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11/18/03 03:59 AM
The Official TW Time Clock new  

As I sit here reading shyster's farewell thread and fighting back the tears - Ol' Yeller is on, what can I say? - I'm reminded of something I meant to post last week.

In TW, as I'm sure in every message board, people come and go all the time. Some people like to announce their retirement hours in advance, some people like to assure us that they're back after that frightening 4 day absence, and some just like to drop out of sight for months at a time.

I'd like to dedicate this thread to everyone who likes to keep the online community abreast of their comings and goings. Mom ground you from the 'net for 2 weeks for spilling chocolate milkshakes on the keyboard? Drop a note. Just back from safari? Great. Been insulted once too often by p2c after defaming 'Shake It' and want to storm off in an indignant huff? Here's your podium!

Now its up to you to judge when your absence merits reporting; personally, I plan to post 'I'm here' every time I log in to TW and 'See you later' every time I log out. But that's just good old unemployable drug dealer me.

I didn't really lose you
I just lost it for a while
You know I am your dagger
You know I am your wound

11/18/03 04:11 AM
Test Match new [re: Marquis]  

Ok, I'm logging out now.

Marquis is an unemployable, drug-dealing, bald tosser with no future, but much in his words ring true.

(stardust savant)
11/18/03 06:53 AM
Prime timing new [re: Marquis]  

In reply to:

I plan to post 'I'm here' every time I log in to TW and 'See you later' every time I log out.

So. They do that all the time on the General Hospital message board. Not that I've ever been there, but I've heard things.

I might like you better if we slept together.

(cracked actor)
11/18/03 10:28 AM
Leaving for just under a day new [re: Marquis]  

I like the idea of this thread. It is important to keep eachother informed. I will be leaving TW for a while. I have classes for most of the day and then I have to see a friend's play tonight. I probably won't be able to be back until tomorrow morning. If I am back early and am able to post tonight, I'll edit this message.

Make a dream come true, give me money so that I can go see Daddy's concert.

Dan Dare
(wild eyed peoploid)
11/18/03 10:51 AM
Dan Dare Reporting for Duty!!! [re: Monkeyboy]  

I've just arrived at the office and should be checking in all day. So if there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I will be leaving in 7 hours, and will not be checking in from home this evening. I try not to come here when I'm not being paid.

The Gods forgot they made me...

Edited by Dan Dare on 11/18/03 10:53 AM (server time).

(stardust savant)
11/18/03 11:30 AM
Unemployable, in every way new [re: Marquis]  

I woke up at eleven a.m. (the other side of insomnia), and here I am.

It's taken about 15 minutes to see what there is to see here, so now I'm going to go to the gym. Knowing me, I'll probably check in briefly after I get back - just a five minute drop-in to see who loves me (PMs) and who hates me (search on p2c OR power2charm, all forums, last three days).

Then I'll be off to a quiet park bench to continue my reading of "Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow". That's right folks, I've joined Marquis in the ranks of the un-and-underemployed.

(<--conflicted emotions about no longer having a job I hated)

And the circus boss leans over, whispers into the little boy's ear, "Hey son, you want to try the big top?" ~ Springsteen

11/18/03 11:43 AM
Re: The Official TW Time Clock new [re: Marquis]  

I just came back to the board today after taking a hiatus for a good few months. Will be lurking around from here on.

"Doing nothing gives me great pleasure. and believe me, i succeed wonderfully in it." - Morrissey

11/18/03 12:05 PM
Re: The Official TW Time Clock new [re: SuperCreepGrrl]  

That is one damn magnificent avatar you've got there, creepgrrl.

Oh...um...I think I might go away for a half an hour now. Don't worry! I'll be back!!

Actually, I'm a lab mouse on stilts.

(cracked actor)
11/18/03 12:38 PM
Re: Unemployable, in every way new [re: power2charm]  

hi i'm here just for a quickie, i know some of you have wondered at my absence, but underemployment is sometimes worse than unemployment, and therefore i am now posting from the Sleepy Hollow library, forced to limit my time here to an hour, can't post after five or on sundays, because of course everyone knows that's a day of rest, and to punch the clock here at tw on a sunday would be somehow blasphemous.

you can't see me cause I'm wearing black

11/18/03 01:08 PM
Re: The Official TW Time Clock new [re: SugarPlumFairy]  

Why, thank you. I'm rather fond of it myself.

"Doing nothing gives me great pleasure. and believe me, I succeed wonderfully in it." - Morrissey

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