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not.

edit: Dara, are you impying that there's somethig wrong with hugging people in asexual manner? I know some of us have considered purging these sexual deviants (or atleast banning them) but surely a civilised man such as yourself wouldn't lower himself to such depths...

"This is Arthur, I had sex with him last night."

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04/06/06 07:56 AM
Re: If only new [re: RabbitFighter]  

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Haven't you heard? He's almost happy these days

Was that before or after he wrote "You have killed me"?

As an alternative, we will be confiscating weed supplies and replacing them with magic mushrooms, in hopes of helping niggas see beyond their reality. ~ Saul Williams

looking glass
04/06/06 02:39 PM
Re: You have hooked me new [re: Dara]  

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That seemed to be his main trick last time I saw him (admittedly more than 10 years ago).

yep, this still happens.

hands up, WHO WANTS TO DIE!

(eden but no sham)
04/06/06 11:00 PM
Concert Season new [re: looking glass]  

A number of long-standing Aussie artists (minus some Scots and an Irishmen) in the last couple of weeks:

DARREN HANLON, Northcote Social Club, 23 March, 2006
This man is a genius. Great to see the adulation when he plays 'Falling Aeroplanes'.

ANDY WHITE, Alexandra Gardens, 25 March 2006
The first of 5 free Commonwealth Games concerts I saw. Andy said our flag would be fine if we'd just drop the Union Jack! Continuing the Irish theme, he played 'Looking for James Joyce's Grave'.

NOT DROWNING WAVING, Alexandra Gardens, 25 March 2006
There was an excellent song towards the end that sounded like it could be off Passion: The Last Temptation of Christ soundtrack.. Apparently their last ever show.

SHOOGLENIFTY, Alexandra Gardens, 25 March 2006
Scottish band with traditional Celtic sound that had all the front rows participating in various forms of pogoing and dancing and having arms around complete strangers.

PAUL KELLY, Alexandra Gardens, 26 March 2006
Like Dylan, he is too nasally but he has a few songs that have become Aussie classics. Great to hear him play 'Bradman' (about Don Bradman) and 'To Her Door'. Of course, he saved 'Leaps and Bounds' for the closing ceremony which he was playing directly after (to a live audience of 100,000 and a TV audience of millions).

DEBORAH CONWAY, Alexandra Gardens, 26 March 2006
The final Commonwealth Games concert. She has a powerful voice - a good live artist.

THE CHURCH, Manchester Lane, 28 March 2006
Launching their new album in an intimate venue. Very nice show.

THE LUCKSMITHS, Melbourne Uni, 4 April, 2006
The same place that WildWind and I discovered them 4 years ago. Tali's voice sounded particularly great today and to demonstate, he held one of the notes in 'T-Shirt Weather' for about half a minute.


(eden but no sham)
05/08/06 10:26 AM
Concert Season Continues new [re: Adam]  

THE LUCKSMITHS, Northcote Social Club, 8 April, 2006
Another solid concert - this time a considerably longer set.

DANIEL LANOIS, Atheneum Theatre, 11 April, 2006
Perhaps I went in with low-ish expectations (I only know one album well) but this concert was freaking mind blowing. Lanois' voice, guitar and musical passion is very convincing. I'd recommend this gig to anyone with an interest in rock music - even if you hardly know his solo work.

THE ROLLING STONES, Rod Laver Arena, 13 April, 2006
Quite the concert spectacular - complete with a stage that moves forward into the audience (perhaps telling of the way the Stones might get around in a few years from now?). And what a way to start - 'Satisfaction' followed by 'Let's Spend the Night Together' (interestingly 'Fame' by Bowie was played as the lead-in PA music). I got into this concert even more in the second half - after the stage came close to us.

ADRIAN BELEW, Corner Hotel, 25 April, 2006
Sensational set of solo tunes and King Crimson numbers. Al Slavic on bass and 'stick' had a similar intensity and accomplishment to Tony Levin. For the people who cared, this was a god send. When the concert was finished, Belew was pulled into the audience and crowd surfed on top of everyone's hands (apparantly his first ever time)!

ADRIAN BELEW, Ruby's Lounge, 26 April, 2006
A similar set to the previous night but now in an even more intimate venue. After the concert, it was a great opportunity to speak with Belew. He told me that Bowie had sent him the original version of 'Pretty Pink Rose' recorded with Bryan Adams' backing band (for the aborted solo album). I should have asked him for a copy!

ADRIAN BELEW, Manchester Lane, 1 May, 2006
By now, I was getting to know the concert (and songs) very well. This gig was special because it included a 'question and answer' portion as well as guitar techniques! This was the first time Belew had been in Australia since 1978 with Bowie!

Left: Hanging out with Adrian Belew. Right: With mates at Manchester Lane.

GERALDINE QUINN, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Trades Hall, 5 May, 2006
Musical comedy / cabaret. This woman has a fine voice, a song about Bowie (called 'Lady Boy') and a song about penis envy.

THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Trades Hall, 5 May, 2006
More musical comedy (it's apparantly becoming increasingly popular). These guys were obscene and funny but they could also harmonise extremely well (making their 'serious side' believable if only for a few seconds).


05/08/06 10:50 AM
Re: Concert Season Continues new [re: Adam]  

Interesting bit of trivia about PPR Adam. It has been thought to be a product of the aborted album but I think this is the first time someone 'in the know' has confirmed it.

Illustrated Discography

(eden but no sham)
05/08/06 11:13 AM
Belew, Bowie and Me new [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

I got Adrian to confirm that 'Pretty Pink Rose' was written prior to Young Lions and that he'd received some kind of demo from Bowie. He was then about to mention who played on the original but he was stuggling to remember......then I chirped in and said "Bryan Adams' backing band" and he confirmed that was correct.

On another occasion - at Manchester Lane - we heard 'The Hearts Filthy Lesson' as the lead-in/PA music and this prompted me to ask if there was a specific later day Bowie album that he would have liked to have played on. Adrian answered 'all of them' and that essentially, he would never turn down an opportunity to play with Bowie.

One solo song we talked about was 'The Rail Song' which is my favourite song of his. Adrian said that he was hoping Johnny Cash would cover it.....but he died!

In an Australian interview, Belew also revealed that he is in constant email contact with Bowie. Apparantly if Belew sends DB an email, he usually has a reply in about 10 minutes......leading him to surmise that David must practically live on the internet.


(legendary cowboy)
05/08/06 11:34 AM
Belew, Bowie and Dylan [re: Adam]  

I attended both of Bowie’s Glass Spider shows in Dallas, Texas on the 10th & 11th of October, 1987. On the 12th, Adrian and his band the Bears performed a free show on the Plaza in Dallas. It was rumored that Adrian might come out for the encore for one of the 2 Bowie shows, but he never did.

The last concert I attended was almost a year ago.

Dylan's Set List

Maggie's Farm
To Ramona
Cry A While
Positively 4th Street
High Water (For Charley Patton)
Highway 61 Revisited
Ballad of Hollis Brown
Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine
Just Like a Woman
Honest With Me
Girl of the North Country
Summer Days
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
All Along the Watchtower

Killer 10 minute plus version of "All Along The Watchtower". I thought Hendrix had risen from the grave.


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