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(electric tomato)
02/24/02 10:21 PM
Re: You can take WildWind out of Texas, but... new [re: WildWind]  

In reply to:

Actually, most rednecks think Garth Brooks is a puss.

Yeah, sorry WW (I knew you’d get on my case when I mentioned ---swoon--- Garthy baby).

I know Garth Brooks isn’t really redneck material, he was just the only country singer I could think of off the top of my (not wearing a huge hat) head apart from my good friend (OK, I met him last Monday night for about 5 minutes) Kinky Friedman who, being a liberal Texas Jewboy would probably go down like a lead balloon with the rednecks.

Well, a redneck nerd in a bowling shirt was a-guzzlin’ Lone Star beer
Talking religion and-uh politics for all the world to hear.
“They oughta send you back to Russia, boy, or New York City one
You just want to doodle a Christian girl and you killed God’s only son.”

(stardust savant)
02/24/02 10:26 PM
Precision, dear new [re: twister]  

In reply to:

feminist jokes about how shit men are

Sorry to cause trouble again, dear twister, but I take serious issue with your referring to man-hating jokes as "feminist."

Feminists, the ones with a brain anyway, are not about putting men down and creating more stereotypes. Their goal is to create equality, not further division.

The equation of ball-busting man-haters with feminism is one of the reasons that it continues to be difficult for feminists with a clue to actually make a difference.


You may not like the things we do
Only idiots ignore the truth.
It's easy to lie down and hide
Where's the warrior without his pride?

(stardust savant)
02/24/02 10:34 PM
Ack! Give me a shred of credit! new [re: 96dbFreak]  

In reply to:

I knew you’d get on my case when I mentioned ---swoon--- Garthy baby

GACK! I certainly don't think the man is attractive. I just think that "Standing Outside The Fire" and "Ain't Going Down 'Till The Sun Comes Up" and "Rodeo," for example, are some of his many very enjoyable songs.


You may not like the things we do
Only idiots ignore the truth.
It's easy to lie down and hide
Where's the warrior without his pride?

(grinning soul)
02/25/02 02:45 AM
i'll be a rockin-rollin bitch for you! new [re: WildWind]  

Do people read posts this far back? I guess I do. i just read this whole thing.
In reply to the question about people's views of transgender/ transsexual issues, I for one am very accepting. And boys who wear eyeliner are cute!
The bottom line is you will find more LBGT people who are fans of Bowie because a lot of straight people aren't comfortable with his image (or past image.) But by no means are Bowie fans gay as a rule. I'm straight, though i don't really like that word now that i think about it. If I'm straight, does that mean gay people are wiggly?
It's dumb to label people either way.

Sebastian Manero
02/25/02 03:39 AM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: beckie]  

I don´t think that all the bowie fans are gay. Some they are, and some not. and by the way, Remember: Bowie is not gay, he said that to keep ppl talking about, and to try to change the world a bit, not to create gays or president Bush, or whatever. Definetly is not gay music, and if it was, great. I don´t care if Crist-mas is gay or jehova or Bush. Bowie is art, to open the mind. that´s all

(electric tomato)
02/25/02 09:42 AM
Re: Emineminemineminem new [re: th0mas]  

Because the man's brain has never been used.

You're a hypocrite/You got my body dancin' tangos/In three four time/

02/25/02 11:12 AM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: -ANON-]  

I love David Bowie and I'm a huge Bowie fan, plus I'm straight. I too have met many people who say Bowie is a faggot, and so is anyone who listens to him. But those people are ignorant fools and don't know what the hell they are talking about. And really, why does it matter whether his fans are gay, straight, bisexual, male, female and so on and so forth?

The Heirophant
02/26/02 00:53 AM
Re: The Unreal Slim Shady new [re: 96dbFreak]  

In reply to:

Eminem is on the crap side of average (let’s face it, he rode to stardom on Dido’s back)

Clearly the inverse is true. Simply look at who was 'famous' or 'a star' first. Eminem had sold millions of albums before the song sampling Dido was even released. While he undoubtedly used her voice in that track to his benefit, I would argue that she benefitted from the partnership more than he. Without Eminem, her album that was released some 2 years ago would still be languishing in the bottom shelf of very few cd stores.

In reply to:

but seen as the word 'nigger' is (by Eminem's own decision) removed from the song

I would like to point out to the many mental infants on TW that this phrase is incorrect. The word in bold should be seeing, as in 'seeing as twister does not have an adequate grasp of grammar, he should stick to the basics lest he confuse himself'.

(grinning soul)
02/26/02 04:18 AM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: -ANON-]  

So far, i`ve never known a gay who is a Bowie fan. Just because Bowie has himself tried both sides doesn`t mean we fans do. I just hate this kind of questions. I believe the next question would be: "How can you listen to a fag?" I just hope that someday people realise that music and peoples sexual tendencies aren`t necessrily connected! The fact that people might think i`m gay doesn`t really bug me. What bugs me is when people say there`s something wrong being one. Didn`t Bowie once say: " I`ve been in gay clubs, they play Barry White, not Rebel Rebel". Ofcourse the question came from someone who`s gay, so maybe I shouldn`t be mad. Now I`m really confused.

(cracked actor)
02/26/02 09:27 AM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: RabbitFighter]  

Gosh...I can't believe someone went and revived this thread!

I didn't read all the new stuff. It must be too depressing, or maybe just really really weird because Twister seems to have contributed. A lot.

Actually I'm just here to change my old statement and say that I'm gay.

You're sleepy now.

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