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(grinning soul)
08/22/06 06:34 AM
Re: Pluto beats Munich new [re: Flood]  

In reply to:

Breakfast on Pluto
Plot: A deptively tough young Irish man, abandoned by his mother at birth goes on a search for her.

Didn't you think his being a transvestite was fairly integral to the plot?

Temperature's rising, but any idiot would know that...

(cricket menace)
08/22/06 07:36 AM
Re: Pluto beats Munich new [re: theidiot2]  

Beyond the Sea - The story of 50s swing singer Bobby Darin. Apparantly it was written by a fan for the fans but I think the film holds up on it's own. His fate is played with throughout the film so if you don't know how it ends, it'll be interesting if not gripping. Verdict: 6.5/10.

08/22/06 10:31 AM
Underwater and crap new [re: Adam]  

Posedion - Gigantic cruise ship hits big wave, a supposed remake of the original The Poseidon Adventure. Result...97 mins of underwater rubbish that should have been drowned at concept.

I should have know better with this starring name Kurt Russell

In reply to:

Beyond the Sea

I'd rate that 9 out of 10, one of the best films from 2004.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

looking glass
08/22/06 12:02 PM
Profondo Rosso new [re: EmpireStateHuman]  

aka Deep Red by Dario Argento

plot: all these linked, brutal murders- who done it? the cops can't figure it out, so a jazz musician and a snarky reporter try.
subplot: check out this music! and this atmosphere!

hands up, WHO WANTS TO DIE!

08/22/06 12:35 PM
Review new [re: looking glass]  

City of Lost Children: Like French Ingmar Bergman.

Little boys who eavesdrop deserve to hear the truth, and the truth is usually devastating.

(stardust savant)
08/22/06 03:20 PM
Re: Snakes on a plane new [re: Persilot]  

I cannot believe you spent money to see that movie! I've laughed long and hard each time I've seen the trailer for Snakes. What a ridiculous premise! Why not weasels or rabid kittens on a plane?

In reply to:

City of Lost Children: Like French Ingmar Bergman.

A fabulous film, worth re-viewing at anytime.

V for Vendetta
plot: V is going to wake up society by bombing British Parliament.
subplot: V "woos" (if wooing includes deprivation from all things familiar) a young, female outcast to do his bidding.

!!! Really well done.

It is my opinion and I am unanimous in this, because it is my opinion, which is, in fact, mine.

(grinning soul)
08/23/06 05:39 AM
Re: Pluto beats Munich new [re: theidiot2]  

In reply to:

Didn't you think his being a transvestite was fairly integral to the plot?


Also saw Walk the Line recently. For those who still have not seen it, make the effort, even if you never liked Cash much.
Plot: The ring of fire burns between Cash and cute Jean Carter. Good film about his life and relations.

You thought you had it covered, but you don't..

09/01/06 12:08 PM
Yet another Dead Man's Chest Review new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man's Chest

My thoughts: Bizarre love triangle! Self-referential to an idiotic degree! Laugh out loud! Three way sword fight! Put your arm around her when the Kraken comes! Gareth again! Does what it says on the box!!!

The native's opinion: 'I'm exciting but scare! I want 3 movie!'

Deny your culture of consumption;
This is a culture of destruction

09/01/06 12:40 PM
Say hello to my little friend! new [re: EmpireStateHuman]  

Scarface (the one with Pacino) on dvd.

Main plot: Tony Montana defines the American Dream and shouts 'fuck' around two hundred times.
Subtext: Snorting shitloads of coke is the coolest thing in the world.

Good God I love this one, definetily among the ten greatest films ever made. Really, you can't blame gansta rappers who fail to see how there was anything guestionable in Montana's way of living.

"You know who else makes creatures? Satan." - Schizo

(wise like orangutan)
09/01/06 01:03 PM
You must contact General Kirby [re: RabbitFighter]  

Commando, in heavy rotation this month on AMC

Plot - Arnold, as John Matrix, has many guns and even more muscles, and lives in an isolated cabin with a prepubescent Alyssa Milano.

Subplot - Wow, Rae Dawn Chong is both less attractive and less talented than Arnold!

Oh jujubee
What don't you want with me?
I'm a celebrity!

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