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11/09/06 08:55 PM
Tapdancing with Shirley Temple (in the nude!) new [re: Monkeyboy]  

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I'm not suggesting that he collects kiddie porn but it stands to reason that a person who was sure there was no kiddie porn on their computer wouldn't worry so much about this claim.

It's just that it's so hard to procure!

The awful truth: The intent behind my objection to the comment was serious, which is why I objected privately to Adam and didn't bust a gut on the boards. I did not object to Shelle's allegation that I'm a pedophile, but to the threat that she hacked into my computer. I figured the probability of it being true was very low, but I still believed it was harmful to allow that sort of threat to go unchecked. I'm not astute enough about hacking to know what the possibilities are, but I do have financial stuff on my computer, mostly in the way of links to my bank and so forth. If a program that recorded keystrokes was installed, and account data (or funds) then stolen, that would be legitimately upsetting.

I think it's over the line to threaten an intrusion into, and disturbance of, another poster's actual life. What gets said on this messageboard, on the other hand, should not be a bother. Once you leave, it has no impact.

So, on the 1% chance Shelle's hacking claim was true, I felt obliged to make inquiries so as to nail her ass, if at all possible.

On the 99% chance it was false, it would have hopefully angered her to have to retract her threat.

We call that "win-win" up here in Posters' Valhalla.

Kid, you've paid your dues...dues and dues. ~J. Tweedy

11/10/06 04:09 AM
Christmas in Heaven new [re: power2charm]  

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Posters' Valhalla.

Fuck yeah, I miss that place.

Do they still have an open bar?

Wait, I guess not; that's probably why Monkeyboy left so early.

It's a celebration!

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