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(leasing the moon)
05/15/04 09:49 PM
Re: On a Major Label new [re: ohramona]  

In reply to:


Now that's more like it!

Nobody buys matching purple suits unless they are in love.

(crash course raver)
05/16/04 10:10 AM
Re: On a Major Label new [re: SugarPlumFairy]  

I'm gay but I wouldn't mind having it off with a girl again one of these days. It's been 7 years!!!


(electric tomato)
05/16/04 10:32 AM
Re: On a Major Label new [re: mudley]  

so you're bi then?

..3 ..2 ..1

05/16/04 01:43 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: -ANON-]  

Well, i doubt there are many homophobic bowie fans.

If you think we're gonna make it...

(grinning soul)
05/24/04 11:50 AM
Re: On a Major Label new [re: mudley]  

Well, you know we're all going to be lining up now, mudley.

I hate signatures : )

05/25/04 06:35 PM
Re: On a Major Label new [re: Silky_Sally]  

I am bi, but my dad died before I could tell him and the fact that he was a big Bowie fan during the 70s makes me think he probably would've been ok about it. He also liked Little Richard, so I'm sure he must've had an open-mind at least?

(stardust savant)
05/26/04 09:48 AM
Re: Trisome Bisome new [re: ohramona]  

In reply to:


I guess the last one might apply to me. I prefer the term heteropreferential, though, as I wouldn't mind trying it out with a man - except that I intend to stay faithful to my loved one for the foreseeable truth, of course - but still vastly prefer women. (Bluntly put, they have tits.)

-Midget! Crapper!

(electric tomato)
05/26/04 12:58 PM
Re: Trisome Bisome new [re: Emil]  

I'm bi for sure. Alot of people tell me that I'm too young to know for sure, but I mean, I've been this way all my life...I see nothing wrong with same sex relationships and never have. It's just the way I am. I'll go for a guy or I'll go for a girl, but with a guy, I'm more likely to go for another bi because it's just way more fun. You can guy/girl watch together...it's just great. It makes me love my life. If I refused to admit to myself that I'm bi, I think I'd probably be a miserable person. I see it as a great thing...it's like universal love but...not...oh well. I think it's part of what makes Bowie so great also. He's been there, done that, but he know that feeling so I would say that experimentation he did has made him an overall happier person. When you get into that, you feel like you know yourself better. It's a good way to get in touch with things that you may be trying to hide from yourself. Most Bowie fans are open minded enough to do that...it must be something in the music.

BEEF! It's what's for dinner!
This summer the Transylvanians take Manhattan

(leasing the moon)
05/26/04 04:01 PM
Mmm, tentacles. [re: ohramona]  

Robyn Hitchcock: Victorian Squid
From "You & Oblivion" (1995)

Victorian squid is a delight
For all the family because
It's greasy and hot
When you've had lots
Then you'll want more

There's old H.G. Wells
Lying in bed
With his new housekeeper with
Hot squid by their side
Glowing with pride
Flushed with exhaustion

Victorian lungs
Victorian skin
Victorian tongues
Victorian sin
Victorian parks
Victorian moans
Victorians darkness

Victorian squid down on the beach
Is an embarrassment to
Respectable girls
Walking with pearls
And their fiances

"Oh, Edward my love
Is that a squid?"
"Yes, I fear so, my pet
But, pray, leave it alone
Let us go home
And take some cocoa"

Victorian arms
Victorian legs
Victorian charms
Victorian eggs
Victorian boys
Victorian girls
Victorian darkness

Every night our
Voices meet in
Clicking feet on
Hollow streets the
Fanlight falls a-
Cross the city
Onto me and
Mistress Kitty
Pray that someone
Breaches her be-
Tween the walnut
And the fur to
Where she keeps her
Real secret
She's a Victorian squid

...it just had to be done.

Nobody buys matching purple suits unless they are in love.

(stardust savant)
06/29/04 04:03 PM
More labeling [re: SugarPlumFairy]  

This is not the first time I've attempted to bait you with Robyn Hitchcock lyrics, SPF!

So, I went to the Atlanta Gay Pride parade the other day. One of the funnest things going on there was one of the groups marching handed out these pages of stickers with 'labels' on them for people to wear. The point, of course was not that we need these labels, but that they are kinda funny! Lets see how many of them I can remember:

Gender Bender
Leather Daddy
Circuit Boy
Butch (I stuck that one on a passing cop! )
Mariposa (Nobody I asked could tell me what that's suppose to mean.)
Gold Card (?)
Thom Boy
Drag King
Drag Queen

I can't remember anymore of them right now. It was also fun to go up to a guy and offer him a sticker such as Leather Daddy or Bear and they'd be all like "No way! Not me! That's not me! I'm not one of those!" But most people selected several to wear, indicating that there isn't a single word to describe an individual's inclinations.

i'm no sufi but i'll give it a whirl

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