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03/28/07 03:29 AM
"Teen Wolf" is racist new  

In the movie Teen Wolf, Michael J. Fox plays Scott Howard, an average player for his high school basketball team until he discovers he is a werewolf. When Scott changes into "the wolf," he becomes a star basketball player, takes his team to the grand final, and wins the regional championship. He also becomes a show-off, has women fighting over him, can sniff out hidden stashes of marijuana, and adamantly declares "I'm not a fag!" to his best friend Stiles.

The people who made Teen Wolf send out the message that to be a good basketball player, you have to be a werewolf. In the real world, which people are good basketball players? Black people. Therefore, being a werewolf is a metaphor for being a black person.

The people who made Teen Wolf are suggesting that black people are obnoxious, sex-crazed, pot-smoking, homophobic animals.

(stardust savant)
03/28/07 05:24 AM
Re: "Teen Wolf" is racist new [re: ziggfried]  

I have a similar problem with another "family" movie, that just so happens to fall into Michael J. Fox's body of work...

Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco.

Now, don't get me wrong... Both versions of the original Homeward Bound are pure gold. But, there's some strange subtext going on in HB2LISF.

For one, it seems a bit suspicious to me that they changed the voiceover talent for Sassy, (an outspoken, saucy black feline, mind you), from Sally Field to Whoopi Goldberg. Even more disturbing was Sassy's newfound penchant for Newport 100's and Olde English. Besides that, it really seemed out of character and totally disconnected from the plot when she took the $159 in change they'd been collecting for the journey home and blew it at Baby Foot Locker on some tiny Nike Retros.

The subtle stereotyping didn't end there... Shadow's voiceover actor was different as well, but.. actually I think that's because the first guy died... But, anyway, they could have chosen anyone. Why do you suppose they went straight to Harvey Fierstein? (That is, after Elton John declined...)

Some of the things Shadow did in the sequel did not reflect the sage-like, kind ol' grandpa character I'd come to know and love from the first film. For one - the scene where he does ecstasy and gets all eight nipples pierced? Which they go to directly after three random cutaways to him grinding on a worried-looking Chance at a crowded discotheque with Desert Sandstorm blaring over the aging retriever's yelps of joy (I think we can all guess who the "catcher" was in that torrid affair). And, the new catch phrase just didn't sit right with me. "I wants me some of that." He would say it EVERY single time they showed a male dog from the back, which became a gratuitous, running joke and lost it's luster after about the first three pairs of dog nuts. Then there's the whole thing with him staying in San Francisco.

And, Chance... Well, I guess Chance pretty much stayed the same, but there were some obvious emotional scars surfacing in Homeward Bound III: The Darkest Shadow. Which I felt was beautifully directed by Ang Lee, bee tee dubya. The flashback scenes were absolutely gutting...

Anyway, I'm probably just reading too much into it.

I have a couple of fag women I go hunting with. - Altoid

(crash course raver)
03/28/07 08:41 AM
Re: "Teen Wolf" is racist new [re: ziggfried]  

Yes, I agree, Teen Wolf is a subtle way of expressing hatred of blacks. But it's not the first movie to do this.

Remember King Kong, where the ape comes from Africa into the US and kidnaps a blonde white woman? Possibly he raped her too. This ape was lynched atop the Empire State Building.

(cracked actor)
03/28/07 11:50 AM
"Teen Wolf" is not racist new [re: ziggfried]  

Teen Wolf isn't racist. You are just mental. Stop it.

he bought me a soda and he tried to molest me in the parking lot

03/28/07 03:16 PM
Re: "Teen Wolf" is racist new [re: ziggfried]  

I think everyone is missing the most important point which is that "Teen Wolf" is a pile of shite.

You sit there in your comfort, you don't believe I'm real. But you cannot buy protection from the way that I feel!

03/28/07 05:58 PM
Re: "Teen Wolf" is not racist new [re: Rose_Stardust]  

In reply to:

Teen Wolf isn't racist. You are just mental. Stop it.

I simply notice what is obvious. In he movie Teen Wolf Too, Jason Bateman plays Scott Howard's cousin, Todd Howard, who becomes a star boxer at college when he changes into "the wolf." In the real world, which people are good at boxing...?

Coincidence? I think not. Face it. The Teen Wolf franchise is racist. You choose to live in ignorance.

(wise like orangutan)
03/28/07 06:35 PM
You want a leg or a wing or something? new [re: ziggfried]  

Teen Wolf is definitive proof that Michael J. Fox is the most talented actor of his generation. Watch the movie, watch his performance, the way he's able to sell the most awful dialogue this side of Titanic. But most of all, watch the coach of the team, because that guy is HILARIOUS!

They let the retard in the game and he went wild.

03/28/07 07:16 PM
ziggfried is paranoid [re: ziggfried]  

In reply to:

In the real world, which people are good basketball players? Black people.

Andrew Gaze and Lauren Jackson aren't black, stop generalising. It's almost as bad as being racist

Love is the Province of the Brave

(phunnix little bunnix)
03/30/07 06:46 AM
Re: "Teen Wolf" is racist new [re: ziggfried]  

I think director Rod "I hate niggers" Daniel put it all in a nutshell when he said he directed the film.

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