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(byroad singer)
07/01/06 10:15 AM
Re: Beckham Vomit Weather new [re: Strawman]  

In reply to:

It'll be around 20 degrees with the roof on, so not too bad.

It's up to 29 degrees in Gelsenkirchen today and I doubt that the closed roof can cool the packed place down to 20 actually. You know more about that?

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

(cracked actor)
07/01/06 11:57 AM
Re: Beckham Vomit Weather new [re: EJ]  

Half time, 0-0 and neither side have impressed in any way at all. Though, in fairness to Portugal, they've kept the ball better, made more from what possession they've had and looked more dangerous on the break. Certainly more willing to commit people forward with the ball at their feet.

England, on the other hand, have looked slow, ponderous and utterly pedestrian. Two nice moves in the first ten minutes have filtered out to essentially nothing, apart from a five minute spell at the end of the half. One hopes for the introduction of Lennon for pace and dribbling and Crouch in order to draw some of the Carvalho-Meira axis away from Rooney. If not, we'll be lucky to progress through this one.


I could stay if you asked me,
So for God's sake don't ask me to stay

(byroad singer)
07/01/06 12:07 PM
Nothing Happend new [re: Arlequino]  

No clear advantages so far indeed. This looks like a match that could well be decided by one goal or will go to penalties.

Ooh, Beckham out, cool move.

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

07/01/06 12:33 PM
Re: Nothing Happend new [re: EJ]  

For me the highlight of the match so far is the St Georges flag in the crowd with Minge written on it.

I sincerely want Portugal to score & put us out of our misery - I don't think I could stand another half an hour of this shit.


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07/01/06 01:31 PM
Re: Nothing Happend new [re: Strawman]  

Penalties it is then, I'm not going to watch, can't stand it.


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London Bye Ta-Ta...

(electric tomato)
07/01/06 03:01 PM
devastated new [re: diamondogz74]  

Im absolutely gutted.

I have an awful feeling that is the best team England are ever going to put in to a final in my lifetime and they never produced in one match.
It was guts that got them to the penalty shootout and those final moments with ten men carried into extra time can not be faulted but everything prior to that was useless.

I put the whole of the blame on Sven.

The tactics were shit due to lack of strikers which everyone knew would backfire on him from the start.

What a waste of the best set of players since 1966.

Not every player could suddenly be off form at the same time, it has to be down to the coach when they dont gel.

Also i hope Ronaldo does move to Real Madrid because his life is going to be hell on every football pitch in the country.
Probably in his own dressing room as well.
Alex Ferguson might start listening to Ruud Van Nistelroy now.

(cracked actor)
07/01/06 03:22 PM
Shootout Potluck new [re: Strawman]  

Truly gutting way to end a tournament.

Admittedly, on the performances of this World Cup, England didn't deserve to go any further. Though it might be worth adding that neither did Portugal.

All said, England had good opportunities - more than the Portuguese - and simply failed to convert them. Lampard was once again culpable, but so were Lennon, Crouch and John Terry. Penalties are a horrible way to go, but on balance, Ricardo was exceptional and the English penalties were absolutely rotten.

Rooney let himself down badly, and though Ronaldo's involvement in the sending-off was unecessary in the extreme, the stamp that Rooney meted out to Carvalho's bollocks was deserving of a straight red.

Oh well - Euro 2008, anybody?


I could stay if you asked me,
So for God's sake don't ask me to stay

07/01/06 03:49 PM
Re: devastated new [re: candidate0]  

I thought Portugal had more control of the game per se, but in saying that, we played the best we could, no Beckham and no Rooney ( ruddy idiot ) I'm gutted too, really pissed off, already the flags have been taken off the cars and houses where I live.

Being half German, I now support Germany to win.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

07/02/06 02:30 AM
Re: Shootout Potluck new [re: Arlequino]  

sharpe should have let napoleon have portugal

(byroad singer)
07/02/06 04:26 AM
It Takes A Whole Nation ... new [re: Arlequino]  

We discusssed the merits of the world's great and greatest football nations recently here on TW in another thread. Basically the discussion was about if England were to be placed among the world's finest. I said no then and and was proven right again - and I am not talking about the quality (or the lack of it) in yesterday's match but rather about the whole attitude which the English have, as a team and as a football nation.

Again we have seen another English act of self-blinding, of talking about greatness without doing all for it, especially without realizing that modern football is not a lad's sport but a task which takes the highest professionalism if you want to get to the top.

It starts off with obvious short-comings in the management department. The faulty nominations have been discussed already, the lack of appropriate tactics and fitness is the next step. And don't blind yourselves with the argument that the Premier League is so physically demanding: There was quite a break inbetween the competitions and professional fitness and relaxation programms can well make up for a loss of fitness after a hard season. And David "The Vomit" Beckham is not playing in England anyway.

Attitude: Rooney's idiocy against Portugal is unforgivable. I cannot remember any team winning the World Cup by kicking, well, balls. To me this is not just a matter of losing the nerves, this is total lack of professional thinking. It's the lad thing again but it is not reduced to the players. Sentences like this "Also i hope Ronaldo does move to Real Madrid because his life is going to be hell on every football pitch in the country." from candidat0's post reflect the over-nationalised and self-hyped and self-blinding attitude of great parts of the English football fans. Realizing the own short-comings is the way to future success, not spelling hatred and putting blame on the opposition's player for an alledged infringement of an illusive ethical rule. Rooney's infringement was far worse and so is Beckham's to come to a tournament unfit like that - those are the guys who should experience "hell on every pitch" for their miserable failure, to stay in candidate0's image. But of course it is easier to blame a bloody foreigner.

More on attitude: If you want to win a WC you cannot see the trip abroad as a simple chance of having a party. That applies to the players as well as to their support. We all remember the flight binge incident before EURO 96. I am not sure the English have learned the full lesson. The players probably have to a large extent but how about their wifes? They call themselves the WAGS and go around Baden-Baden emptying every hotel bar they can get a hold of, go on exclusive shopping sprees and stagger along on their high-heels in front of every camera they can find - that is not the air of support you need when you want to win the World Cup. Some may find silly what I say but it takes a fully combined and concentrated effort, a fully professional and positive approach to that task if you want to get anywhere near the final - and that involves the whole staff, all the players and all of their surroundings - if not others will take you to your limits very easily.

edit: Read b_mardle's below posts as an affirmation of what I have said.

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

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