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(crash course raver)
11/16/06 01:05 PM
Re: BULLSHIT!!! new [re: Monkeyboy]  

In reply to:

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 02:06:33 -0500
To: "god"
From: "Bowie Zone Forum" <correspondence@mail4.proboards.com>
Subject: Account Denied: god

Dear god,

Our staff has opted not to approve your account, and therefore it has been removed.

"NN webcomic. No assertion of notability other than a lack of artistic value." -Wikipedia
"Not for me, but thanks." -Warren Ellis
Biarre Webcomic. Updated daily, for real!

(byroad singer)
11/16/06 02:03 PM
SimpletonZone new [re: Mxy]  

I tried to enter SimpletonZone with my old account - didn't work.

I tried to get a fresh password - user unknown.

I tried to register anew - no new registrations accepted.

What did their Madman say about mistakes that were made?

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

03/02/11 06:48 PM
Re: The official calendar new [re: Starlite]  

That former TWer was fucking banging.

I'd like to have sex with her, if you know what I mean.

C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre

03/03/11 11:54 PM
Nudge nudge new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

Heh heh heh. I get what you mean. I'd go so far as to say I'd have "sexual intercourse" with her in my "bed" as soon as the "test results" came back from the "infectious diseases clini wait oh god what have I

Heh heh heh. I get what you mean. I'd even go so far as to say I'd let her ride my "magical pony" and by "magical pony", I mean "magical pony", 'cause I have a wait fuck what am I even

Heh heh heh. I get what you mean. And maybe after you're "done" with "her" I can have "sex" with "you" I mean "her" I mean

Fine. Okay. I want to have sex with you. There. You happy? ARE YOU FUCKING HAPPY?

It was never meant to be like this.


(thunder ocean)
03/04/11 05:56 AM
The good old days new [re: BZoneMadman]  

Going on a tangent from the sexy TWers of olde, re-reading this thread brought back memories. At the time this thread was active I got a private message from I_am_what_I_play in which he claimed to be a CrapZone moderator who had "exposed" the "fact" that the TW and BZ user Ville is in my alter ego. Resultingly they had apparently banned Ville from their forums for the suspected crime of being me. Their paranoia at the time was delightful!


Auntie Prism
(stardust savant)
03/04/11 08:43 AM
BowieClone is too fascist for Dogz new [re: K]  

While this thread was resurrected, I had a quick glance over there to see how BowieClone were getting on. It's only a week in, and already the shit has hit the fan.

One of the most responded-to threads is John Galliano's sacking by Dior.

Madman (the admin) is sympathetic to Galliano's claim ('I love Hitler'). Madman believes that 'Dior acted too quickly. Galliano was obviously very drunk'.

Dogz (under a new name) replies with his characteristic series of oddly placed question marks and randomly capitalised words: 'Drink, drugs whatever?... Is NO excuse for this vile/evil behaviour. This revolting little man is only a clothes designer.' (Nowadays, clothes designers and other people/professions of base stock have the temerity to have political views. He is not revolting because he has fascist views, of course, but because he has a job on the level of, I dunno, a hospital floor mopper.)

Sensing that he is losing ground to one of the forum's heavyweights, Madman retorts with this precise putdown: 'Only a clothes designer? Why is that not an important profession? If there were no clothes designers we would all be walking around nude!' (Obviously. Without our prized fashion designers, it would never occur to anyone to tip the contents of a charity collection bag over their heads and wear tanktops constructed out of flannel dusters, christmas-tinsel laced loin cloths, and tri-cornered ten-gallon hats. )

Here, Claude makes a guest appearance to defend drunken fascists with a series of bon mots such as 'in vino vertias', and Bowie's 'I believe very strongly in fascism' from Playboy. The inference is presumably that Bowie once said it, so it must be true. And surely no one would be daft enough to jeopardise their status as a True Fan™ at BC by contradicting what Bowie once said?

Dogz makes the perfectly reasonable point that Galliano's thoughts had not come out of nowhere; that they were indeed his and liquor had released thoughts he had previously suppressed. He argues that no one of a compassionate and sensible mind would agree with or defend those remarks.

Madman (admin) replies with, 'So I am not compassionate and sensible?' Peculiarly, he's taken to defending Galliano's comments as if they were his own. Or he's preparing a defence along the lines that 'being intolerant of Nazis is fascist, too!!!'

The argument, however, terminates when Dogz tires of the stupidity of his gladiatorial opponent and unexpectedly unregisters himself: 'I find your attitude most disturbing. Therefore I must leave BowieZone.'

Rather than words comes the thought of high windows

03/04/11 11:12 PM
Re: The good old days new [re: K]  

Good old days!

I'm not sure if I ever even realized I had been banned. I must have visited BZ only once.

Back when I was still a student I wanted to give a presentation about TW and related things, but I decided I didn't have enough material. Though, I did mention the tubgirl thing and the Pink Floyd incident as side notes in some other presentation I did.

Ah, the memories ...

03/05/11 03:36 AM
Re: BowieClone is too fascist for Dogz new [re: Auntie Prism]  

In reply to:

The argument, however, terminates when Dogz tires of the stupidity of his gladiatorial opponent and unexpectedly unregisters himself: 'I find your attitude most disturbing. Therefore I must leave BowieZone.'

The Dogz equivalent of when Paulie says "I must turn my back on you now" to Henry Hill in GoodFellas?

(Reality Ale)
03/05/11 06:55 PM
Re: BowieClone is too fascist for Dogz new [re: ziggfried]  

It also sounds like something Darth Vader might say before initiating a force powered choke hold. In many respects Dogz has the same effect in that I nearly died from laughing at the sheer inanity of his statement.

The more things change... the more irritating it gets

03/05/11 07:15 PM
Re: BowieClone is too fascist for Dogz new [re: Persilot]  

Yeah, I thought of "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" too. Also, Nixon's "Therefore, I shall resign the presidency, effective at noon tomorrow!"

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