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08/28/07 06:50 PM
Re: An End Has a Start = poetry new [re: SoulLoveChild]  

Interpol are wonderful. Like you, SLC, I too fell for them when the first album came out. I wasnít too enamoured of Antics, but I absolutely adore Our Love To admire.

If you havenít heard them SLC, I can heartily recommend Editors who sound like an English version of Interpol and whose two albums, The Back Room and An End Has A Start are marvellous.

Morose? Maybe. But just dig the subtlety, dude.


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08/29/07 00:45 AM
Re: IMR Hold new [re: Marquis]  

In reply to:

The question being, for this and the studio album, who's gonna release it? Their [Radiohead] deal with EMI is up, and they aren't expected to re-up.

Well perhaps we've found the reason its being postponed til 08 then. They're probably too busy forming a label to release the damned thing.

Was Thom Yorke's solo album an indie?

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08/29/07 02:35 AM
the fat of the land new [re: Forgotten_Boy]  

In reply to:

Was Thom Yorke's solo album an indie?

it was released by xl, which i believe is an offshoot of sony. (edit: i believed wrong, It's an indie)

and, come on, any label would be gagging to release a Radiohead record... the eraser itself charted at 2 in the us and 3 in the uk.

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08/29/07 04:51 AM
Re: An End Has a Start = poetry new [re: 96dbFreak]  

In reply to:

But just dig the subtlety, dude.

As loathe as I am to take seriously someone who could string the above combination of words together, it is possible that I simply haven't heard Interpol's better material. What's more likely though is that their musical style really doesn't appeal to me. I like plenty of dark music, and some that's quite depressing, but I've never detected any semblance of sexuality or a sense of humour in Interpol.

And they're certainly not Beckett.

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08/29/07 05:09 AM
Re: An End Has a Start = poetry new [re: theidiot2]  

In reply to:

I've never detected any semblance of sexuality or a sense of humour in Interpol.

Not a bad band but indeed way too earnest. Too much for the head, too little for body and soul.

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

08/29/07 06:57 AM
Re: An End Has a Start = poetry new [re: EJ]  

I should also say I'm not a fan of the beats Interpol and Editors use. My big beef with rock in general these days is that you can't dance to it, it's just not groovy enough anymore.

Everyday I agree more with Strawman

08/30/07 07:39 AM
and she's from Bromley new [re: sonofsilence]  

I read that Siouxsie is putting out a new (debut!) solo album. The review in Mojo piqued my interest, although I haven't really been collecting her more recent stuff.

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09/01/07 10:58 AM
Re: Hot Releases for 2007 [re: sonofsilence]  

Just heard the new Bat for Lashes song. Whats a Girl to Do? what a great song. It's a mini epic. Check it out you can get it for free on i-tunes

my site - updated Jan 07

09/10/07 10:17 PM
wake up, mr west! new [re: sonofsilence]  

just got the new kanye album, graduation. the synthesisers can be pretty cool but at the moment, aside from the astonishing daft punk-sampling stronger, not a single track stands out for me. still hope he sells more than fiddy though.

desperately trying to get hold of the new go! team album, proof of youth... anyone heard it?

The truth is always subversive - Martha Gellhorn

09/10/07 10:40 PM
Re: Hot Releases for 2007 new [re: sonofsilence]  

For some reason in recent weeks Iíve really been getting into albums of music of great beauty, or at least exceptional prettiness. Some of them are brand new and others are a year or two old. One of them is over 20 years old.

Probably my favourite album of the moment is actually released today (though it was leaked to the internet months ago) and thatís Autumn of The Seraphs by San Diegoís Pinback. These guys are endlessly inventive. Iíd give Monkeyboyís right arm for half of their songwriting talent. As usual theyíve produced it themselves, which always gives their work a kind of home-made feel, but that lack of gloss is no bad thing, especially with songs as good as they always come up with. One of my favourite songs is called Torch which sounds a bit like something by the now sadly demised Supersystem.

Another beautiful record is Population by Canadians The Most Serene Republic. Itís another leak (itís not due for release for another month) and continues the eclectic folky/jazzy/poppy wonderment of their debut, 2004ís Underwater Cinematographer

Iím playing catchup hear, but last yearís Let's Build a Fire by +/- (a.k.a. Plus/Minus) is very pretty music. Often quite delicate in their arrangements the songs have a gentle sweetness that is sometimes ironically accentuated by a rocky electronic backing.

Another lovely 2006 album is Some Echoes by Aloha, the follow-up to their 2004 debut, the equally lovely Here Comes Everyone.

I finally got round to hearing the Mercury Music Prize-nominated Fur And Gold by Bat For Lashes and it is an exceptional and quite beautiful album. Like BjŲrk meets Kate Bush, but with slightly less quirkiness than both.

Another album of total gorgeousness is Dandelion Gum by Black Moth Super Rainbow from Pittsburgh. Strange psychedelic pop and quite enchanting. Itís their third album and Iím really curious to hear the first two.

The ďoldĒ album I mentioned earlier is Gone To Earth by David Sylvian which passed me by when it came out in 1986 but which Iím glad Iíve finally discovered since itís beautiful, as is his more recent (2005) Nine Horses piece, Snow Bound Sorrow.

Another recent amazing album is subHuman by the Recoil project of former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder. Beautiful electronica complimented by two guest vocalists. Indescribable but essential.

My final recent beautiful album is Leaves in the River by Sea Wolf which is kinda indie folk and most unusual, with some delightful poetic imagery. Strangely they also occasionally remind me of the erstwhile Supersystem, albeit with a softer, gentler, more acoustic feel.

They donít really fit into the ďbeautifulĒ category, but thereís another couple of albums that Iíve discovered lately and that I canít stop listening to. Itís funny how one record can lead you to another. UNKLEís recent album War Stories featured two bands that Iíd never heard of before, but Iím glad that UNKLE introduced me to them since 2004ís Future Perfect by LA indie band Autolux and 2005ís Cuts Across The Land by Englandís The Duke Spirit are both amazing.

Finally Oceansize from Manchester are about to release their third album, Frames which is crackingly good indie-prog.

Iíd also give an honourable mention to Norwegians 120 Days whose eponymous psych-pop debut from last year is stunning.


Monkeyboy molests kittens with his pencil dick

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