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Soul Man
11/10/00 03:27 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: beckie]  

"If you´re straight who cares, just get it on now"
-the Facer

Juicy JUs
11/10/00 05:14 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: from the room]  

NO!I have a partner of the opposite sex and two children,I know a lot of people who are into Bowie here in Blackpool Lancashire and their not GAY anyway what does it matter if they are!I LOVE BOWIE AND PROUD TO BE A BOWIE FAN!!!!!!

(mortal with potential)
11/10/00 05:42 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: Roxy641]  

"I'm Try-sexual.. ill try anything"

-My proverbial two hundredths of a dollar

11/10/00 09:18 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: from the room]  

Bowie's music is not "gay". It doesn't suggest changing your sexual preference from "straight" to "gay", rather it suggests breaking your "gender role" - dictated by the society in which you live. Basically, society tells you how to act if you want to be considered a "man" or a "lady". If you are a boy you have to do things that are considered "masculine", and if you're a girl "feminine".

Bowie was rebelling against conforming to a gender role. Others rebel about other things. Rappers rebel against police for telling them what to do, or how to live, or what drugs they use in their own homes. Bowie experimented with his gender all the time, while the rest of us need an excuse, like Halloween or Carnivale to dress up and act as a member of the opposite sex (with an opposite gender role).

To begin to answer the question of whether Bowie fans are gay, we should think about why Bowie=gay. There are gay men who shock us when they tell us they are gay. That is because their sexuality is homosexual, but they still conform to their gender role of acting like a "man". However, the most visible gay men are the ones that play with their gender as well, and act "feminine". From this stereotype we reason that feminine=gay. And because Bowie wore makeup, and society tells us that only women wear makeup, we reason that Bowie=feminine. We then derive that if Bowie=feminine and feminine=gay, then Bowie=gay. It's a TRANSITIVE relationship (go look it up at Dictionary.com). All of this reasoning, however, is incorrect. In fact it is completely ignorant.

If you are still confused, what I'm saying is that being gay has nothing to do with "acting feminine". So Bowie's "acting feminine" has nothing to do with his sexual preference. Furthermore, my listening to David Bowie does not make me anything that he is, anyway.

I'm bad at sports and I throw like a girl. But I'm sure about my sexuality -- I'm heterosexual.

(wild eyed peoploid)
11/10/00 10:38 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: Barbarino]  

"I'm bad at sports and I throw like a girl. But I'm sure about my sexuality -- I'm heterosexual."

Barbarino (that brings Welcome Back Kotter to my mind...) I'm bad at sports and I throw like a girl too. I AM a girl and I am a lesbian. You see, and you probably know, that the way someone acts and what they like usually means squat when it comes to their sexuality. Everyone thinks I'm straight until they know otherwise. I don't show up on peoples' gaydar very well, unfortunately.

And the reaction I usually get when I tell someone I like Bowie, they seem to just take it as another part of my hyper-liberal personality. That is, until they see the slew of actual albums in my CD case... BTW, Bowie has nothing to do with the fact I'm gay, and vice versa. I was born that way. I remember slow dancing with a very close "girlfriend" back in fourth grade or so. It's always been a "built-in" thing for me.

"Charles, your mother wears VERY expensive combat boots!"

(wild eyed peoploid)
11/11/00 03:38 AM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: beckie]  

Hi all,

I have a bisexual webpage at;

"Life changes everything, but you have to change yourself".

STEVE'S MUSIC PAGEhttp://members.tripod.co.uk/Geeson641/index.html

(grinning soul)
11/11/00 04:35 AM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: Roxy641]  

Hi I'm bisexual, but I guess you already know this...
I'm glad that Bowie fans are more accepting. I guess this might be the only place you can discuss these things on the net... The things I could tell you...


(I posted this earlier but it didn't come through I guess)

Try to get it on like once before. When people stared in Jagger's eyes and scored.

(grinning soul)
11/11/00 04:51 AM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: JerryisAngie]  

Eep! You're totally right. How embarassing! McCartney it is, then.

11/11/00 02:59 PM
Re: are bowie fans gay? new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

In actual fact, this thread shows there are a lot more gay and bisexual Bowie fans per head than the general population. I think.

This thread bores me to death.

And it shows nothing. Well... not much. It's like a sign that says 'honk it you think Zimbabwe won't beat the West Indes'. 100% of the people that honk agree. But you are forgetting the masses that just ignore it because it's totally pointless, or honk a few times because they agree 'doubly as much as anyone else!' etc.

It's not what you could call a proper sample statistic.

blig blog blam
-->The Club<--

(mortal with potential)
11/12/00 10:03 PM
What, you calling Me chicken?! new [re: kirk]  

Homophobe?! Who the hell are you calling a homophobe? I'm not afraid of you Ass-Lickers, I just hate you. And Jews.
Oh yeah, I aint too keen on the Harbor-Bombers either.
And I definately don't like the Nigs.

Not really a big fan of them Eskimos now that I think about it. Or women.
That's it for now.

I rock.

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