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(wild eyed peoploid)
11/09/00 05:56 PM
I don't think this had much to do with fan level.. new [re: Sylvanelf]  

I've found that Bowie fans are more open minded in general. I myself am bisexual....I think. I suppose bicurious is a more appropriate term. I suppose my sexuality is as of yet undefined.....I pin it down as bi.

Bowie had nothing to do with this. I suppose listening to his music, and knowing more about him helped me become more comfortable with it. I mean look at this guy! He's done really out there, flamboyant stuff and he doesn't show much regret. I admire his confidence. His music and art has helped in the area, but they certainly are two completely different issues.

Meggy Lizzy

Draw a line in the sand and then make a stand!

(wild eyed peoploid)
11/09/00 06:14 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: from the room]  

closet heterosexual

please vote in the 2000 snapshot poll. it's fallen a ways down the messageboard and more votes would be appreciated

(mortal with potential)
11/09/00 06:26 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: from the room]  

I'm gay as a tangerine. Of course I have no way of knowing if I would be a Bowie fan if I was straight or not. I also manage a record store, and the sad truth is I sell a lot more Eminem to homosexuals than Bowie. Go figure. Maybe Evan should add a "gay" icon to the message boards. ;)

11/09/00 06:33 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: from the room]  

LOL that's so funny ummm let me think well i have about 2 cds i don't have and a book lot's of movies a shirt a door size poster and much more i can go on and on +i don't think any bowie fans have to been gay i think you are iam taking about the 1 person you said whatever yeah and straight as can be anyways you spell foggot wrong it's faggot or faygen!
"have a nice day gaygen" "cool cookies too you"if you not gay but you made fun of me first
lucky duck says bye

(electric tomato)
11/09/00 06:43 PM
It makes the pool much smaller new [re: from the room]  

I'm female, heterosexual and single. I would just LOVE to find meself a straight male Bowie fan. However, I find that there are few. I have some male friends that like Bowie, but they're all gay.

I think there are many more straight male Bowie fans in Europe than in the US though, but that may just be because Bowie's more popular in general there.

I don't see how anyone can be intolerant of homosexuals and still be a Bowie fan. So much of his history was about blurring the gender line, and although I don't think that should be the primary focus of his life, it's an undeniable part of his history that you'd have to completely eschew if you're a homophobe.

You'll also notice that there is much more Gore and Nader support on this board than Bush support. I think it's kinda hard to be a Bowie fan if you're generally conservative.


Have you signed up?


11/09/00 06:47 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: Anonymous]  

Wow. So many gays. Weird. No offence or anything like, but you would figure with gays being in the minority in general, you would think within any smaller section of society (i.e. Bowie fans) the minorities would stay consistent.

Well, that's what I would have expected anyways. Or maybe the gays just felt more compelled to answer this thread than the straight guys.

Oh, and I'm just a straight sixteen year old.
[To be sang to the tune "I'm just a sweet transvestite..."]

"I'm just a little bit afraid of you
Cause love won't make you cry"

(wild eyed peoploid)
11/09/00 07:06 PM
Oh, by the way... new [re: cosmic_hippy]  

I thought the phrase "gay as christmas" was brilliant. :)
good call, beckie...

Meggy Lizzy

Draw a line in the sand and then make a stand!

11/09/00 07:45 PM
Re: Oh, by the way... new [re: cosmic_hippy]  

Well, I'm going to use this forum to come out. Yes I am gray. I've lost alot off the top, but the rest is gray. Maybe I should think orange?

(mortal with potential)
11/09/00 07:52 PM
Yes new [re: from the room]  

Bowie fans are ass-raping homosexual beasts. They make Me want to vomit. But that tends to be the only undesirable "aspect" around here. Well, except for the women, telemarketers, French, and occasional Jew.
I'm really having second thoughts about recalling the Horsemen last year. They're still on My speed dial though so you best be on good behavior.
Stop looking at Me like that, homo!

I rock.

(absolute beginner)
11/09/00 08:33 PM
Homo-phobic ego-maniac allert! new [re: JesusHChrist]  

I happen to love Bowie, and I am NOT a lesbian, thank you very much, nor do I have anything against those who are. People who believe that a certain type of music, or a certain type of performer defines what a person is are complete hypocrites! I know some people who are gay and are Bowie fans, but I know PLENTY who are straight, like myself. It's degrading to make gross generalizations about the human population based on your own, and from your post very limited and clouded, point of view. Racial/gender/religions slander only makes a person look less inteligent, and more biased. People can be biased if they like in private, but those oppinions are best kept to themselves and not expressed in public. They can backfire and leave a nasty burn, even over the net.

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