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11/15/06 11:33 PM
I feel so unknowledgeable new [re: Ville]  

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For my money metal is more or less about fuck-the-world-nihilism, not giving a shit and of course above all groovy gutbusting heavy guitar.

Hmm. But what about party metal like KISS and Motley Crue?

You're right, of course, that the edges are bendy and the genre is up for much discussion. My sister and I spent a 6-hour road trip discussing what could be classified as metal. Among the artists we discussed as possibilities included Smashing Pumpkins, The Pixies, and Billy Idol.

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11/16/06 08:20 AM
He's half alive, he's half dead. new [re: Tin]  

God, Buckethead. I had Monsters and Robots back when it came out, but lost or loaned it off not long after. It was kind of a trip when I came up to SF and found people were still talking about him -- I mean, I'd sure as hell forgotten about him, and if I hadn't I would have assumed he was the sort to have faded completely into an obscurity he had never really escaped long before. Instead, I've heard him mentioned about three times. Which is probably more than is warranted.

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11/16/06 09:07 AM
Re: Heavy Metal new [re: Ville]  

Slayer is indeed good speed metal, but they were the best metal band in the end of the 80's...though the new album is pretty good, but not close to Reign in Blood.

A black metal band that I like is Marduk, a swedish band from Norrköping and their album Panzer Division Marduk is pretty heavy.

Other metal bands that I like are the classic ones; Metallica, Alice Cooper (as a band and not solo), Black Sabbath, Ozzy, and so on..

Coolest band right now is difficult to say....there's too many of them. :)

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11/16/06 12:57 PM
Re: I feel so unknowledgeable new [re: WildWind]  

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Smashing Pumpkins

No rediculous costumes, a very articulated voice, lyrics, talent - the Smashing Pumpkins can't be classified as metal.

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11/16/06 01:37 PM
Have Marduk ever toured with Tiamat? new [re: th0mas]  

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No rediculous costumes

Apparently the videos from the Adore period never made it to Europe.

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If you don't want to buy an album, you can always simulate the effect of his music by going "doodleoodleoodleoodleoo" with your tongue for 20 minutes.

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11/16/06 01:49 PM
Christrapers of the world unite! new [re: fiGgU_]  

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their album Panzer Division Marduk is pretty heavy

Fuck, it's at least five years since I heard that puppy. Black Metal's answet to Metal Machine Music, except that this one isn't groundbreaking. I'd recommend the said album to anyone who's interested in hearing some thirty minutes of sonic excrement.
Then again, you gotta love a band with a song titled Fistfucking God's Planet.
Maybe I just revile the album because a friend of mine was dating a neo nazi who was obsessed with Marduk. I didn't mind his political views that much but putting my friend into intensive care after a little quarrel was a bit too much...

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11/16/06 03:17 PM
Not quite my favourite genre new [re: RabbitFighter]  

So, uh, do Melt Banana count as metal, or are they just noise?

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Marquis: The coolest band is Boris

Which is very likely true. I've been dimly aware of their presence for a number of years and I have you to thank for finally pushing me to root out their stuff. (For those of you not in the know: I recently PMed Marquees for his picks of '06, and he replied with a fistful of first-rate, uh, '05 releases, like Boris' Pink. )

It's been several years since I listened to Metallica, Black Sabbath, or G'n'R and they all (particularly G'n'R*, who I remember making a conscious effort with) struck me as momentously dull.

* Note: I'm playing off EJ's list here and assume no responsibility for his slipshod genre classifications, nor my inability to remember anything about Appetite for Destruction.

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11/16/06 04:03 PM
Do you hear them calling...FROM BEYOND?! new [re: WildWind]  

WW, I think the Pixies and the Pumpkins borrowed a few tricks from metal but I certainly would not locate them within the genre. It might be worth noting that I think a lot of bands that have been mentioned in this thread (GnR, AC/DC, Evanescence) are not metal, even if they were influenced by it.

In reply to:

Ville: The essence of True Metal can and will be debated until the end of the world.

What is and isn't "true metal" (and that is what they call it) is notoriously divisive topic among metal fans. Part of the problem is that metal has changed so much in it's 40-odd year history. If Black Sabbath was formed today sounding exactly like they did in the early 70s, most folks would hesitate to call their music "metal." To say that something is not "true" is to say that it's not in line with the current stylistic movements of the genre. GnR might have been true metal if they'd released Appetite for Destruction in 1971 instead of within a year of Scum, Reign in Blood, Sign of the Black Mark and Gluey Porch Treatments. By that point, metal was about more than just the monster riffs and stoned solos; it had begun experimenting with speed, technique, atmospherics and brutality in a way that Axl and Slash did not.

I guess what it comes down to is whether you want to consider anything that uses conventions borne of metal a metal band, or only award that title to groups who occupy or have occupied a legitimate place within an aspect of a stylistic movement within metal as it was happening. There are plenty of people who are still stuck on playing jazz as it sounded in the 1940s. Does that make them not jazz musicians? I don't know. But I do know that it makes them suck.

If you hate melodic metalcore like I do, then you might find this amusing.

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11/16/06 04:18 PM
You ain't metal without the corpsepaint new [re: White Prism]  

In reply to:

(For those of you not in the know: I recently PMed Marquees for his picks of '06, and he replied with a fistful of first-rate, uh, '05 releases, like Boris' Pink. )

Well first of all, I have to say I find it incredibly amusing that being aware of your thrice-yearly PMs to me qualifies someone as being "in the know."

Also, yeah, Pink is a 2005 album, but as it came out in the US this year through my company, I forget about that little factoid. All I can think about is the pangs of regret for not aquiring it on LP and then selling it on Ebay for $300.

As for what is and isn't metal, I feel pretty much the same way I do about what is and isn't punk, what is and isn't rap, etc., which is that I don't give a flying fuck, I just care about what is and isn't good.

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11/16/06 04:23 PM
Re: He's half alive, he's half dead. new [re: guiltpuppy]  

Regardless of your opinion of the guy, Buckethead has been in the mainstream eye thanks to a certain Axle of Rose and his lameass attempt at a reunion of Buns 'n Noses w/Buckethead and a drummer of Bay Area note as well. I've seen bits and bruises of the mess on VH1. I think this footage of that lineup appeared on yet another mtv awards show a couple years back. (And you should check out Colma anyway.)

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