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(sound & visions)
05/01/07 09:32 AM
Re: I should buy that. new [re: K]  

Please, read here!




(thunder ocean)
05/01/07 11:11 AM
You should stop being so fucking condescending new [re: Claude]  

It was available to buy during gigs of the 2006 tour. So even though the more widepsread release was this year, it was still originally released in 2006.

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(sound & visions)
05/01/07 03:05 PM
Re: You have to stop to be so fussy! new [re: K]  

You are so fussy..... the official release date is 2007!




05/02/07 12:23 PM
Prodigal new [re: sonofsilence]  

Though a new release this year would be a surprise (albeit an incredibly pleasant one), old four-eyes rejoining Blur is great news.

Also Pig Out's EP follow-up to their critically acclaimed Technique-era New Order homage Club Poems should be fucking amazing.

Has anyone heard Year Zero? Can't find it here yet and I'm loathe to download it, though I am going to the gig in a couple of weeks and am prepared to do what it takes in order to be au fait with the new material.

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looking glass
05/02/07 01:10 PM
Re: Prodigal new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

as a forever fan of all things reznor, i certainly think year zero is amazing, but not blindly. there are soundscapes and structures and different perspectives never explored on a nine inch nails record before, and the throwbacks and old-familiar tricks still sound fresh. the lyrics aren't as trite as previous, to boot.

i'm surprised you can't purcahse it over there, adrian, and envious you get to catch one of the first gigs of this tour.

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looking glass
05/02/07 01:13 PM
Re: Double Down on Dear new [re: 96dbFreak]  

In reply to:

Finally the excitement of The Fall’s latest album, Reformation: Post TLC a couple of months back has been superseded recently by the arrival of Mark E. Smith’s collaboration with Mouse On Mars under the name Von Südenfed and their album Tromatic Reflexxions which is just stunning.

i want to get my hands on this...i was lukewarm on the new fall record (i don't loathe it, but it's a bit of a let down after the past few), but this new collaboration sounds pretty worthwhile.

hands up, WHO WANTS TO DIE!

05/02/07 01:45 PM
It never ends new [re: looking glass]  

Is this officially a new tour? My brother saw them on their European jaunt in March with Ladytron as support, a line-up that reads as a wet dream to me, especially since the latter still haven't made it here on the Witching Hour tour.

Still, it's my first time to see Nine Inch Nails after 10 years of fandom so I'm getting pretty excited!

I bet people can't wait to read my memoirs

05/02/07 04:59 PM
Re: Double Down on Dear new [re: looking glass]  

Even though I like the new album and the new "Ameican band", Tromatic Reflexxions is a great leap forward (or possibly backwards) in MES's sound. Some great stuff on there.

I agree with what you say about the NIN album (new sounds/old sounds). I've copied it to my son to listen to (to try to wean him off Franz Ferdinand and Jet onto something edgier).


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(wise like orangutan)
05/02/07 05:20 PM
Numfy in Vomica new [re: 96dbFreak]  

I think this may have come out in other parts of the world last year sometime, but we've just gotten Nux Vomica by The Veils. Pretty good, at least in the first half, with bits of Dresden Dolls, Decemberists, Suede, Nick Cave...well, let's say a bit of everything.

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05/02/07 05:34 PM
Re: It never ends new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

In my opinion the new Nine Inch Nails album is one of the best things Trent Reznor's ever done, not to mention a massive improvement over the merely-okay With Teeth. I think shifting away from the personal to the political was a wise move on his part, a direction I was hoping he'd go in since I saw him on the With Teeth tour (one of the best live shows I've ever seen, including Bowie).

And, for what it's worth, it's probably the most depressing album he's ever done. Make of that what you will.

Edit: also, "Capital G" sucks balls. The rest is ace, though!

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