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(wild eyed peoploid)
02/07/06 08:57 PM
Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked yer mom.... new [re: Marquis]  

and that's how you were conceived!

Do you know how much I like you, Marquis? Enough to link you to the NPR interview with the WSJ guy:

Mohammed hates da papparazi

Not that you can listen to it at work, or can you?

The cartoons are not that offensive, and I think the one where Mo has a bomb in his turban makes a political point and serves as commentary - incendiary commentary, yes, but that's what political cartoons do. They yank chains. And those whose chains are getting yanked need to deal with that rationally.

I think this whole thing is weird. We're in Iraq and yet the most intense riots in the Middle East towards the West are about Danish cartoons. No wonder these folks regularly get rolled by the Israelis - they r stoopid!

Kid, you've paid your dues...dues and dues. ~J. Tweedy

(fetch a priest)
02/07/06 09:28 PM
Jack Bauer would murder Chuck Norris in his sleep new [re: power2charm]  

In reply to:

Not that you can listen to it at work, or can you?

Nope, no speakers.

In reply to:

The cartoons are not that offensive

By our standards, sure, but to a lost of Muslims, just a stick figure labelled "Mohammed" would be offensive.

In reply to:

And those whose chains are getting yanked need to deal with that rationally.

This is true, and I don't mean to suggest that rioting over cartoons is any more productive than publishing them in the first place. My point isn't that the violent reaction is justified, just that it's not unexpected either. Are these folks stoopid for getting riled up over some cartoons? Maybe. I just think it's equally stoopid for a newspaper to intentionally rile them in the first place.

bitch niggaz talk behind ya back like a catcher
either M-Y-O-B or B-Y-O stretcher

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/07/06 09:44 PM
Jack Bauer's a complete homo! new [re: Marquis]  

Let's show the Muslims how it's done. I AGREE that publishing a dozen cartoons of Mohammed in one issue of a rag can be construed as baiting. If it were one cartoon, I'd say local Muslims would just need to gnaw on their prayer rug and bear it.

These were published in September, and I've read that some caveman imams brought them back to Arabia and mixed in some artistic representations of Mo fucking pigs (see Strawman's "artiste" thread) to rile folks up.

I think the pig fucker pictures are trying too hard too offend. I'd just say pish to that malarkey.

Kid, you've paid your dues...dues and dues. ~J. Tweedy

02/08/06 00:28 AM
Re: So what is the problem? new [re: guiltpuppy]  

In reply to:

Are you from Russia, Israel, Argentina, Japan, et cetera?

No, you're part of the Western culture, one that is every bit as violent and destructive as those wacky Muslims.

What Dara's calling you (and others) out on is hypocrisy. When your (and my) civilization ceases to commit wholesale slaughter in the name of Dollah, then maybe you'll have the moral high ground from which to spew your vitriole (which will still look petty, but all the same).

I have explained before in a few previous posts that …I am a Black and I am not originally from the West ... I was born muslim but
have renounced islam and now converted to a peaceful religion and culture which the West has offered to me (an my family) as refugees.

In the name of islam, my so called fellow muslims tortured my family and I to breaking point, thankfully we all survived and entered the Christian West as refugees. But unfortunately some of my friends and work colleagues where either maimed or killed ... some just simply disappeared and never seen again. We have experienced and witnessed the human rights abuses in the name of islam first hand.

Most of my immediate and extended family (about 70% of us) has converted from islam to our new religion. Whilst one cousin has left islam and is now an atheist, he was always the white sheep of the family … get it … “white sheep”.

My family and I where muslim from birth but …we where seen as subhuman because of our “wrong” Black skin colour and because of our “wrong” tribal background … arabs are not too keen on us niggers apparently. I do realize that some Western countries have had a bad past with Blacks and slavery etc … but it was the past. Whilst islam also guilty of both European and Black African slavery in its past, is still enforcing this in the 21st century. Infact it’s happening in the African countries of Sudan-Darfur, Chad etc as we speak, where muslim arabs are killing and displacing hundreds of thousands Black Christian and Black muslims Africans.

Remember once muslim migration numbers increase in a nation to a majority like 50% or more of the population, then it’s inevitable that islamic ideology takes over … and then “YOU become the minority” and you will be a second class citizen.

At the moment some non-muslim countries only have 1% to 2% of population being muslims … but once that small percentage becomes a substantial minority of say 10% (as in France) or 20% or 30% of a country's population … that is it ! … they have the power to slowly erode and change your life your culture, values and so on.

By its own ideology islam is extremely conservative by nature, therefore as seen throughout ALL muslim countries freedom of speech and freedom of the press will be a thing of the past. Thus obviously resulting in the gagging of the liberal socialist left types, who so much championed the cause of muslim migration to the Christian Western countries in the first place. Sweet irony.

Again … the utter hypocrisy is that muslim countries regularly lampoon Christians and Jews in their comics while demanding the West refrain from any criticism of islam.

(My using lower caps for the words arab, muslim and islam is not a spelling error it is intentional)

(crash course raver)
02/08/06 02:17 AM
Re: So what is the problem? new [re: infidel]  

In reply to:

now converted to a peaceful religion

That does not exist...

If you want to know me more...and my band !
Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.

Edited by bibiStardust on 02/08/06 03:48 AM (server time).

02/08/06 03:52 AM
Re: So what is the problem? new [re: infidel]  

You know, when I first heard of these protests, I was suitably shaken and taken aback. I still am.

But thing is, it's never so simple. Yes, Denmark has free speech. Yes, it had the right to publish that cartoon. But the difference between that cartoon, and the various cartoons mocking Christianity? (Some of which get protested too, by the way...)

As of right now, Islam is being attacked as a religion, and A Big Christian country is doing a rather good job of attacking a large portion of the Middle East. It's also doing a rather good job of demonizing Muslims in general, and marginalizing them whenever it can--or siding with other countries that do so.

The northern European countries are also having, shall we say, some problems with their immigrant populations. It's a rather tense atmospehere, and that cartoon is a rather unwise match in a chamber full of fuel.

Imagine if a paper in America had published a racially offensive cartoon. You can bet there'd be outrage. Hopefully there wouldn't be such violent outrage, but I wouldn't necessarily count on it.

(crash course raver)
02/08/06 05:37 AM
Re: So what is the problem? new [re: Starlite]  

Mahomet says : "It's hard to be loved by jerks"

If you want to know me more...and my band !
Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.

02/08/06 06:04 AM
Our solutions may not be Final enough for you new [re: Strawman]  

In reply to:

offering fuck all in the way of solutions

We have proposed solutions. Just not the kind we can condense down to a readily digestible Sun headline or catch all slogan for your benefit.

The "solution" offered by the right, the "liberation" of Iraq to defeat terror, has turned out to be a case of the cure making the disease worse.

Slan libh,


"I don't think there's any place better in the world to be than Ireland when there's a sporting event. I love it, I love the humour of the Irish people, I love that they enjoy life to the full" - Brent Pope

02/08/06 07:34 AM
'By Bullet & By Bomb' new [re: Dara]  

And at what time do we run out of legitimate political solutions? The battle to regain my country will never be won at a polling booth - Government has already proved that one way to gain respect is through violence & terrorism when it caved in to the IRA - animal right activists are getting results from intimidating their enemies also.

I suggest this type of action as a solution will take place once there's been a massive islamic attack on both the credulous British voters & the innocent supporters of nationalism.

And it will happen.

(mortal with potential)
02/08/06 07:48 AM
Re: 'By Bullet & By Bomb' new [re: Strawman]  

I'm sorry strawman but I do not think an armed struggle would get you anywhere in the UK.

When the white population voted for the Labour Party-ie.readers of the Sun newspaper and watchers of big brother etc they got exactly what they deserved. The destruction of their country by an undefended foreign invasion.

This invasion is now accelerating and I think in 10 years time the population of the UK will be 30% ethnic. However because of your culture which in non-confrontational you will just be walked all over and sublimated. Once the ethnics get the upper hand they will disadvantage you in your own homeland. It is already happening with dhimmitude and the muslims.

Most UK whites are gutless and fatalistic. The underclass of whom there are many living on the govt.benefits and handouts will continue to interbreed with niggers, and as long as they can sit and live for free,watch TV ,snort coke,and drink beer-no problem.

I know you english are very angry with all this but I am afraid that this is the truth. I (london being my birthplace) used to get really upset when I visited the wog dominated parts of the UK like London,now I just avoid the place.

I am very,very sad about what is happening but as a tiny minority opinion realize that your cause is doing very badly. Right wing politics are doing well in France and Austria but in spite of that Turkey will probably get into the EU> What then?? Over-run with third world muslim fanatics who will all be able to vote for the likes of Hammas who will put up a party in your elections.

I am sorry to write this but the writing is truly on the wall and there is little you can do about it.Labour is the nail in your coffin for hope,freedom and your culture. Bumping off some half baked councillor will make no difference and it takes you to the level of those you despise most.

I am glad my parents moved to Ireland when they did.

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