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(crash course raver)
08/28/06 03:09 PM
Woman demands $10 million from her boyfriend  

Hi. Recently, Dateline featured a segment on a beautiful young woman who began a relationship with a very rich, powerful, much older man. The man owned a chain of fitness centers and was a billionaire.

The woman stayed with the man for about 10 years, and after he dumped her, she demanded a lot of money, saying he promised to take care of her. With her lawyers, the woman forced her boyfriend to settle out of court for $10 million.

Does this seem fair? The woman got to enjoy the man's company for a long time, why would she demand money from him? Perhaps she was merely a gold digger, and when the man refused to marry her, she sued him for his millions.

It's bad enough that a woman can financially devastate he husband, now even a girlfriend can win her boyfriend's money if he breaks up with her.

(crash course raver)
08/28/06 03:25 PM
Re: Woman demands $10 million from her boyfriend new [re: to_dizzy]  

It does not seem right to me.

But I'm wondering what lead to the breakup?

(crash course raver)
08/28/06 04:50 PM
Re: Woman demands $10 million from her boyfriend new [re: Vanessa_Y]  

I don't know, maybe he got tired of her? The thing that bothers me is there seems to be this understanding that the man must pay for the privilege of the woman's sex, company, and companionship.

When I ask a woman out, it's for a picnic or a soda. I never communicate that I will "pay" for her company with an expensive dinner, or concert, or trip.

(crash course raver)
08/28/06 05:28 PM
Re: Woman demands $10 million from her boyfriend new [re: to_dizzy]  

Older men with tons of money can be quite stupid.

Because would thsi attractive young woman have wanted him without the money? He had to have known he basically had a prostitute for a gf.
Not that he should give her money.

(one of the new wave boys)
08/28/06 05:36 PM
Re: Woman demands $10 million from her boyfriend new [re: to_dizzy]  

Dizzy, the only women who would go out with you demand payment before they enter your car.

I'm not a piece of teenage wildlife

(wild eyed peoploid)
08/28/06 09:48 PM
Re: Woman demands $10 million from her boyfriend new [re: to_dizzy]  

She may have been a gold digger but I'm sure he was very happy with what he had from their relationship. What old man wouldn't want to have sex with a hot woman. She was able to spend his money and he got a trophy on his arm. Where is the shame in that, they both got used. I'm sure it was glorious while it lasted

(stardust savant)
08/30/06 02:06 PM
Re: Woman demands $10 million from her boyfriend new [re: to_dizzy]  

The fact that the man is the one paying is completely incidental, Dizzy. He's not being targeted because he's male, but because he's RICH.

Whether right or wrong, the person of lesser financial means in any relationship--be it marriage or not--somehow feels an entitlement to the wealthier partner's standard of living, even after the relationship goes to shit.

To see this play out beautifully where a WOMAN is the financial target of a man, I suggest you stay tuned for the inevitable dissolution of the Britney Spears/Kevin Federline union.

It isn't sexism involved here, Diz. It's greed. Greed has no gender.


(every nation's refugee)
08/30/06 02:56 PM
Re: Woman demands $10 million from her boyfriend new [re: zigbot]  

i think that in general it may very well be kind of a reverse-discrimination type of thing. for every example of j-lo's ex husband cleaning up, there are 10 examples like paul mccartney. and there's no absolute justice in the amount of money he's gonna have to fork over

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