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(stardust savant)
02/23/04 06:07 PM
Re: EuropeanCanon - the thinking woman's viagra! new [re: EuropeanCanon]  

In reply to:

With Strawman similarly aged and decrepit

You've got to be having a giraffe <(It's what my son say's for 'laugh') haven't you? I've got more lead in my *pencil than there is on the average church roof; plus i'm extremely handsome, ask sonofsilence. There'd be no frustrated females with me on the scene, matey, with emphasis on the 'females' there, 'cause I don't do the marmite-mining, not with blokes anyways.

* = French loaf.

Wolves are doing well, aren't they?

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/23/04 06:09 PM
Re: I'm younger than Bowie, too! new [re: Sysiyo]  

i think it was just the last few months or so.... until then, people just thought i was lesbian. now they think i'm metrosexual, after my repeated insistence that i dig guys. but anyway, i think we were talking about jesus. space travel is pretty meaningless too, unless you can travel faster than the speed of light. but nothing with mass can do that, according to the theory of relativity. so these bastards are just gonna get old and run out of air and food in their spaceship. fuck 'em, is what i say...

my bowie site: in English | Deutsch | français | Português

(stardust savant)
02/23/04 06:19 PM
Sour Grapes... new [re: bulletprooffaces]  

Just 'cause you haven't got a seat aboard the Cuntship Enter-Prize.

02/23/04 06:31 PM
he he he new [re: Strawman]  

while all the bickering takes place by the front of the spaceship, I make my move and sneak in via the storage hold and hide behind the luggage.

And the wrong words make you listen
In this criminal world
Remember it's true, loyalty is valuable
But our lives are valuable too

02/23/04 06:34 PM
Too bad his glamour shot is probably archived new [re: EuropeanCanon]  

I'll throw my lot in with EuropeanCanon as breeder. I've seen his picture.

'Cept this:

In reply to:

the English are renowned as passionate lovers

shows a bit of a tenuous grasp of reality, so that may be a red flag.


The average American walks less than 400 yards a day. The average American needs to get off his lazy ass and go for a walk -Mark Stevens

(stardust savant)
02/23/04 08:29 PM
10 ... new [re: RealThing]  

Welcome aboard RealThing. As well as being our 4th breeder, you'll be seamstress and laundress. You'll be in charge of making, repairing, and tending to clothes and spacesuits, including for the babies.


(stardust savant)
02/23/04 08:51 PM
Re: You've really made the grade! new [re: RealThing]  

In reply to:

Well, add to my resume that I'm a 19 year old healthy female, just fine for breeding!

Wow! How did I miss this one? Young and a drunk?! I think I'm in love. Tati might have some competition for the title of Unrequited Object Of My Scary Online Desires.

Catfight!! Yes ladies this basement, sofa bed, and milk crate furniture can be yours.

Monkeyboy for America
Dedicated to making pay and play politics work for once.

(stardust savant)
02/23/04 08:52 PM
. 9 . . . [re: Strawman]  

Who would win in a fight?

California Cuisine

British *Cuisine*

View the results for this poll

C'mon, Strawman, I offered to make you Tin's assistant if you'd supply about a dozen different genetic materials.


(stardust savant)
02/23/04 09:03 PM
spicy muck [re: ohramona]  

Even though you went out of your way to find an ugly looking plateful, the Full English Breakfast still beats those disgusting Fanjeetas hands down. If Strawman really did train at the Dorchester then he's hands down the best candidate for chef.

For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.

02/23/04 09:11 PM
Re: spicy muck [re: JonnyManic]  

JonnyManic, stop being a pansy. I know there are stars to be travelled, but nowhere in the universe will you find a place where deflavored eggs and cardboard stand a legitimate chance against totally awesome Mexican food. Even goddamn Taco Bell is better than the "finest" British restaurant. A lot of good things have come out of that island, but food is not one of them. (Unless you count potatoes, which rock only because they make burritos more awesome.)

The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.

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