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(wild eyed peoploid)
11/09/00 01:29 PM
Beckie the flat-out queer new [re: beckie]  

Beckie, I hope you don't take this as an insult coming from a heterosexual male, but you are a very attractive flat out queer!

I'm very happy for you that you know exactly who you are and are so comfortable with it.

E-mail me at JohnB67@hotmail.com

(wild eyed peoploid)
11/09/00 01:40 PM
Re: Beckie the flat-out queer new [re: JohnB67]  

I love being as gay as christmas!
Unfortunatly I'm not though. But then I'm a girl, so I get to fancy Bowie anyway. I would probably fancy him whatever sex I was. But then he marketed himself like that.
(sorry, feeling cynical today)

Official Affiliate of the Rose_Stardust fanclub

(wild eyed peoploid)
11/09/00 02:15 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: from the room]  

Naturally, most Bowie fans I feel are either gay or a litle more accepting of the gay community.

The problem is most non-Bowie fans fans only remember the "Hi, i'm both ways, love to wear make-up and dress like a girl."

That's the big problem with non-fans, they don't even know he still releases records in some cases. Still, who cares if someone is gay or not. I do know that he had a huge impact on my sexuallity when I was a very young lad, so if it wasn't for him ? Well, I hate to wonder how I would have turned out.

Also, for alot of males, it's hard to say to their mates they like Bowie, 'cause in this world, if they say such a thing, their mates might think them a "poof". Sad isn't it?

Well, one can be assured he has most likely had more woman in his bed than most guys have had wanks. ;-)

Keep on swinging

(grinning soul)
11/09/00 03:09 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: from the room]  

if beckie is gay as christmas, Im straight as um Holloween...or something :-)

Andy Dzibela

(grinning soul)
11/09/00 03:24 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: Lantic_Crew]  

me gay.
and i know the guy who said once 'i'm not gay but bowie is much more beautiful than all the girls'. haha

/it smells dust during the days and i'm scared. now it smells oil and i'm not scared at all./

(wild eyed peoploid)
11/09/00 03:26 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: shambuei]  

im bisexual and i wasn't before i heard of bowie so i guess most are! lol!!!!

Hunky Dory 78
11/09/00 03:58 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: from the room]  

Obviously... We are all gay !!
Just in case you've got nothing to do... I'm looking for a good looking boy from 20 to 30 who loves Bowie like I do... I forget to tell you 2 other conditions... He must have a big dick and live in France as I do... I believe in Miracle..!!

11/09/00 04:25 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: Hunky Dory 78]  

I'm not gay...I have a boyfriend and I am very happy with him. However, I am more accepting of the gay community now because of Bowie.

Look out, I'm raving mad and Somewhat slightly dazed

(wild eyed peoploid)
11/09/00 04:40 PM
I'm here! I'm Queer! new [re: Ziggi]  

Yep! Well...acually...not exactly. I'm not gay. I'm bi...almost the same thing though! ^_^; And I wasn't OPENLY bi before I got into his music...but I'm pretty sure that it/he wasn't what got me to admit that I was...I just did. Heehee...

BTW- I've heard of 'CAMP as Christmas' but not 'gay as Christmas', but I'm pretty sure it's the same idea anyway! Oh, and CAMP GUYS ROCK! All hail the camp guys! ^_^

Anyone heard of Queer As Folk? I love that show! *huggles Alexander from the show* I want to marry that boy someday!

Bridget's friend: "There may be 2 problems with that, hon?"

Me: "And what might that be?"

Bridget's Friend: "For one thing he doesn't exist...And for another, if he did he would be gay!"

Me: "When has that ever stopped me before?!"

Okie...I be done... *takes a bow*


"If something's missing it exploded...Or I ate it..."

Edited by glitter0330 on 11/9/00 04:47 PM.

(wild eyed peoploid)
11/09/00 04:56 PM
Oh come on! new [re: glitter0330]  

We're not all gay here obviously! There are many, many, straight fans of Bowie out there, and we don't want to scare any away by telling them they're gay! geez :P lol
But I must admit, Bowie does appeal to gays and bisexuals. And most of those obsessed w/ Bowie are probably at least a little bi... I'm not sure if it's Bowie's influence, or if he just brings out the bisexual that lurks in every person....

"Every time you say something against God, an angel in heaven dies." COOL!!

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