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(byroad singer)
11/20/05 10:21 AM
Fette Henne new [re: carsten]  

Live in Leverkusen - if that isn't Rock 'n' Roll what is?

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

(electric tomato)
11/20/05 03:39 PM
Re: Best Music of 2005 new [re: Arlequino]  

The Gorillaz have made me a fan with their new one. I love the song DARE very much. That melody and sound sticks to my head long after it has been played. I think that is Miho Hitori doing the girl'svocals, and she doesn't get the recognition she deserves for that band. If anyone is interested in her work, look into Cibo Matto. Their song 'Sugar Water' is a favorite of mine, as is so much of that work.


12/03/05 05:00 PM
My limited list new [re: sonofsilence]  

Album of the year: Get Behind Me Satan - White Stripes. First album of theirs I've ever bought and it's still on high rotation.
Special mention to Lesbians On Ecstacy self titled debut album. LOE and Le Tigre are head and shoulders above Chicks on Speed in their genre.

SIngle of the year: "DARE" - Gorillaz (Can't stop playing it after all this time, great example of a great single)
Close seconds are "Ooh La La" - Goldfrapp and Gwen Stephani's "What You Waiting For" - brilliant pop tunes, I'm impressed with some of the pop tunes that have been around recently.

Artist of the year: Antony and the Johnsons (Taken Aus belatedly by storm and unfortunately did an unannounced tour earlier in the year, so his small circle of fans missed it!!! He'll be back in January though, and I have tix. HEAR THAT BOWIE..... tourig Aus twice in a year!!!!!)
Kudos to what I've heard of Bloc Party too.

Best New Artist: MIA

Best Tour: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (Ok, didn't see many shows, but would have been hard to beat this anyway!)

Best Re-released/Re-packaged: Bowie - David Live

Album Cover of the Year: "I Am A Bird Now" - Antony. A gorgeous pic of Candy Darling on her death bed looking divine. Special mention to Robbie Williams, it looks awesome on billboards!

**Seeing I've just moved back to the big smoke, I'm just enjoying community radio these days, most of my cds are still in storage anyway. When was the last time your radio station played Absolute Beginners on the breakfast show? In fact, they play Bowie on the Breakfasters almost every day! RRR RULES

Get Bowie Back Downunder!
GBBD 2005 !!!!

12/04/05 09:29 AM
Re: hell's winter new [re: sonofsilence]  

In reply to:

I love the symbolism in this album cover. not just good on one shoulder and bad on the other but the extremes supergood and super bad

Interesting train of thought Brian, so what excatly would be your choices for supergood and super bad please?

London Bye Ta-Ta...

12/05/05 03:10 AM
Ive never done Good things...... new [re: diamondogz74]  

In reply to:

Interesting train of thought Brian, so what excatly would be your choices for supergood and super bad please?

what yu mean Robbie or myself. I dont really do anything superbad.....well not that I'm telling.

Robbie on the other hand is all about sex drugs and rock'n roll.He says he has his demons. and supergood maybe in the sense that He tries to be a super good boy.

12/13/05 09:55 PM
Old and New new [re: sonofsilence]  

Best Archival/Reissue

Mystery Meat, Profiles

Apparently, this is the "holy grail" of Garage Rock albums, recorded in the basement of an administrative building at a small college in Illinois in the late 1960s. Before this year's reissue by the German label Shadoks, original LPs fetched upwards of $4000. Lucky for me, I don't know shit about old garage records, so I hadn't been waiting my entire life for it. I just saw it on a Forced Exposure update while doing orders for my co-worker, thought it sounded cool, and ordered some for the store. Turns out, it's pretty rad.

Best "How Did They Make That Song a Single?" Single

(tie) David Banner, "Play"/Ying Yang Twins "Wait (The Whisper Song)"

If you've only heard the radio edits of these tracks, here's a hint: David Banner isn't really concerned with exercise, and the Ying Yangs are actually quite specific as to what they're going to show you.

Truth be told, I actually prefer Juelz Santana's knock-off "There it Go (The Whisper Song)" to the YY's, but "Play" is unabashedly awesome and vulgar.

Stupid babies need the most attention

12/14/05 05:12 AM
Re: Best Music of 2005 new [re: sonofsilence]  

Drunken stabfest album of the year Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike

I'm spellbound, but a woman divides
And the hills are alive with celibate cries

12/18/05 01:41 PM
Re: Best Music of 2005 new [re: RabbitFighter]  

Have you been to their show? Eugene is unbelievable..

Anyway, I've finally had a chance to hear Mike Ladd's new album, Father Divine and it's beyond awesome. My favourite hip-hop artist, right now.

looking glass
12/22/05 03:41 PM
Re: Best Music of 2005 new [re: sonofsilence]  

instead of a new thread, i'll stick my top ten here.*

10. aloof proof- inside the quiet
9. bruce springsteen- devils + dust
8. kate bush- aerial
7. brian eno- another day on earth
6. depeche mode- playing the angel
5. the fall- fall heads roll
4. dirty three- cinder
3. cage- hell's winter
2. low- the great destroyer
1. boris- pink

honorable mentions (records i still dig):
sleater kinney- the woods
m83- before the dawn heals us
jan jelinek- kosmischer pitch
dj muggs + gza- grandmasters
colleen - the golden morning breaks

"I'll make you happy, baby
Just wait and see
For every kiss you give me
I'll give you three"

01/03/06 11:50 PM
Re: Best Music of 2005 new [re: carsten]  

Cool. What a wonderful band. I am looking forward to a DVD release perhaps? Just got a Can DVD set (3 CDs) that is a must have (includes a live concert in 1972 in Cologne, a documentary and an audio CD).

Now that 2006 is 3 days old, the best 2005 pop award goes to Fiona Apple's extraordinary machine.

Brilliant from start to finish.

A Toe Nail

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