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07/16/06 08:22 AM
Re: Summarise the last movie you saw... new [re: SoulLoveChild]  

In reply to:

had even heard the joke.

Very rude.

You can't leave it there Cass

London Bye Ta-Ta...

07/16/06 11:50 AM
Lodi Dodi` new [re: EmpireStateHuman]  

Open Water

First Act: Boring couple pretend they don't have marital problems.

Second Act: Couple are accidentally left in the middle of the ocean. Admit they do have problems.

Act Three: Eaten by sharks!

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

07/16/06 11:54 AM
All the review it needs new [re: twister]  

That just about sums up that pile of crap for a film nicely.

Nice to see you here, twistski

Just a nuance

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/16/06 12:43 PM
Marked for Death new [re: EmpireStateHuman]  

Main Plot Steven Seagal is a loose cannon Mexican border NARC who retires after realising the War On Drugs is unwinnable. He returns to his idyllic hometown only to find the drugs are everywhere. Despite attempting to ignore it, once they fuck with his sister's family Seagal is back.

And, this time... it's personal.

Subtext All Jamaicans are tribalistic Rastafarian crack dealers led by a scary-eyed man with Voodoo powers.

The most realistic depiction of the race I have seen on celluloid

If a pistol appears in a story, eventually it's got to be fired - Anton Chekhov

(crash course raver)
07/17/06 01:50 AM
Re: More Pirate Briefs new [re: Tin]  

In reply to:

who sat through all of those credits to catch the last images of the movie???

I always sit through the credits. I've got an odd interest in movie credits. I like seeing how many names I know and I like listening to the better parts of the score played over again. Plus, the kinds of movies I usually see tend to have stuff waiting at the end.


Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis.

Is this haunted room actually stretching?

(band intro)
07/17/06 06:43 AM
Re: Summarise the last movie you saw... new [re: EmpireStateHuman]  

Lost In Translation

Two Americans married to other people (other than eachother, that is) meet in Japan and fall in love. Japan has the audacity to be (fucking gasp) different than America (complete with its own language and customs ). Sophia Coppola "makes a name for herself" while daddy pays the bills.

It's actually a pretty well made and oddly touching movie. I just have some real issues with Bill's smartass response to the Japanese elements*. Not tasteful in any way, really. Time and place, you know. As for Sophia...it's nice to see that shameless nepotism sometimes produces good results.

* my response is colored by the fact that I read this essay by Momus about the movie. I often disagree with him as I think he takes things a bit too seriously sometimes but in this case I think he offers a very interesting take on the film - which, for the record, I did ultimately like.

(insert catch phrase)

(band intro)
07/17/06 06:46 AM
Re: More Pirate Briefs new [re: Tin]  

In reply to:

I guess it was worth the wait...

The cannibals put the dog on the same throne that Jack was on and do a quick tribal dance. Not worth waiting for, especially at 4am.

(insert catch phrase)

(crash course raver)
07/17/06 07:34 AM
Fillums new [re: EmpireStateHuman]  

DVD: Come and See

The harrowing effect of war on a young boy.

The Bad Guys: Germans
The Good Guys: Belarusians

On TV last night: Waterworld

The Bad Guy Playing The Good Guy Badly: Kevin Costner
The Good Guy Playing The Bad Guy, erm, Goodly: Dennis Hopper.

Personal highlight: Falling asleep on the sofa about an hour into the film.

I think we all get that feeling “what can I do to help the human race” then you probably like me say fuck it theirs something on the TV - JamieSim

07/17/06 08:46 AM
the plot is in the telling..... new [re: diamondogz74]  

It's all in the telling of the joke Ant, not the punchline. It really needs to be seen if you need to know!

Love is the Province of the Brave

07/17/06 08:55 AM
I've written a letter to daddy... [re: SoulLoveChild]  

Thanks, I have the DVD of this film ( The Aristocrats ), I've seen it on numerous occasions, guess I just don't get it

Warner Bros released one of my all time top fav films today ( 17th July 2006 ) got my copy in advance from playcom Saturday ( 15th July 2006 ) so watched this last night...

Plot...two sisters, one was famous when young ( child star ) other sister famous when adult ( screen legend ) child star sister runs her adult sister over and crushes her legs, career ends, two sisters live together hating each other

Result...the most wicked black comedy you'll ever see.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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