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04/28/08 11:04 AM
What?? new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

Billy Joel (three times)

I just thought this one deserved to be highlighted.

It's LABRYNTH, idiot!

(cricket menace)
04/28/08 11:15 AM
Re: What?? new [re: Emil]  

I think on the first occasion, I genuinely liked him. The second occasion was the Elton John / Billy Joel "Face to Face" tour and for that I have no real excuses (but actually wish I did). The last occasion was mainly out of duty to a close friend who adores him.



(thunder ocean)
04/28/08 12:14 PM
Re: Artists You've Never Seen Perform Live..... new [re: Adam]  

Considering the list of artists that I have seen can be counted with the fingers of one hand (and you'd be left with several extra), I'm not sure how much point there is to this... then again, I'm not much of a fan of concerts anyway, so the list will only include acts I really really want to see.

Sparks (although this will be rectified this summer)
John Foxx
Gary Numan (preferrably without the crap he's made since 1994)
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Pet Shop Boys

"I also had a photo of my favourite cheese, but I ate it."

tv eye
04/28/08 03:10 PM
Re: Artists You've Never Seen Perform Live..... new [re: K]  

1. leonard cohen
2. daddy on a tour that doesn't suck (heathen/reality tours don't count)
3. old smashing pumpkins with billy corgan slightly less crazy
4. elvis costello
5. (i had to think really hard for this one - i guess i'm just not that interested in seeing/hearing live music anymore) - let's say peter gabriel (only if he uses segways)

(mortal with potential)
04/28/08 03:48 PM
Re: Artists You've Never Seen Perform Live..... new [re: tv eye]  

Björk - but that changes on Sunday!

Dr. Andrew Broad

looking glass
04/28/08 03:50 PM
Re: Artists You've Never Seen Perform Live..... new [re: K]  

i would put john foxx, kraftwerk, and gary numan on my list, too. i had the opportunity to see numan in 2006, but passed for some stupid reason. otherwise:

1. cocteau twins: they were very close to a reunion for coachella, but fizzled out. a shame.

2. wire: on again, off again, on again, off again. they're coming out with a new record this year (supposedly), and so i imagine it'll happen

3. devo: will be rectifying this in a few months, just secured tickets today.

4. cranes: interviewed the singer, but was too young to catch their gig in the city that fall.

5. einsturzende neubauten: get thee back to the united states and quit yer bitchin'.

6. killing joke: must buy tickets for their october show(s). they're playing with the original lineup (minus the dead bass player) and focusing on new material, which is the only stuff of theirs i care for. sign me up.

7. mazzy star: this one's pure fantasy. jesus and mary chain were disappointing, so bring back their counterpart, and let's see how they do.

8. foetus: i see jim thirwell walking around the village on a semi-regular basis, but have yet to see the man perform in concert. doesn't matter what pseudonym.

9. scott walker: a longshot. he hasn't performed in decades.

10. throbbing gristle: saw psychic tv a few years ago. good, but not great. naturally, this wasn't a possibility until they reunited a few years back.

hands up, WHO WANTS TO DIE!

(every nation's refugee)
04/29/08 11:32 AM
Re: Artists You've Never Seen Perform Live..... new [re: Adam]  

seen multiple times: wilco (several) jayhawks (several, once w/ wilco), grant lee buffalo/phillips (3), beck (2), pearl jam (2)

major artists seen once: van/elvis (same bill), r.e.m., dylan, paul westerberg (shitty), iggy, pumpkins, U2, radiohead, neil young, pixies

most wanted: tom waits, neil (again), elvis (again), lou, david byrne, peter gabriel. had a chance to see mr. waits a while back but balked at the price

bowie - haven't seen, no longer have any real desire to see


make a difference

(cricket menace)
04/29/08 12:10 PM
Re: Artists You've Never Seen Perform Live..... new [re: dice]  

In reply to:

balked at the price

That happened for me for Springsteen, Page and Plant, the reformed Blondie and the most disgusting of all - The Police. I also would've loved to see Roger Waters again but prices on the recent tour were getting up around $400.



(every nation's refugee)
04/29/08 02:28 PM
Re: Artists You've Never Seen Perform Live..... new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:


put him in the overpriced category for me as well


make a difference

(beyond the yoga zone)
04/29/08 07:46 PM
Re: Artists You've Never Seen Perform Live..... new [re: ziggfried]  

In reply to:

I've seen Nick with the Bad Seeds twice, and solo once, so I guess if I could see him again, I'd be curious to see him with Grinderman. But what would suit me even better is a Birthday Party reunion (or as close to a reunion as there can be, with Tracy Pew dead and Phill Calvert not even rating a mention in Nick's ARIA speech).

I've seen Bad Seeds once, Grinderman once, Nick solo once.... same singer and musicians on all (both) shows Grinderman were feral and absolutely fabulous, but that Ab Blues/Lyre tour was something else. Can't wait to see Lazarus touring!!

I've seen Phil Calvert live around 20 times or more, in his more secure and famous role as Blue Ruin drummer.

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