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06/25/06 11:30 PM
Re: Ouch new [re: Arlequino]  

England were fucking awful

Understatement of the day.
They would have been long gone if it weren't for Golden Boy Becks.

"A" is for Atonal, artfully adding audible auras

(crash course raver)
06/26/06 05:05 AM
Re: Ouch new [re: Arlequino]  

You guys are way too critical. So far in this tournament, we have had in every game a fantastic, high-tempo first half, balanced with a horrific and breathless second half. Yesterday though we played a solid 90-minutes, and except for the one break-away fróm the ecuadorian striker (which luckully ashley cole saved), they didn't really had any changes. Englands problem is though, that we don't (yet) seem to bee creative enough offencive-wise to play against teams who basically only consentrates in defending, that's why we ''struggled'' against ecuador, and trinidad, who played the 1-5-5 ( 1 goalie, 5 defenders, 5 middfielders, 0 strikers). Now that we won't be playing against easier teams anymore, the oppenents will (hopefully anyway) play less defensively - which would suite us perfectly.
Bloody shame though that portugal won. Even though holland has a way better team, we have a far better run against the dutch then against the portugese. Honestly speaking, I'm already shitting myself on the forthcoming game...

But it's still unfashionable
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(byroad singer)
06/26/06 05:09 AM
Slow Motion new [re: Arlequino]  

What still surprises me is how slow the English game is. Not a single moment when the whole team was exploding in forward movement, not a single team effort to carry the ball down the field with speed and determination, not a single display of self-confidence as a unit. There were the odd moments by indivdiual players to create something fast and quick - but never a collective idea of how a game of modern football was to be played. And it was not like they weren't given the chance by the oppostion. Not at all.

The overall brilliance factor of the football in this tournament isn't extra ordinary but there is one thing that has been proven in almost any game which included better sides: Organized pace is the key to success. The clearest example was Mexico's performance against Argentina: There is little doubt that Argentina has trillions of better players then the Mexicans and that they are masters of game control. But that was all swept aside from the starting whistle onwards by fantastically speedy Mexicans who carried the ball towards the oppisition's defense with pace and determination. And they did it as a team, a team that had an exact plan. All they were missing was a striker to finish off what they were bulding up so well. Due to their sheer class Argentina managed to dug themselves out later in the second half when they themselves adapted to a higher pace. Someone here wrote that Argentina are no longer a threat to a team like England now that they almost failed against Mexiko. Bollocks. An idealess, badly organised and most of all paceless team like the English we have seen so far would hardly get a corner kick if they were to play Argentina. In their group England played an even slower Paraguay, a total underdog from Trinidad and a Swedish team that produced tempo in the 2nd half - and England struggeld against all of them.

Australia, Germany, Ghana, Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine - neither of these teams was beforehand seen as doing necessarily well in this tournament. But considering the individual goal and prediction they have all done well in this tournament - and they have all done so by speeding up their game in a team effort. That's why they are still there or have even become contenders for more.

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

06/26/06 06:15 AM
Rooney needs more spinach new [re: candidate0]  

In reply to:

However they are both still world class and quality players dont go rubbish overnight.

One of RTE's pundits was making this point about England early in the tournament, and Liam Brady posed the question "What if the English players just aren't as good as we think? What if we're just buying the UK media hype?"

Arlequino's assessment is spot on from where I'm sitting. In terms of actual performances, this is the worst England team I've ever seen at a World Cup. The defending is inept and the attacking is lacking in invention.

On the defence, I'm not sure whether it's the case that the goalie has lost confidence in his defenders, or vice versa. Probably vice versa, given the bollocking Rio handed out to Robinson yesterday. Right now, Robinson is about the worst international keeper I've seen since the final painful days of Packie Bonner (after he'd lost his confidence).

Up front, a half fit Rooney on his own is not the answer to anything other than the question "What would Popeye look like in an England shirt?"

Ecuador were desperately disappointing too. It looked to me like they were just overawed on the day, as "little" teams often are against "bigger" teams. I suppose when most of you play in the Ecuadorean league or are Aston Villa rejects, it's hard to get it into your head that on current form you should expect to win against England. They played their part too (or rather didn't) in making this one of the most dreadful football spectacles ever witnessed as football's high table.

The positive for England is they are in the quarters, albeit without having played a half decent side yet. And they'll never have a better chance to get past a decimated Portuguese side.

Slan libh,


"I could count my friends on one hand, but I'd look like I was giving an invisible friend a hand job." - Shelle

06/26/06 06:37 AM
Just taking a leaf outta your book new [re: EJ]  

So by your reckoning England are the only team that don't deserve a 2nd Round slot, let alone a Quarter-Final place?

By playing below par football & virtue of a piss easy draw, Germany got to the last World Cup Final & were thrashed by a Brazilian side that narrowly beat England in the quarters of that competition - England's standard of play in previous World Cups & the 2002 tournament has been superior to what they're producing in this event, alas, it seems we've finally learned a lesson from teams such as Germany, France & Italy -- playing quality attacking football doesn't guarantee progress in a competition.

So more of the same from England against Portugal should do nicely, then we can raise our game accordingly against the Brazilians or the Spaniards to the eventuality of Argentina in the Final.


06/26/06 06:50 AM
So much for your Argy-Dutch Final new [re: Dara]  

In reply to:

They played their part too (or rather didn't) in making this one of the most dreadful football spectacles ever witnessed as football's high table.

Because the Portugal-Holland encounter was a real sight for sore eyes, wasn't it?

Despite the the chronic official I doubt there's a referee on the planet that could've kept up with the Dutch antics, and the Portuguese weren't much better.

At least the English don't find it necessary to throw themselves on the deck every three minutes and demand that innocent opposing players be sent off - those kind of tactics are deplorable and much worse as a spectacle/advert for football than anything England have or haven't done.


(electric tomato)
06/26/06 08:50 AM
Robbo new [re: Dara]  

I wouldnt go as far as that, one bad call to come out for a punch on Rio but what do you think was going through his mind, will it bounce over his head maybe like the awful defending on Swedens second goal a few days ago.

But again, with you being an Arsenal fan this type of comment against a Spurs player is hardly suprising.
He had one real save to make and he did just that.

I ask you to tell me one goal conceded by Robinson since he joined the England set up which was his fault. Go on try.

I guess you also blame Terrys poor back header which Ashley Cole blocked on Robbo also, but think to Lehman in the Champions League final and what happens when goalies charge out with a rush of blood.

Worst goalie ever eh........ your comments are totally Arsenal biased.

06/26/06 10:57 AM
Italy versus Australia new [re: NoGame]  


Beat those cheatin' Iti mongrel bastards.

No Kewell or Emerton though - tall order.


06/26/06 11:20 AM
Where's your pride? new [re: candidate0]  

In reply to:

Arsenal ... Spurs

I think you need to get over the fact that once again the Gunners will be playing in the CL having consigned your lot to the Inter Toto or one of those other meaningless Euro repechage type tournaments. At least you'll be able to keep current with EastEnders.

I also think you should be putting club rivalries aside and getting behind your national team. Where's your sense of patriotism? I mean, I hated Roy Keane the Man United player, but when he pulled on an Irish shirt, he had my full support.

Slan leat,


PS: Come on you socceroos!

"I could count my friends on one hand, but I'd look like I was giving an invisible friend a hand job." - Shelle

(electric tomato)
06/26/06 01:53 PM
What? new [re: Dara]  

How did you work out that Arsenal consigned Spurs to the UEFA cup, Arsenal were very fortunate to come out of the two games against Spurs with a draw.
What cost Spurs was a couple of errors at the back by individuals during the run in.
And an illness problem in the last game.

Also i am never against England. I am one of these fans who is behind them making excuses no matter what the performance is like, as i am with Tottenham.

You also say England are overated and blame hype, are you saying then that Sweden and Ecuador are so good that they made England look ordinary as they really are?
Ask yourself if Ecuador was in the Premiership what type of club level would they be, let me tell you, none.
They would be in the second division.
It is not an overated team, it is a team that just is not yet playing together correctly, possibly due to the system or Svens team talks not getting them up for the games enough, who knows.
One thing for sure is that this England team is full of world class tallent in every position from 1 to 11.

As previously pointed out i fully expect England to win the World Cup now.

Italy the latest team to look very average against Australia and lucky to get through.

Watch England grow.

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