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(fetch a priest)
03/30/06 05:04 PM
Da Bry new [re: Sam_X]  

I'm surprised I'm the only person so far whose favorite is Country Life. I like it by far the best, followed by Stranded. Never heard Siren I don't think.

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(crash course raver)
03/30/06 06:35 PM
Re: Da Bry new [re: Marquis]  

Viva's a pretty good live album. I like its "Both Ends Burning" better than the Stranded version, which makes it a top recommendation.

"All You Need Is Love" was the name of a multi-part history of pop music, now seemingly forgotten as no one ever mentions it, which aired around 1978. Parts of "Cracked Actor" were included in the segment which featured Bowie. From what I can still remember, that same segment featured Alice Cooper, Kiss and Roxy Music. The Roxy Music footage, obviously from the '70s had Ferry singing with two ladies gyrating beside him (could have been "Both Ends Burning"), but I don't remember for sure. I'd be interested in acquiring that footage along with the rest of whatever show/broadcast that came from. Any pointers?

03/30/06 11:42 PM
Re: Seeking a guide to Roxy Music's.. music new [re: Claude]  

Okay, he's cute. What's your point?

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(electric tomato)
03/31/06 02:53 AM
Re: Seeking a guide to Roxy Music's.. music new [re: Persilot]  

I just can't resist a man with that level of suave-ity. He's so smooth! I love him. Yes, Eno is amazing but he always looked like a geek to me. Then again, I love geeks. Get me: I'm so generous, I just love everyone .

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(byroad singer)
03/31/06 04:37 AM
Avoid The Schmalz new [re: Strawman]  

In reply to:

Just get a compilation of greatest hits & have done with.

My recommendation as well. Just make sure that it's got enough of the early stuff (before Manifesto) on it and not so much of Dance Away and its later companions.

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Froggy Starlust
(stardust savant)
03/31/06 04:47 AM
Re: Seeking a guide to Roxy Music's.. music new [re: Sam_X]  

- The first two Roxy Music albums are great post-modern rock music
- "Flesh+Blood" and "Avalon" are wonderful pop records
- Ferry's "Mamouna" (featuring Eno on every song) is wonderful too
- Ferry's "As time goes by" is the best jazz covers album I know (and it has three Cole Porter songs)

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03/31/06 05:36 AM
eno on first 2 new [re: Sam_X]  

What nobody has discussed so far is Brian Eno's contribution to the band. Allmusic tells me that Eno was in the band for the first two albums -- and numerous sources tell me that this was the best period for the band. Roxy people, do you agree with that, and how did Eno make a difference?

Me, I was never into Eno as a solo artist but I think he works extremely well together with other people. So I am most curious about Roxy Music or For your pleasure; I intend to get those at some point in my life. (I already own Viva! which I quite enjoy.)

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Froggy Starlust
(stardust savant)
03/31/06 10:31 AM
Re: eno on first 2 new [re: Emil]  

After the second album, Ferry's songwriting became more conventional, and Eno's weird synth solos were not there anymore... These two facts explain a lot IMO.

Rest in pieces,
Sweet Effee!

(byroad singer)
03/31/06 11:00 AM
It Worked For A While [re: Emil]  

I am not much of a solo Eno buff either, but in the Eno days Roxy Music were a wilder bunch than in the years after. Eno certainly had some input into their overall style, most notably are of course his synth sequences and his glam clothing. Maybe it was partly just the sign of the times but in the end it appears that Bryan Ferry was the man to decide which way they were going. And that's probably why Eno left the band when it became clear that Ferry was more into stardom than into artistic experiments. Or could anybody picture Eno singing background vocals for "Angel Eyes"?

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

03/31/06 11:54 AM
Re: It Worked For A While [re: EJ]  

In reply to:

Or could anybody picture Eno singing background vocals for "Angel Eyes"?


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