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(cracked actor)
03/31/06 01:27 PM
Re: Seeking a guide to Roxy Music's.. music new [re: Sam_X]  

"Roxy Music" and Country Life.

Avalon makes my ears bleed.

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(mortal with potential)
03/31/06 04:31 PM
Re: Seeking a guide to Roxy Music's.. music new [re: Sam_X]  

Correct answer, asswipes!!!

Best to Worst!

Roxy Music
For Your Pleasure
Country Life
Flesh + Blood

And I just got to know Ferry's These Foolish Things and it's quite good! About as good as Country Life and Siren

shut up claude

(big brother)
03/31/06 04:33 PM
Re: Seeking a guide to Roxy Music's.. music new [re: Beltene]  

My point? That Ferry's album is simply wonderful!
Great voice, great music.
Another undervalued Ferry's album is "In Your Mind":


(crash course raver)
03/31/06 07:15 PM
Re: Seeking a guide to Roxy Music's.. music new [re: Sam_X]  

My favourite solo stuff is the As Time Goes By 1999 album a great tribute to music from the 1930s excellent peace.

1000 posts when do i get my prize

04/01/06 03:40 AM
Re: eno on first 2 new [re: Froggy Starlust]  

Thanks for tips. As we speak, I am acquiring the first album the cheap way - which spells "soulseek". Frantic and demented, this is fun music!

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04/01/06 08:38 AM
Re: Seeking a guide to Roxy Music's.. music new [re: Sam_X]  

May as well say, it's worth seeking out their boxed set, The Thrill of It All. It's four disks, which cover all the albums, except Viva!, on the first three disks, then devotes the fourth to non-LP A- and B-sides, and a couple of 12" mixes. With a few exceptions — "Virginia Plain," "Pyjamarama," and "Jealous Guy" (though typically in a shorter edit; this one runs 6:10) will usually turn up on best-ofs, and "Always Unknowing" (the B-side of the "Avalon" 12", I think) is on the Avalon SACD — you can't get this stuff elsewhere, and there is good stuff in there: "Lover," "Trash 2," "South Downs," the 12" version of "The Main Thing." It also has, in the albums part, the original mixes of "Dance Away" and "Angel Eyes" from Manifesto — these were replaced by their single remixes, but the original "Angel Eyes" blows the remix out of the water.

Of course, the negative is that if you get this, you'd need to get the individual albums to pick up the one or two tracks left off each.

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(electric tomato)
04/03/06 04:06 AM
Re: Seeking a guide to Roxy Music's.. music new [re: StrangeDrugs]  

In reply to:

Avalon makes my ears bleed

I was waiting for someone to say that. I was too scared to... Thanks.

Mental health was never my strong point.

(every nation's refugee)
04/03/06 01:16 PM
Re: Seeking a guide to Roxy Music's.. music new [re: ladymacbeth]  

the first time i heard avalon, i said to myself "there must be 'more than this'" but it grew on me quickly

Froggy Starlust
(stardust savant)
04/03/06 03:45 PM
Suaver than ever new [re: dice]  

I like "Avalon" too. Great pop tunes, delightful sax, and a voice suaver than ever...

Rest in pieces,
Sweet Effee!

(electric tomato)
04/03/06 07:31 PM
Re: Suaver than ever [re: Froggy Starlust]  

I have a confession to make, Froggy - last night I saw 'Enjoy The Silence' and although the video itself is crap I.. I actually liked that song. A lot. First it's Roxy Music, now DM.. odd.

Anyway, thanks for all the tips, people. I'm going for Country Life, saw it cheap at a local CD shop. Also, my friend lent me Avalon, nothing spectacular but still a nice pop record. I really enjoy Ferry's voice.

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