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(cracked actor)
10/03/06 06:46 AM
Where do you buy your CD's? new  

If cd's weren't so expensive in music stores I'd rather buy my music there, but as it is today with better prices online I have in the last few years mostly just bought over internet.

My top favourite online stores are;

1. www.cd-wow.com
They are mostly cheap and have free delivery and you can easily get hold of gift coupons of 2-3 Euro.
Ziggy Stardust: 9.99 (without coupons)
Outside: 15.54 (without coupons)

2. www.ginza.se
A swedish media store that has very good prices and a big range of records, but a minus is the cost for the shipping and the complicated payment.
Ziggy Stardust: cirka 10.60
Outside: n/a

3. www.amazon.com
Another good store, but mostly a bit more expensive, though they have good service and the shipping is free over 20 Euro.
Ziggy Stardust: 16.95
Outside: 14.95

4. www.zweitausendeins.de
A german store, that have a lot of good offers, but not a big range of records.
Ziggy Stardust: n/a
Outside: 3.99

Where do you buy yours? If not online, where then? Do you rather buy vinyl when possible? Or do you just download music to take advantage of the new media solutions (mp3 etc)?

When I'm not buying online I mostly go to JPC, Media Markt, Skivbutiken and Megastore.


"Don't eat the yellow snow..."

10/03/06 07:34 AM
Re: Where do you buy your CD's? new [re: fiGgU_]  

http://www.cdon.com is a prime choice for a poor student with no credit card. Back when I was living in a larger town with quite a few quality stores, I did my best to keep them in business.
However, the arse of the world I currently reside in has one "proper" record store and the selection isn't exactly awe inspiring. Still, every now and then you make some thrilling second hand discoveries (Jay-Z's Blueprint for three euros being the latest) and at least you can count on getting recent releases, as long as they aren't too obscure.

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(thunder ocean)
10/03/06 08:08 AM
Re: Where do you buy your CD's? new [re: fiGgU_]  

Local small record stores in Helsinki generally sell albums for 9,90 (some places actually sell to me for 9,50 ), which taking into account postage is cheaper than any online retailers I could use (like Rabbit I haven't got a credit card). If I can't find what I'm looking for in a real store then I get it online from either cdon.com (which is pretty cheap) or hotemil.se (which isn't cheap but have stuff not available elsewhere).

Actually, here are the price comparisons:

Ziggy Stardust: 17,95
Outside: 6,95

Don't sell Ziggy
Outside: 10,70 (99 SEK)

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(cricket menace)
10/03/06 08:11 AM
Re: Where do you buy your CD's? new [re: fiGgU_]  

1. JB Hifi
The most you pay is around $25 or just under 15 EURO, however, they have heaps of specials. This store is something of a Melbourne phenomena that has spread across the nation. Basically, they undercut the price of most other stores (which retail for more like $30 or 20 EURO per CD). The stores present themselves as a 'bargain basement' with signage and prices sketched on the back of paper bags stuck to walls.

2. DirtCheapCDs
Not as wider range but nothing over $10 AU which is I guess about 6 EURO. They have pretty much the entire Bowie catalogue going for that price.

3. Amazon
The only online store I use. I don't find it that cheap because like all major online stores, shipping to Australia pushes the costs up considerably. So the verdict is that if you're on a budget in Australia, then the 'real' retail outlets remain.......until they finally launch Amazon Australia.

(wise like orangutan)
10/03/06 05:28 PM
Hey baby, you better shop around! new [re: fiGgU_]  

My CD buying habits have changed a good bit over the years, owing almost as much to moving apartments as to changing jobs.

Traditionally, I'm more of a brick and mortar guy, as I prefer to come across things in the store instead of waiting for them in the mail, although if I can find something super cheap on half.com, I'll go for that.

For the early part of my CD buying life, I tended towards the nearly-late, always great Tower Records (which, tragically, is bankrupt yet again) and CD World in New Jersey (which had great prices, lots of used crap, and smelled nice, but is also gone).

For the year I was in Chicago, I shopped at Tower also, as well as Reckless Records on Milwaukee, to whom, as of a couple of days ago, I'm now selling CDs.

For the 2+ years I worked in a record store, I did most of my shopping there with rare exceptions, though I bought a lot more used CDs than new.

Nowadays, the vast majority of new CDs I bring home are promos from my job. Lucky for me, we distribute a fair amount of interesting stuff, so I'm rarely without something new to listen to, but the downside is that I'm sure I'm missing out on tons of stuff we don't distribute.

For the stuff I pay for, it depends on the title. For new releases on major labels, I'll go to Best Buy to take advantage of their ridiculous pricing. For most of the rest, I show love to the store I used to work at, either perusing the used section for interesting tidbits or forking over real cash for the latest Eccentric Soul release.

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(sound & visions)
10/03/06 05:39 PM
Re: Where do you buy your CD's? new [re: fiGgU_]  

At this moment I'm buying my cd's on iTunes.




(thunder ocean)
10/03/06 05:41 PM
Re: Where do you buy your CD's? new [re: Claude]  


"The meeting was for fund raising, surely this is a good thing."
- Dogz on charity

(sound & visions)
10/03/06 06:08 PM
Re: Where do you buy your CD's? new [re: K]  

You can download the cd's comfortably sitting in your home for only euro 9,90.




10/03/06 06:14 PM
Re: Where do you buy your CD's? new [re: fiGgU_]  

CD's? Why not go to your local market and buy a cheap cardboard box of nearly 100 tapes for 5 off some dodgy guy with a flatcap instead? I've had great fun listening to the completely random shite and faded quality that I've found on these wonderful products. When you get bored you can pull the tape out and festoon it around your house. Brilliant.

The best was the tape I found with some sad 30 year old bloke doing links between the songs... clearly he fancied himself as a DJ, but it was about as interesting as listening to DD74 gargling milk whilst reciting the lines to Macbeth.

Actually that would be relatively amusing for about 0.99 of your earth seconds.

"Well I'm a common working man, with a half of bitter, bread and jam and if it pleases me I'll put one on you man... when the copper fades away."

10/03/06 06:27 PM
From humans new [re: fiGgU_]  

At home: Bart's CD Cellar or Albums on the Hill.

In the bay area: Rasputin Music.

In Albuquerque: Krazy Kat (third entry. I go to Charley's sometimes too).

I don't remember the name of the place I just went to in Claremont, CA.

Sometimes in California I go to Amoeba, which has good stuff but I'm a bit squicked out by the concept of indie chains. I'm OK with Rasputin only because the first time I went there (c. 1990), it was smaller than my bedroom.

Brick-and-mortar and independent are my preferences.


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