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(electric tomato)
01/12/06 03:46 AM
Volkswagen Golfs new [re: AlwaysBuddy]  

Most people who drive like cunts drive Volkswagen Golfs. I've made a careful study of this. For example, I am driving on a dual carriageway with a speed limit of 50 miles an hour. There is a police car about 4 car lengths in front of me. There is a Golf behind me. The Golf driver still has to overtake me, even though I'm driving at an even 50 so as not to trouble my little police friends in front of me, and goes in between me and the police car. I swear for about 2 minutes solid. I observe she is doing things while driving, including playing with her fucking perm in the rear view mirror, applying lip gloss and smoking without the window wound down (yeah, so she stinks as well). The police car turns off and we drive on to a normal road, speed limit 30 miles an hour. There is a lollipop lady* ahead of us, sticking her lollipop into the road about to walk a group of schoolkids across, and the Golf driver speeds up and nearly frightens the poor old lollipop lady to death. What a bitch.

Anyway, the person who always does all the things you mentioned above in your poll is usually, in my experience, a Golf driver.

*For people who don't live in England, a lollipop lady or man is employed by the local council to stand by busy roads in the morning before school starts and in the afternoon after schools breaks up and help school kids cross the road. They wear a fluorescent jacket and carry a big stick with a round sign on the end that says STOP, hence the term lollipop. Bet you're glad you know about that . Invaluable knowledge of the English road system. Oh, and we drive on the left.

I'm not bad. I was just drawn that way.

01/12/06 08:05 AM
Re: Road Assholery new [re: AlwaysBuddy]  

Quite a lot of those actually, but my vote went to...

Cell phonies. DIE DIE DIE..

It's supposedly against the law here in the UK but you'd never know it, Cell phones are also my theroy on why people talk LOUDER! now.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

(mortal with potential)
01/12/06 08:56 AM
Re: Road Assholery new [re: asshole]  

In reply to:

Well, I don't know what the big deal is... I do all of the above and I'm damn proud of it

I just knew you were out there. Well, now that you've gotten drunk and let the cat out of the bag, you're going to be sorry. The enraged mob is going to hunt you down like a wild animal. Torches and pitchforks.

(mortal with potential)
01/12/06 09:01 AM
Re: Volkswagen Golfs [re: ladymacbeth]  

In reply to:

Most people who drive like cunts drive Volkswagen Golfs.

Yes, I've noticed that. I've noticed a lot of certain types of drivers have certain types of cars and also stickers and decals. It makes it easier for people to watch out for them, those who are observant.

(electric tomato)
01/12/06 11:22 AM
Re: Volkswagen Golfs new [re: AlwaysBuddy]  

Hey, I like your style . I get it now. Someone who knows they drive like a fuckwit buys a Golf to let me and other better drivers know that's how they drive in advance, so we can just do our best to avoid them on the road. I have to learn to be calm when they piss me off though. I shall just think, "By driving that car, they may as well have a sign stuck on top that says, 'I drive like an arrogant wanker!' " Good, this can be part of 2006's anger management scheme!

I'm not bad. I was just drawn that way.

(every nation's refugee)
01/12/06 11:34 AM
Re: Road Assholery new [re: AlwaysBuddy]  

turn signals

01/12/06 12:04 PM
High Speed Shuffle new [re: AlwaysBuddy]  

There should be an option to vote against the tentative, timid merger. Merging into traffic is an essential driving skill, and being stuck behind someone who parks at the start of the merging lane (it's there for you to speed up, dummy!) and waits until there's not another moving object for 7 miles in any direction before beginning to ease into traffic...well, it sucks.

bitch niggaz talk behind ya back like a catcher
either M-Y-O-B or B-Y-O stretcher

(mortal with potential)
01/12/06 12:25 PM
Re: High Speed Shuffle new [re: Marquis]  

Oh yeah - I forgot that one! That one is terrible. Timid drivers are so sadly ironic. They're so afraid to make a mistake and yet so deadly. You will notice that often, despite their timidity, that they will suddenly realize that they have to make a move and then do something incredible like slam on their breaks and shoot out in front of a semi who's doing 90.

(crash course raver)
01/12/06 02:28 PM
A dying race [re: AlwaysBuddy]  

In reply to:

Timid drivers are so sadly ironic

On the plus side, evolution suggests they'll eventually disappear completely. Even the ones who don't get mangled on the roads will be far too timid to breed.

He'll have you wrestling midgets in border towns for ten percent of the net.

(grinning soul)
01/12/06 02:47 PM
Re: High Speed Shuffle [re: AlwaysBuddy]  

well, living in southern California, where we have the INSANE assholes in their huge trucks who just swerve all over the place, tailgate you, and talk on their cell phones, I am coming to prefer the timid drivers. It is actually nice sometimes to drive through Little Saigon. This is where the people have all been drving for under a year, and don't use their signals and just drift in front of you all the time (scary). I am just so sick of the crazy idiots on the freeways in southern California. I honestly try to avoid the freeways if I can because I am sick of feeling like I might die every time I have to drive somewhere. Why are these people so selfish? They can drive fast without bringing you into it, you know? But for some reason they have to LET YOU KNOW that they are not happy that you're not doing 85 MPH with them. Southern California is a very stressful place to live. Then in Orange County we have the people who shoot you if you don't drive fast enough....and....that's wonderful too.

The Day Was Heaving Hell

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