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07/02/06 12:19 PM
Re: And you wonder why you never win a thing? new [re: EJ]  

In reply to:

And why is someone who expresses founded criticism an anglophobe?

Because on any given subject in regards to it relating to anything English, but especially football, the likes of Dara, Adam & yourself never fail to express anything other than contempt.

And even if you think your estimations are founded, how come you never jump on others short comings? Besides England there were another 31 nations at the start of this World Cup that've somehow missed the EJ critical eye - I would rightly suggest an eye in the head of a blinkered & alglophobic German.

Fucking biased, Cyclops.


(byroad singer)
07/02/06 12:24 PM
Re: And you wonder why you never win a thing? new [re: Strawman]  

Simply because there were no people here who claimed greatness and the title before the first ball was played. So who should we exchnge with? The Irish didn't qualify and I did not boast about the German team. You did and Billy did about England.

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

07/02/06 12:38 PM
Re: And you wonder why you never win a thing? new [re: EJ]  

I tell you what, Christian, I've been looking for excuses to remain at this site for well over a year now and today I've finally ran out.

So fuck you and the bulk of TW with your anglophobia and completely useless left-wing views & politics - I'm out of here.


(legendary cowboy)
07/02/06 12:45 PM
My first post in this thread. new [re: Strawman]  

Jesus, strawie. You sound like Pablo.

Censorship in America.

(byroad singer)
07/02/06 12:50 PM
I have an MA in English Studies And Love the UK new [re: Strawman]  

In reply to:

you and the bulk of TW with your anglophobia

All claims - no proof.

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

07/02/06 01:00 PM
David Beckham resigns new [re: EJ]  

Beckham quits as England captain
David Beckham announces his decision to stand down

David Beckham is standing down as England captain following the team's World Cup exit.

Beckham choked back tears as he delivered an emotional statement at a news conference at England's training headquarters near Baden-Baden in Germany.

He said he had "lived the dream'' but with a new manager taking over it was time for a new captain. He wanted to continue playing for England, however.

Speaking in a faltering voice, the 31-year-old midfielder said it had been the "greatest honour of his career'' to captain his country and offered his support to the new England manager Steve McClaren and the new captain who has yet to be announced.

Beckham revealed that he had made the decision to stand down some time ago but had hoped to announce it under different circumstances.

"I hoped to make it on the back of a successful World Cup. Sadly, that wasn't to be,'' he said.

"This decision has been the most difficult of my career to date but after discussing it with my family and those close to me I feel the time is right.''

Beckham was given a round of applause by journalists as he left the news conference without taking questions.

Departing England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson said "sorry'' nine times during his final news conference.

The Swede used the word repeatedly as he apologised for England's exit from the World Cup in Germany.

He said losing the quarter-final to Portugal was "not good enough'' and England's performance in the penalty shoot-out had been "very poor".

Eriksson added: "We have to blame ourselves because I don't think we should be going home today. But that's life and we have to accept it. It will take a long time before you make it sink down.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, for the team, for the squad and I'm sorry for all the England fans. They deserve something better.''

Eriksson refused to blame Wayne Rooney for being sent off in the game in Gelsenkirchen after apparently stamping on a Portuguese player.

"He is the golden boy of English football. Don't kill him, I beg you. you will need him,'' Eriksson said.

"He is a fantastic footballer. He has his temperament but I have no hard feelings against him at all.''

The hopes of millions of fans were shattered on Saturday as England lost to Portugal on penalties.

It meant England failed to progress to the semi-finals of the competition - instead Portugal will take on France, who beat Brazil 1-0, and Germany will play Italy.

The England players were clearly devastated by their loss, some of the team crying after Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo sealed their fate from the penalty spot with the last kick of the game.

England have been defeated on penalties several times in recent years. A distraught Rio Ferdinand said: "To lose on penalties again is sickening but the lads put a great effort in. It just wasn't to be.''

As many as 65,000 England fans descended on the Gelsenkirchen area for the game, some 30,000 of whom held tickets for the match.

They were equally distraught at the result of the game, which saw Rooney sent off with 30 minutes of normal time left on the clock for a senseless boot to the groin of Ricardo Carvalho. Beckham had to leave the pitch due to injury.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

(electric tomato)
07/02/06 01:09 PM
Idiot new [re: EJ]  

Obviously like the irish / arsenal / liam brady idiots posting here you show you know nothing about passion in football.

Maybe when im at a premiership game this next season and Ronaldo passes down the flank ill stand up and shout "well done Ronaldo, you did really well there pressuring the refferee to send Rooney off, you know one of your team mates an all.
Well done for diving at every slight touch on you.
But that Beckham, what a waster eh, but well done ronaldo."

(byroad singer)
07/02/06 01:28 PM
More Insults new [re: candidate0]  

I still believe that there were people who did more harm to England than Ronaldo. They wore white shirts with lions on them.

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

(electric tomato)
07/02/06 01:40 PM
Not insults, reality new [re: EJ]  

Im not stupid, i can see that England didnt perform to their potential but the thing is i dont need people who are anti England telling me so and defending other players like Ronaldo who are a disgrace to the game with their unsporting behaviour.
Maybe as you seem not to be English you dont see him as being at fault.

07/02/06 03:38 PM
England deserved more [re: candidate0]  

All things aside, I saw the England - Portugal game as a rehabilitation for the Holland game against the Portugese. It seems that whichever side plays the boys from Scolari, they get into faul things. I'm sure expert-snitchers like C. Ronaldo and Figo are doing a lot more to frustrate their opponent than the camera can catch. Normally I'm totally rational when it comes to football, but when I see Ronaldo I wish Dutch defender Boularouhz (in Germany he's called Der Kannibal) would have kicked him slighty harder. Foolish as Rooney was, I think England deserved a place in the semi final. They did keep things closed pretty thightly with a man down, and Crouch played an excellent game, keeping almost every ball all by himself against overwhelming Portugese defending power.

I think France is going to take the World Cup home again. They have awaken, mark my words. Did you all see Zidane yesterdag, if that isn't proof enough.

Mark my words.

I see your thing alright.

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