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(wild eyed peoploid)
02/24/02 04:01 PM
Re: Emineminemineminem new [re: twister]  

well, feminist jokes are jokes of a minority about a majority. the other way around it would still be funny, but nothing which should be broadcasted. or published to a larger audience (engine driver meets engine driver. "man, something strange happened to me. just minutes before i could put my locomotive back into the sheet a naked woman jumped across the rails!" - "what did you do?" - "well, of course i braked as quick as possible.and then i jumped out and had her everyway i could think of." - "and was she also giving head?" - "nah, i couldn't find the head." )

however - of course i meant "wouldn't" - though after reading your post i would agree that he is not that bed in building up his image. i still think his music is crap and he has nothing really important to tell and is not better than the spice girls or any other instant pop star but at least you convinved me that he isnt as dumb as i thought.


(mortal with potential)
02/24/02 04:34 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: -ANON-]  

I happen to be a fan of Eminem as well as a Bowie fanatic. I'm also a fan of Britney Spears and AC/DC. I don't listen to Bowie music because he, at times, questioned his sexuality. I don't listen to Eminem because he never has. I really don't care much about who is behind the album I happening to be listening to, I only care about the music. I am not trying to make a point or create an image by what I like to dance to, drive to, chill to. I listen to what makes me happy; what makes me feel good. I hate this overly political crap! I embrace all people no matter the color of their skin, the language they speak, or what makes them cream their damn jeans!! I do realize that some bands/artists try to represent things or issues. I'm not blind. I hear Em say faggot, just as I hear Dre say nigger, or any other artist add any other derogatory term to their music. There is a difference in the intent. If we are going to spout out about all the horrible stuff in music, look not to popular music as an easy target. This stuff is marketed. It's not just Marshall Mathers in there. It's all kinds of record company personnel and you can't say they're all anti-gay. This stuff made it through to MTV. So just shut up and turn your attention to more disturbing things. There are many. For example, what about the nazi punk music? Yeah. I've seen things and they aren't nearly as pretty as Em's blond whiney ass. Wake up all of you and waste your time on something that deserves the anger you seem to hold for prejudice. Or maybe you could all just get off of your computers and go out there and make a difference.
To answer the question in the original post. No, all Bowie fans are not gay. Not all Dr. Dre's fans are black, now are they?
-baby grace

02/24/02 04:53 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: twister]  

Hi! First, I'd like to say I'm not gay! I really love men- because I'm a woman! And I am a real Bowie fan. And, by the way, Bowie has said himself often enough that he's never really been gay- and not even bisexual. By what I know about him, he's always been a real ladie's man- I can name quite many of his female lovers, but I have not heard or read about too many concrete male lovers.

(electric tomato)
02/24/02 05:09 PM
Re: Emineminemineminem new [re: th0mas]  

We are the 51% minority!


You're a hypocrite/You got my body dancin' tangos/In three four time/

02/24/02 05:24 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: -ANON-]  

Bowie didn't turn me bisexual, he just gave me the courage to admit it to myself and friends. Hell, I just came out yesterday, so don't be surprised if I change again real soon.

If I weren't so ugly, would you find me attractive

02/24/02 05:31 PM
Re: If only real women had one of those... new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

In reply to:

Yeah, and where were you planning on finding one of those?

A science fiction novel?

That was more hilarious than you know, Adrian.

The spider-man is eating me for dinner tonight!

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/24/02 05:46 PM
Re: Emineminemineminem new [re: Coan_teen]  

hehe, then what about this one:
why is a woman's brain half as expensive as a man's brain?

coz it is used.


(electric tomato)
02/24/02 07:45 PM
The Unreal Slim Shady new [re: th0mas]  

Far be it from me (I don’t believe I’m actually doing this) to agree with twister, but even though I think Eminem is on the crap side of average (let’s face it, he rode to stardom on Dido’s back), he’s not really as bad (PC-wise) as the tabloid media like to sensationalise him into appearing.

While the old free-speech argument comes into play, there is, more relevantly, a strongly ironic aspect to his work that goes way over the head of the overtly politically correct (who have even less of a sense of humour than twister). The tabloids are also incapable of comprehending irony, not because they are PC, but because sensationalism sells papers. Couple that with back-bench politicians who see self-promotion mileage in expressing outrage at something that Mr and Mrs Joe Public will feel outraged about and you have disinformation flying in every possible direction.

What Eminem is doing is expressing the way that real people (OK, American working class white trash – close) think. He doesn’t necessarily agree with the opinions that he expresses (I’m sure IceT doesn’t really want to kill police officers either), nor is he recounting actual incidents (oedipal activities, wife murder, etc). His use of the word “nigger” has to be seen in context. His “possee” (I forget what they’re called) are mostly African-American. Do you think those guys would work with him if they though he was a racist? His music is rap. That is an urban African-American art form. Do you think he’d sell records, at the volumes that he is doing, to an audience of redneck Garth Brooks lovers? He’s come along twenty years after Johnny Rotten told Bill Grundy to fuck off on live TV. Do you think he doesn’t realise the value of shock tactics?

Most of his audience have the intellectual capacity to appreciate both his irony and his (I admit) ability to express, lyrically, concepts and scenarios which are not generally present in popular music. Most of his audience are not fooled by reactionary nonsense, fortunately. Why do you think Elton John (who’s as camp as a row of tents) did Stan’s Song (or whatever it’s called) at the Grammys with him last year? Because Elton is smart enough to know (from personal, bitter, experience) that what some journo twat prints in tomorrows chip paper isn’t worth shit.

As surely as our love is bright
Let's not think about the passing time

(stardust savant)
02/24/02 10:03 PM
You can take WildWind out of Texas, but... new [re: 96dbFreak]  

...you can't take Texas out of WildWind.

In reply to:

redneck Garth Brooks lovers

Actually, most rednecks think Garth Brooks is a puss. Most of his audience consists of pop-country fans or middle-aged, upper-middle class women who have cowboy fantasies but are threatened by anyone too rugged.

The rednecks listen to Robert Earl Keen, George Strait, George Jones, Hanks Sr. and Jr. (but not III - he's too progressive for them), Alan Jackson, and that sort of thing.

I like all of the above.


You may not like the things we do
Only idiots ignore the truth.
It's easy to lie down and hide
Where's the warrior without his pride?

(crash course raver)
02/24/02 10:19 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: cracked]  

wow, just reread most of this thread, I can't believe it started so long ago, and I can't believe I phrased stuff the way I did but, I'm still very gay and still love Bowie. :D

Oh cheeky cheeky
Oh naughty sneaky

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