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(cracked actor)
04/12/07 04:10 PM
I'm scared  

Because I got a call from family planning, saying that my pap smear showed some cellular changes, and that between augest 2 and october 2nd, they want me to get another done.

I want to tell mom, but then I don't, because she will freak out, and say she was right, that I shouldn't have gone on birth control.

Well, I am 22 years old.

So, John (boyfreind) and I plan to move sometime in Auguest, maybe I can get the papsmear done and nothing will be wrong and she won't have to know.

But like A good freind said, perhaps I should tell her in case I have any family history of something.

The lady on the phone said not to worry at all, John said not to worry, because if anything was really wrong they'd have me go in right away, but telling me not to worry is like asking the night to never come, it is gonna happen.

So..I've been a good girl, in comparison with those I know. I didn't have sex until almost 20, have only had three partners my whole life. One was a guy I loved, one was a guy I knew wasn't a meaningful relationship but didn't know he was for one night stands. The only guy I havn't used a condom with is John, and if I ...caught anything, it'd have to be from him, and he probobly caught it from his skank ex Emily. (fiance) Thats jumping to extremes. I know my pap results before I stopped using condoms never yeilded anything unusual, and I know that birth control alone can do this.

But Fuck....I have to wait until Auguest, what will I do?


(band intro)
04/12/07 04:45 PM
Re: I'm scared new [re: Vanessa_Y]  

I think Pastor Phelps is the best one to give advice on this matter.

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(stardust savant)
04/12/07 06:48 PM
Re: I'm scared new [re: Monkeyboy]  

Where's Candida when you need her?

I don't really have any knowledge to give you on the matter Vanessa, but as far as advice goes.. You know your mom better than we do. If the only thing you are worried about hearing is, "I told you so," maybe you should swallow your pride and talk to her. If you think she's gonna harp on it and make you feel worse, keep it to yourself until you know more.

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04/12/07 08:17 PM
Re: I'm scared new [re: Vanessa_Y]  

I really wouldn’t worry about it too much, “cellular changes” is not cancer and is not uncommon. Very often these “cellular changes” turn out to be nothing and nothing untoward develops. Even if it does, cervical cancer was the first cancer that was able to be cured completely and this cure is dependent upon early detection. You’re not even at the early detection stage, but you’re being monitored so you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. This should have been explained to you by your doctor (you should see a doctor, BTW, not just some lady at a clinic on the phone).

However stop taking contraceptive pills and start using condoms. Contraceptive pills are incredibly bad for you in so many ways and condoms are incredibly good for your and your boyfriend’s health in so many ways.


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(cracked actor)
04/12/07 10:52 PM
Re: I'm scared new [re: 96dbFreak]  

I had an abnormal test one time, which turned out to be some inflammation which was easily dealt with.

Stu I tend to disagree with you about the use of contraceptive pills. I've used them since I became sexually active at 18 (with breaks to have my two children) and have had no problems at all with them. In fact I'm still taking them at age 48, to regulate my cycle and control heavy monthly bleeding. I see a doctor every 3 months, my blood pressure is fine, I exercise regularly and I'm disgustingly healthy

If I wasn't in a monogamous long term relationship yes I would be using condoms as well as the pill

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04/12/07 11:22 PM
Re: I'm scared new [re: Bandit]  

Fair enough Bandit, particular for the cycle regulation aspect, though there are many health risks associated with oestrogen intake, as I'm sure you know. Then again if you've been taking it for 30 years without any ill-effect then I'm sure you're not going to have too many problems.

The main benefit of barrier methods of contraception, especially condoms, is that in addition to stopping unwanted pregnancy they also prevent the transmission of infections. This is not just venereal diseases but all sorts of other infections.


"You complete me twister!" - Remade/Remodeled

04/13/07 00:10 AM
Re: I'm scared new [re: 96dbFreak]  

Yeah Stu, i'm with Bandit on this one.... I have always been much healthier on the pill than off it which is why I choose to stay on it instead of using alternative methods.

Vanessa, 'abnormal' cells are pretty common, and a second smear is merely precautionary rather than reactionary. You are very lucky that you are wise enough at your age to be having pap smears and for this to be picked up now and dealt with if necessary. The amount of women who never have paps is scary, and if they were to have abnormal cells go unchecked, there is a small chance they could go on to be cancerous in years to come.

I went through the same thing at your age, feel free to PM me if you want

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04/13/07 00:41 AM
Anyone tried the rhythm method? new [re: Vanessa_Y]  

Contraceptive pills? Condoms? Screw paying for profilactics!

I have two foolproof methods for avoiding sexual misadventures: pulling out and a fake I.D.; as far as my girlfriend is concerned, my name is Steve McQueen Mackabitch from Woolamoloo, Australia.

Seriously though, I think you should tell your mother Vanessa because it's better to get things out in the open now. She knows you have a long-term boyfriend so I doubt she'll call you a slut... will she?

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04/13/07 00:59 AM
Re: Anyone tried the rhythm method? new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

In reply to:

...as far as my girlfriend is concerned...

Your "girlfriend"? Yeah, right.


"You complete me twister!" - Remade/Remodeled

(incestuous and vain)
04/13/07 05:14 PM
Serious advise new [re: Vanessa_Y]  

If "told you so" is the sort of reply you'd expect from your own mother, I'd consider stabbing the bitch.

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