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(chameleon, comedian, corinthian and caricature)
06/28/08 01:12 PM
Re: TW God Of Football Competition THE FINAL new [re: EJ]  

It'd be a good omen for England in the World Cup if Spain win this competition, because like the former the latter haven't won anything since the Sixties - A Spanish victory could signal the beginning of a new era for two of footballs biggest underachieving nations.

I predict a 2-1 victory to the Germans in normal time, and I wouldn't be at all suprised if Podolski scores with a header from six yards..

Conversation Piece

(byroad singer)
06/30/08 06:08 AM
TW God Of Football Competition THE RESULT new [re: Strawman]  

Spain is the new European Champion after a well deserved 1:0 win over Germany.

But who is the official TW God Of Football? Here are the final results which include the points scored for predicting the correct winner yesterday (1 point), the correct score (1 point) and the bonus for naming the correct Champion before the tournament started (2 points):

Auntie Prism: 11 points
9 points before, 1 point for the winner, 1 point for the score

EJ: 11 points
8 before, 1 for the winner, 2 for the Champion

Arlequino: 9 points
No points for the final, no bonus.

Dara: 9 points
8 before, 1 for the winner

The Idiot2: 8 points
7 before, 1 for the winner

Strawman: 5 points

Eraserhead: 4 points

Remade/Remodeled: 4 points

Diamond Frog: 3 points
2 before, 1 for the winner

So the title of the TW GOD OF FOOTBALL goes to: Auntie Prism & EJ!

The Auntie showed a great consistency throughout the tournnament but was denied the sole top spot by EJ's forsightedness. Both winners are allowed to freely use the title for the next two years. Congratulations.

And thanks to all who took part!

See you in South Africa!

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

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