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02/03/07 10:00 PM
Depression new  

Has any of you ever been depressed or have you known anyone who has been? And how did you ( or they ) get over it? Or did you ( they )?

Maybe it's just normal for some or all of us to sometimes feel like worthless pieces of shit for no reason. Or maybe there's just something wrong with the times we're living in.

How do you get help when you know you need it but are not able to ask?

And to tie a music discussion to this:
certainly there are some songs that help get people by at these times. At some unfortunate times I find myself listening repeatedly to Springsteen's Streets of Philadelphia, Peter Gabriel's and Kate Bush's Don't Give Up, and when I'm running around punching on walls I listen to Guns'n'Roses Ain't it Fun ( which tends to make things somewhat worse ).

What are your survival songs?

(band intro)
02/04/07 00:14 AM
Narcissism new [re: Ville]  

In reply to:

Has any of you ever been depressed or have you known anyone who has been?

Not clinically. Or not diagnosed, at least. But when you live my great fucking life it's hard not to burst into song every five minutes. However, those around me have tended to go into fits of depression. I think they are probably just seeking attention.

In reply to:

And how did you ( or they ) get over it? Or did you ( they )?

( they ) were given happy pills to pop in order to "properly" adjust ( their ) moods - or lack thereof. ( I ), on the other hand, have found that psychiatry is evil and people shouldn't medicate themselves. I know what psychiatry does to people. I know...

In reply to:

Maybe it's just normal for some or all of us to sometimes feel like worthless pieces of shit for no reason. Or maybe there's just something wrong with the times we're living in.

You think? Ever read The Catcher In the Rye? It's, like, really deep man.

In reply to:

How do you get help when you know you need it but are not able to ask?

There's a corner in a town by here where you can pick up day laborers for a nominal fee. Them Mexicans have strong backs!

In reply to:

What are your survival songs?

Eye of the Tiger
We Built This City
and, my go-to song:
Walking On Sushine

Now buck up, faggot. Get your fat head out of the oven.

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(crash course raver)
02/04/07 00:33 AM
Re: Depression new [re: Ville]  

Diamond Dogs (album) got me through the hardest breakup I've encountered so far. In case I feel blue, there's always punk rock. Or Leonard Cohen.

Heaven is a place where
Nothing ever happens

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02/04/07 02:24 AM
(a sidebar) new [re: Monkeyboy]  

Alright, so I was looking around Wikipedia for a sort of "where are they now?" peek at Katrina and the Waves because I figured that they're surely playing that fucking song at state fairs accross the country or something. Then I found this great quote from Katrina:

(about hurricane Katrina)"The first time I opened the paper and saw 'Katrina kills 9,' it was a bit of a shock. It's a very sad situation, but I'm sure the strength and good will of the survivors will turn it around. I hope that the true spirit of 'Walking on Sunshine' will prevail"

Fucking rad.

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(stardust savant)
02/04/07 03:59 AM
Re: Depression new [re: Ville]  

Pretty much everyone I associate with has been severely depressed at one time or another. My general view is that: if you haven't been really down about the state of your life/the world at some point, you're probably not very aware of yourself or your surroundings. (Then, there are some people who get depressed for these very same reasons, because they don't understand what's really bugging them. These people are usually easy to spot, because they're retarded.)

Depression seems like a natural thing to me. I have had my fair share of the blues (not Kraft-type macaroni and cheese blues.. but, the serious stuff), however, this also seems to make me appreciate the good times much more.

When I first started college, my doctor prescribed an anti-depressant for me, because I had been inexplicably losing a lot of weight (I was still being a lazy bastard, I just wasn't eating). So, I started taking the Lexapro and after a few weeks, I realized I was getting the motivation to exercize my fatty demons, and I was starting to feel "better."

Then I realized, no.. I just wasn't feeling. Everything was diminished - my sadness, my happiness, my creativity.. everything that I felt made me the fucked up, wonderful creature that I tend to be.

I stopped taking it, and soon realized this meant lots more time spent on goofy shit that provides instant gratification - such as the internet, drinking, hanging out with friends - rather than actual work, or anything very productive, really. (Come to think of it, TW has probably contributed to my depression, at times. Can't we change the color scheme to a nice pastel yellow and orange or something?)

If you really want to stop being so sad, go out and find someone just as pathetic, if not more, to have sex with... and maybe start jogging? Who knows. If you start going to the gym and you don't always look like you are about to rig a noose up to the treadmill, you might meet someone who is equally as interested in finding a better diversion than being very attractive. (Which still doesn't help if there's no one to appreciate it.)

Finally, the best advice I can give is to not focus on yourself so much. I know it's difficult, but it helps to invest your efforts into other peoples' problems - people that you care about, and for all you know, could be suffering more than you are.

When I'm feeling shitty, I listen to a lot of Okkervil River, because Will Sheff knows sad. He knows it, and he owns it, and he serves it up cold with a side dish of "holy fuck."

But, if I had to choose some "survival songs" in particular, they would be:

The Newbeats - Bread and Butter
The Pointer Sisters - Jump (For My Love)
The Beverly Hills Cop Theme
Q. Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses

"And don't call us Maltesers." - Marquis

(thunder ocean)
02/04/07 06:51 AM
Re: Depression [re: Ville]  

Have been depressed quite a few times. Like Munkeyboy, not diagnosed, but I'd say that seriously contemplating suicide because there seems no point in life counts as being depressed.

I'm perhaps lucky that my depression rarely lasts for more than a few days at a time. In my experience the best way to make it go away is to get really really angry , so I usually end up listening to stuff like The Pretty Things are Going to Hell to get myself worked up.

Q: What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a plastic bag?
A: One is made of plastic and is dangerous to kids, while the other is used to carry your groceries home.

(legendary cowboy)
02/04/07 11:56 AM
Re: Depression new [re: Ville]  

(crash course raver)
02/04/07 12:39 PM
Re: Depression new [re: Tristan]  

When I get depressed, I get angry. I'm angry and I hate everything and everybody. Fortunately, this makes me work better and harder and more conscientiously.

(chameleon, comedian, corinthian and caricature)
02/04/07 02:07 PM
Re: Narcissism new [re: Monkeyboy]  

In reply to:

I think they are probably just seeking attention.

So true..

In my experience at least eight out of ten supposed cases of depression have indeed been forms of attention seeking - it's a painstaking test of ones endurance, but if one actually takes the time to sit down and listen to what they have to say, or watch & praise them for juggling fruit; they will more often than not admit that they weren't depressed at all, and all they really wanted in the first instance was somebody's attention.

Of course manic depression is another thing altogether - people who're diagnosed as being clinically depressed should be treated appropriately, and they very often are, which is nice.

On a personal level, I seldom get depressed - It could be that I'm slightly retarded and don't actually know whether I'm depressed or not, as JarethsGirl has suggested previously, but I prefer to believe that I'm a happy go lucky type of person with a firm grip on reality - don't get me wrong, naturally I'll get down in the mouth if somebody close to me dies or somebody with a bigger penis than me fucks my partner, and I'm adamant that I'd be hugely depressed if the doctor told me I was terminally ill; but there's the crux of the whole subject of depression in a nutshell for me, 'cause if somebody walked up and told me they were depressed because they'd just been told that they would be dead within the next couple of years, I'd jolly well believe them.

02/04/07 02:07 PM
boohoo new [re: Ville]  

I've been depressed, diagnosed, medicated. First time I tried the pills they helped a little but I think that, really speaking, they should only be used for people with severe mania and moodswings. The second time they put me on them I took them for a few weeks then threw them away because they were fucking with me too much. Nowadays I'm really happy with my life and have very few stresses away from work, but I still get some really low times. It has been impressed on me that there are lots of factors that contribute, diet being one of the main ones.

Ultimate depression songs: "The Golden Age" by Beck, "I Let a Good Thing Go" by Gemma Hayes, "Bitter Sweet" by Roxy Music and "Bumblebee" by JJ72.

"The challenge of modernity is to live without illusions and without becoming disillusioned" - Antonio Gramsci

(stardust savant)
02/04/07 04:22 PM
Re: Depression new [re: Ville]  

I've had plenty of experience, get to take meds for life and have had little good experience with therapists. I usually find some small thing that I can hold onto when I get down in the dirt. There's always been something, be it a friend or a song or a goal...

Good ol' Chumbawumba's "I Get Knocked Down"
The Wonder Stuff's "Grin"
OutKast's "B.O.B."

and for the more grrrr side of the killjoys:
Big Black's "Kerosene"
Birthday Party's "Big Jesus Trash Can" or is that Bad Seeds?
Urge Overkill's "Positive Bleeding"

It is my opinion and I am unanimous in this, because it is my opinion, which is, in fact, mine.

(cracked actor)
02/04/07 11:20 PM
Re: Depression new [re: Tin]  

I went through deperession, and this was partly because of my uncle died, he had lived with us almost my whole life. That and two classmates commited suicide. That and I was 16 or 17, happy and then sad in such strange rates.
I was on prozac, and slowly weened off it over the end of the year that I was on it. I went through it again when I was 20 and dumped by my then boyfreind. But that time I wasn't on prozac, I just lost weight.
I like Journeys Trial by Fire. I dunno why, I love that CD. Also, anything that is playing at a freinds house.


02/05/07 06:02 AM
Re: Depression new [re: Ville]  

One Hot Minute by the Red Hot Chili Peppers I associate very strongly with depression. So much so I can only listen to it now when I am depressed, or if I listen to it when I'm not, it makes me depressed. I think it's the darkness in the aggression of the songs.

I also tend to listen to Closer by Joy Division when I'm depressed. Cliche I know.

Turn off the television - put on romantic vinyl

(stardust savant)
02/05/07 08:15 AM
Markissism new [re: Strawman]  

In reply to:

I prefer to believe that I'm a happy go lucky type of person..

That is what you would prefer to believe, you grumpy old ginger Faig.

In reply to:

It could be that I'm slightly retarded and don't actually know whether I'm depressed or not..

I said you were slightly retarded for not knowing what it is exactly that you are down about, on the very brief occasions that you aren't being your warm, sunny, twinkling cunt-face self. On the other hand, you said you were slightly retarded by completely missing my point...

"And don't call us Maltesers." - Marquis

02/05/07 09:49 PM
Re: Depression new [re: Tin]  

Big Jesus Trashcan is indeed the Birthday Party.

I have a feeling that Grinderman is going to be a good un for these sorts of situations. "No Pussy Blues" being the yardstick by which I'm measuring.

Turn off the television - put on romantic vinyl

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