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07/05/06 09:53 AM
Re: All Cheat new [re: EJ]  

With both my teams out now ( England ) & ( Germany ) my best wishes now go to Italy, I do not want the stinking French to win

London Bye Ta-Ta...

07/05/06 10:46 AM
Re: All Cheat new [re: EJ]  

Okay, Christian, great impression of a disgruntled Englishman there

Seriously, last night saw the finest tie of the competition to date - the Germany-Italy encounter would've made a worthy Final - it had everything a football match requires to warrant the label of the beautiful game - both teams performances were outstanding, but it was the Italians that, incredibly, gave it that little bit extra with attack minded play, the likes of which I've never witnessed in an Iti side - whether Frings' presence on the field would've made any difference to the end result, I guess we'll never know, but I sincerely doubt it with the way the Italians set about their task last night.

It's difficult to believe that, that was the same side that struggled to draw against the USA & should've lost to the Aussies in earlier stages.

And a special mention for the referee who, unlike most of the other ref's throughout this tournament that've ruined matches through theirs & FIFA's idiocy, marshalled the tie both liberally & sensibly which naturally allows the game of football to be played the way its meant to be.

(two inch thoughts)
07/05/06 11:15 AM
BBC Breaking News- AMAZING!!!!! new [re: Strawman]  

I just got this email!! > read on >>>>

It's alleged that one of the Portuguese football players failed a drugs and alcohol test after the match. If this is confirmed as positive, under World Football Federation rules, paragraph 6 sub section 2e, Portugal will forfeit the quarter final match and England will play France in the Semi Final on Wednesday.

Read below for the full transcript of this report.........

Carlsberg do not send emails, but if they did they would probably be the best emails in the world

my site

07/05/06 11:20 AM
Re: BBC Breaking News- AMAZING!!!!! new [re: sonofsilence]  


(cricket menace)
07/05/06 12:20 PM
Re: diaspora new [re: Strawman]  

In reply to:

What amazes me is the fact that is deemed okay by the rest of the world for a country the size of Australia to be overly strict on immigration

I thought we got our share of criticism. Nevertheless, I know Australia's net immigration has been rising for the last 10 years (I believe it's the second highest in the world after Canada) and the humanitarian program is the second largest in the world after the USA. Also, 19% of all refugees assisted by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees go to Australia.



(byroad singer)
07/05/06 01:43 PM
Allright new [re: Strawman]  

Yeah, it was a great game indeed and in the end it had the correct winner.

Italy's substitutions were good and effectfull while Klinsmann this time proved Arlequino and his doubts right. Taking Borowski off and bringing Schweinsteiger on lead to a major loss of presence in midfield and subsequently in less good forward movement. Also it was Schweinsteiger who lost the ball and seconds later failed to mark Grosso to prevent him from scoring the crucial goal. Schneider should have been the one to go off as his contributions to the game grew smaller and smaller in that phase. Furthermore Schneider never scores: In about 75 matches for Germany he scored exactly one goal - goal number eight when Germany beat Saudi-Arabia 8:0 in WC 2002. It was also Schneider who wasted Germany's best chance when he was released by Klose inside the box but kicked the ball over the bar.

In the dying minutes Italy were sharp and Germany should have settled for penalties but instead a moment of disorganization lead to the Italian goal. Goal number two didn't matter much.

In the end I can well live with losing in a semi-final in a style like that, Germany went further than expected and showed some great sport. Furthermore we have a prospect for a bright future, for the first time in years. Lats night's team finished with four players who would have played in the U21 EURO in May if Klinsmann hadn't called upon them for the A-Team: Mertesacker, Odonkor, Schweinsteiger and Podolski. Mertesacker still plays for mediocre Hannover but is supposed to join Werder Bremen where he will further improve under Champions League pressure. Same with Podolski who leaves relegated Cologne and joins Bayern Munich. And it remains to be seen how long Odonkor will saty in Dortmund or moves on to something stronger. Schweinsteiger is not a regular in Bayern Munich's starting 11, but if he progresses he may well be in the future and will then get more professional in his play.

All in all it's been a tremendous WC for Germany.

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

(cracked actor)
07/05/06 02:11 PM
Re: Allright new [re: EJ]  

A match of that calibre hardly needs any analysis. Both teams created a World Cup semi-final worthy of the name, and each team deserves any praise they should receive. And a good deal more besides.

Minor criticisms - for that's all they can be - of the way Klinsmann and Germany handled that match might be as follows: In dropping Schweinsteiger for Borowski and Kehl, Klinsmann managed the almost unique and utterly unenviable feat of weakening both the team on the pitch, and his options from the bench. Borowski's a massive talent, but he was utterly wasted on the left of midfield. With his tendency to drift inside, he left the German midfield distinctly lopsided, and restricted managed to both restrict the forward movement of Lahm while simultaneously encouraging Camoranesi to bomb forward without entertaining the idea of supporting his full back. Of course, that is rather helped when you're backed up with a player of the quality of Zambrotta. When Ballack began to tire in the centre of the field, having had to play a far more expansive game with Kehl in for Frings, Klinsmann couldn't introduce Borowski in order to take some of the burden from Ballack. Rather, he was forced to throw on Schweinsteiger who, if anything, requires Ballack to do an even greater task in the centre. On the flipside of this, it's not surprising that Lahm was able to track forward rather more effectively with a genuine winger down the left.

Perhaps the only other area in which Germany could be criticised would be the, until now, faultless Klose. Having put so much effort into link-play and creativity - note the Schneider chance in the first half - Klose was expending a great deal more energy than his usual game requires. Thus, by the time he was taken off, he had been looking utterly knackered for the best part of a quarter of an hour. Super player, undoubtedly, but surely better employed as the man who sits, waits and pounces. Seeing Klose drop deep suggests a player undertaking activities he's deeply uncomfortable with.

That said, it was one hell of a match, characterised by outstanding fair play between the sides, a collossal performance from Fabio Cannavaro, and two truly wonderful goals. Del Piero's stunning denouement to the match surely being the textbook team counter attack.

Should either tonight's semi-final, or Sunday's final live up to last night's match, then this World Cup will be able to boast a truly stunning closing week.


I could stay if you asked me,
So for God's sake don't ask me to stay

Froggy Starlust
(stardust savant)
07/05/06 02:35 PM
Re: Allright new [re: Arlequino]  

Any thoughts on tonight's game? I personaly think we have enough black players to beat Portugal.

(gone to the kitchen to grab a Leffe...)

Well, that's essentially how I feel about life - full of loneliness, and misery, and suffering, and unhappiness - and it's all over much too quickly.

07/05/06 03:01 PM
Re: BBC Breaking News- AMAZING!!!!! new [re: sonofsilence]  

Damn, that really got me thinking it was for real, very funny

PS/ I am not gullible, just desperate, besides I am convinced the whole of the world cup is a politics run fiddle.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

07/05/06 03:06 PM
Lookalike new [re: Froggy Starlust]  

Does anybody else think that French player Frank Ribery looks like England's Gary Neville after going through a car window screen?


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