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05/20/09 06:31 PM
Re: Fuck quicktime new [re: looking glass]  

I paid for the signed deluxe 2CD edition, and I gotta wait till it arrives here in Oz.

With all the album's tracks in demo form on disc 2, and remixes by various artists of all the songs available to download from 15 June, we pretty much have three complete versions of the album. That's pretty cool.

(beyond the yoga zone)
05/21/09 05:55 AM
FRANK'S B ACK new [re: ziggfried]  

Wow, this one almost passed me by (I have to c+p the whole review here as the page font is switched off on my computer and I can't read it!!)

From here

It would almost certainly be a waste of time and words to talk much about Frank Black/Black Francis as a prelude (for those who don't know, click here). We all know of the Pixies and countless solo albums since the Bostonian giants split up, then reformed, did a bit of touring and...well, you really should know the whole back story back to front by now. For his next trick (actually, David Lovering was the magician in Pixies, wasn't he?) Black teamed up with his wife, Violet Clark, went into a studio, had a few arguments, made songs and came out with these tracks which ended up as Grand Duchy's first LP, a refined piece of work known as Petits Fours.

In some ways, this is a bit of an 80s nostalgia trip, but not one which sounds faintly or even hugely ironic. Bearing comparison perhaps to Neon Neon's Stainless Style, the neat tweaks and tricks of Petits Fours lack any of the over-blown garishness that 80s retrospective music can tend to have. Instead, a firm foot is placed in both past and present. This is certainly not nostalgia for its own sake, and with some of the records Black has put out, who needs nostalgia anyway?

The centrepiece of each cut is either Black or Clark's vocal melodies (and sometimes both). Your ears are only peppered with synthesised sounds, with the occasional Deal-esque driving bass. Black is chalk and Clark is cheese, with Clark's velvety vocals a perfect foil for Black's bark, which is, of course, accompanied by his other trademark the raging guitar wall of squall. 'Black Suit' - arguably the album's opus- showcases the inherent manic-depressive quality which remains in Black's voice as the howls of "everything that's blue is turning grey/boy looks good in a black suit/think that he looks divine" behind fuzzed-up sporadic guitar-thwacks.

At this stage in Black's career, it is hard to be surprised by his offerings, but it's Clark's participation which perhaps even outshines her spouse's. There's just something about Clark which you don't get with Black, and this album certainly would not have been as captivating a listen without her vocal participation. Bold as it may be to state, at times it feels like it might have been a more captivating listen if she took up sole vocal duties... although this notion is almost shattered by 'Ermesinde', as Clark's voice is wrecked by an autotune vocoder effect perhaps the only real low point of the album, and thankfully it lasts for just 20 seconds.

Amongst the nine tracks are some of Black's best work but although the album's ambience shifts - from the darkness in 'Black Suit' and 'Long Song' to the whimsy in 'Volcano!' ("Hey muscle bear, I love your hair/ that 70s 'stache, used up the cash") and the breezy 'Break The Angels' the consistency does not. It says it all that, in some ways, it's a little upsetting that there are only nine tracks. Though Black's career post-Pixies has been patchy, this is an undoubted return to form.

Grand Duchy - myspace

my face is finished, my body's gone and i can't help but think,
standin' up here in all this applause and gazin' down at all the young and the beautiful with their questioning eyes,
that i must above all things love myself

(every nation's refugee)
05/21/09 02:23 PM
Re: Kool Lily new [re: fiGgU_]  

In reply to:

Together through Life is good, but I find Modern Times much better

modern times is better, love and theft much better than that


make a difference

05/29/09 02:09 PM
Re: Hot Releases for 2009 new [re: beatled]  

Apollo Ghosts Hastings Sunrise is just perfection. You can listen to the album in its entirety here.

Adrian Teacher's voice is an interesting box of assortments, decorating each song with a sense of occasion owed the nuanced sounds (among them new wave, 80's powerpop/punk, swaggering, down-tempo indie rock, dreamy blues) and really great lyrics. I can't help but compare his voice to a less-obnoxious Ben Folds in timbre (no disrespect to Foldsy); in style, he's not so easy to peg.

In some of its more electronically charged and lyrically stout moments, I thought of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone; I imagine this also has something to do with Teacher's tendency to sing the quieter moments with an air of stagnancy. Sometimes, the guitar tone reminded me of Robert Cray (specifically on "Ghost, Get Out Of My Apartment," which is just...)

I think what I'm trying to get at in a very roundabout, ironic choice of course is that they're very unique.

I also have to give my props to The Horrors' Primary Colours which very much took me by surprise. From a band which I had considered fairly established as garage rock, I was not expecting something so murky and evocative of, well, horror. By that I mean not cutesy psychobilly type horror, but the true sounds of living fears. The best parts of this album steep you head first in some very black waters, and make a more than marked nod to Joy Division. (See: "Scarlet Fields.")

Primary Colours was produced by Portishead's Geoff Barrows and you can certainly hear it on the closing track, "Sea Within A Sea."

you're so natural
religiously unkind

(byroad singer)
06/08/09 06:39 AM
The TW-Melbournians are keeping a secret new [re: JarethsGirl]  

There is a strong band from Melbourne called The Temper Trap. Sadly enough in Germany only the current single "Science Of Fear" is available as a download from Amazon but that one is really promising.

Here is the Youtube link.

Reminds of Mansun (anyone else remembering them?) and their glam rock influenced debut album from the 90s.

And the new Placebo album is very good. It rock's hard and Tool-producer David Bottrill has given them some fresh edge. The guitars are heavy but the occasional use of violins and horns prevents the songs from getting too serious.

"Battle For The Sun" will not convert those who do not like the band anyway. But for Placebo-fans like myself this is a mighty fine album.


(two inch thoughts)
06/08/09 03:13 PM
Re: The TW-Melbournians are keeping a secret new [re: EJ]  

Nouvelle Vague are back with a long awaited 3rd album


featuring Martin Gore with Master and Servant.

my site - updated MAY 2009

(cricket menace)
06/10/09 03:33 AM
Temper Trap new [re: EJ]  

Actually, I've never heard of them but reading a few websites now, they are tipped to be huge. One suspects they are putting in efforts overseas with a big label and perhaps by-passing our local live scene. Sneaky bastards. ;) Actually, one person says "If ever there was a band that has so clearly been picked up for just having the sound of now this is it" ... which of course sounds like a concern but I guess if they can back it up with solid songs then maybe none of that will matter. However, it does sound like I'll never seem them at my local for a tenner.

Well, 100% Brit (and apparently proud of it) is being a bit over the top when he says 8 hours [of Outside outtakes]. I'd love to know the truth concerning what 100% git really has ~ Reeves Gabrels, 2003

(two inch thoughts)
06/16/09 03:05 AM
The Worst Side of the 80's Revival new [re: Adam]  

Hair Metal is making a comeback. NOOO iI hated Poison too.

check it out if you are not a wass

my site - updated MAY 2009

(cricket menace)
07/04/09 01:58 AM
MOBY = BRILLIANT new [re: sonofsilence]  

Moby's new one titled Wait For Me is a mesmerising return to form. Extraordinarily, this follows the utterly dreadful, pitiful rap crap of Last Night. It's early days but this could be his best album yet.

Well, 100% Brit (and apparently proud of it) is being a bit over the top when he says 8 hours [of Outside outtakes]. I'd love to know the truth concerning what 100% git really has ~ Reeves Gabrels, 2003

(two inch thoughts)
07/05/09 03:06 PM
Re: MOBY = BRILLIANT new [re: Adam]  

yeah not bad. Still his best peice yet is Novio. IMO

Flight of the Conchords new album should be worth the wait,

my site - updated MAY 2009

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