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(cricket menace)
02/03/07 10:02 PM
07 new [re: sonofsilence]  

Brett Anderson has an eponymous debut set for March 26 release.

Jens Lekman has also been working on a new album.

A reformed Crowded House have Time On Earth (recorded by Neil Finn and Nick Seymour) due for release.

Wilco have a new album titled Sky Blue Sky due May 15.

Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy has the first tentative release date since it's announcement - March 6.



(crash course raver)
02/04/07 00:29 AM
Re: Hot Releases for 2007 new [re: sonofsilence]  

Maximo are like Franz Ferdinand, only much, much better.

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(grinning soul)
02/11/07 06:41 PM
Re: Hot Releases for 2007 new [re: sonofsilence]  

The new Smashing Pumpkins album has a title - Zeitgeist - and a release date - Saturday 7 July in the States.

This is a move away from the standard industry practice which sees albums usually released on a Tuesday. (Corgan, perhaps indulging his rock deity desires, was likely drawn to the prospect of releasing the album on the 07/07/07).

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(cricket menace)
02/24/07 08:57 AM
tori new [re: flossie]  

Tori Amos will release her 9th studio album 'American Doll' in May. A world tour in support of the album will commence in Rome, Italy on May 28th.



(every nation's refugee)
02/24/07 01:09 PM
Re: Hawt! new [re: sonofsilence]  

In reply to:

I still think Moon Safari is their best

well duh

In reply to:

Talkie Walkie is still pretty good though.

shit, i like 10K legend a lot

didn't even know they had a new one out. where's the press?!

hope it's as good as its title

(mortal with potential)
02/24/07 01:50 PM
Re: Hot Releases for 2007 new [re: Tristan]  


Bjork - Totempole

Due for release on 07/05/2007

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(legendary cowboy)
02/24/07 04:36 PM
Re: Hot Releases for 2007 new [re: Modesty_Blaise]  

That was a tentative release date. Now the front page at bjork.com reads 07.0X.YX - New Album (tbc).

We have a finished record: release date and name to be confirmed in the very near future.

I've read that Totempole is the generic name given to all OLI albums before the official title is released.

Other titles floating around are, Volta, Apricot, Rococo, Bifid & Chromosome.

Personally, I have no knowledge of what the title is, but Im looking more forward to this new release than any other new release being mentioned for 2007.

Shes already booked to perform live at these Festivals:

Paleo Festival, Switzerland - July 25
Roskilde, DK - July 5
Open'er, PL - July 1
Rock Werchter, Belgium - June 28
Glastonbury, UK - June 22
Sasquatch Festival, USA - May 26
Coachella, USA - April 27

Trying to navigate TW reminds me of what it was like having dial-up service.

(band intro)
02/24/07 06:14 PM
A hot release in 2007 new [re: sonofsilence]  

Please visit my Message Board so I can ban you.

(two inch thoughts)
02/24/07 06:41 PM
Re: A hot release in 2007 new [re: Monkeyboy]  

hot new band Some Velvet Morning seeing them on the 8th of March

my site - updated Jan 07

02/24/07 10:10 PM
Re: A hot release in 2007 new [re: sonofsilence]  

VERY much looking forward to the release of "Sound of Silver" in March by LCD Soundsystem. Their debut self titled album absolutely rocked, and the lead single off this album "North American Scum" is very much in the vein of "Daft Punk is Playing at My House" (which for those of you in the know, was totally different to every other track on the album, one of their big plusses - VARIETY )

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