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02/22/04 07:03 PM
I'm younger than Bowie. new [re: diamondogz74]  

In reply to:

You hide your profile,So my guess is that you are about your mid fifties?

I am NOT in my mid fifties.
People say things today that might not be relevant tomorrow. My profile was written years ago and I can't figure out how to change it. Thus it remains hidden.

If you don't have anything nice to say, go to London and say it in front of 2000 people. NM.

Halloween Jill
(cracked actor)
02/22/04 07:22 PM
Re: Spaceship TW new [re: ohramona]  

1. i'm double jointed

2. i make a damn good pizza

3. i'll bring my legos

is this it?

(stardust savant)
02/22/04 07:44 PM
For the good of the world... new [re: ohramona]  

I suggest all 13 be breeding-age females. Prior to take-off, we men would donate quantities of semin to use for insemination. This will allow for the maximum possible genepool diversity and of course, we'd screen the donors to make sure clowns like dd74 are out of contention.

The problem is, of course, that all the men born to these 13 women would grow up gay, wearing pink and sporting sharp side partings. To counter this, we can send along few Die Hard videos and a compilation of Harrison Ford and Robert De Niro's best bits.

For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.

02/22/04 07:55 PM
Re: For the good of the world... new [re: JonnyManic]  

Lord of the flies.... that's all I'm sayin'

"A" is for Atonal, artfully adding audible auras

(cracked actor)
02/23/04 07:21 AM
Re: I'm younger than Bowie. new [re: Tristan]  

A poor excuse if ever i've heard one.

Me thinks you doth protest too much:-)

Humming Rheingold
We scavenge up our clothes.
London Bye Ta-Ta...

02/23/04 09:16 AM
Re: My last card... new [re: Strawman]  

In reply to:

Tin, takes the chief stewards position over a Dorchester Hotel trained & qualified chef

Dictators have no real interest in culinary delights. Ohramona´s already planning her first genocide...

My love is only for me
My love needs nobody else
Did you know that my love is a liquid?

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/23/04 11:45 AM
I'm younger than Bowie, too! new [re: Tristan]  

hey tristan, let's build our own damn spaceship. out combined 1974-bowieknowledge would make it much cooler than that other one...

In reply to:

Well, whether or not he was gay, those kinds of things. He wasn't though, for the record. But he cared about how he looked, apparently (according to the book) so I guess that makes him a little gay-ish, but, you know.

jesus was metrosexual like me!

In reply to:

but there are exclusionary factors such as heavy drug usage or smoking.

oh, well i guess that explains my rejection. =0)

my bowie site: in English | Deutsch | français | Português

(cracked actor)
02/23/04 02:44 PM
Re: I'm younger than Bowie, too! [re: bulletprooffaces]  

In Metrosexual,You mean it only takes place underground?.

Humming Rheingold
We scavenge up our clothes.
London Bye Ta-Ta...

(thunder ocean)
02/23/04 04:10 PM
Re: I'm younger than Bowie, too! [re: diamondogz74]  

'Metrosexual' is really the meaningless anti-word of our time that's become fashionable to drop in conversation durinmg the last year or so.

KArt | Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

(crash course raver)
02/23/04 05:32 PM
EuropeanCanon - the thinking woman's viagra! [re: ohramona]  

In reply to:

2. All men are expected to provide jizz, no exceptions. If you're shooting blanks, you're not coming with. However, no man without something else to add, will be considered.

I think it's time to throw my hat into the ring. With all due respect to my fellow male TWers, judging by this thread so far, it strikes me that there's going to be an awful lot of sexually frustrated females on board. It's quite obvious that Tristan, for example, having been starved of the female form for so long would become far too easily excitable at the merest flash of a bare ankle. Besides, our escape into space from Armageddon might be doomed to failure from the very outset by Tristan's unfeasibly large testicles weighing down our TW spaceship. With Strawman similarly aged and decrepit and JonnyManic favouring relationships with lanolin-rich farmyard animals the future looks very bleak indeed.

But what of my qualities? As we all know, the English are renowned as passionate lovers, easily putting the Italians and French to shame, and I come from the same brooding stock that produced the likes of Mr D'Arcy, albeit with a slight beer belly. I'm also fortunate in that I come from a fine gene pool that has blessed me with high cheekbones, firm thighs and a natural ease in public showers.

I've proved that I can fire live rounds by fathering two healthy, beautiful daughters and more importantly, I sacrificed a promising career as a gurner of some repute by staying at home and raising my children from infancy to school age. Also, as well as satisfying the breeder corps, my genitals offer entertainment of a very different kind. There's the housewives favourite "The White-Eared Elephant" or the intensely moving experience of "Sausage on a Plate" and "The Last Turkey in the Shop", while who can fail to be less than impressed by "Groucho Marx".*

On a journey potentially fraught with danger, it's possible that on our enforced absence from Earth we'd encounter other life forms. As a dab hand at Halo on the Xbox, I'd be ideally skilled to zap any pissed-off extra terrestrials. Should they wish to parley, however, with tact and diplomacy being the order of the day, what better way is there to break language and cultural barriers than through the universal humour of "The White-Eared Elephant" et al, thereby single-handedly preserving the breeder corps and with it the very survival of Earth itself.

*Available for bar mitzvahs, childrens parties and funerals etc. Half-price in the winter. "Standing To Attention For The National Anthem" optional.

What do I say to normal people?

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