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(cracked actor)
01/30/10 10:23 AM
A pit bull against an enraged chimp? [re: ]  

I've been thinking lately about a classic battle between two vicious animals.

What would happen if an enraged chimp went up against a trained pit bull? Neither animal feels fear or inhibition or mercy.

You've heard about the recent chimp attacks against humans. With the strength and fury of 10 men, the chimps ripped off faces, gouged out eyes, chewed off complete hands, left their victims a sad, mutilated mess. When one human victim of a chimp attack went on Oprah recently, she had to wear a veil to cover what once was a face.

And what about the awesome strength and brutality of a pit bull? They don't let go. They will rip to shreds a helpless five year old baby. These dogs are so fierce they should put them in zoos, with a sign that reads, "These monsters used to roam the streets."

Lest you think I'm cruel imagining what these two animals might do to each other, think of the movie King Kong. Didn't that pit a gorilla against a dinosaur? That was an awesome fight. Why can't I wonder about a good match like this one? I'd like to imagine that the chimp might win against the bull. However, I don't know. Would you like to see this fight? What if it featured the most fearsome of each species? How much would you pay to watch. What would happen, do you think?

(Reality Ale)
01/30/10 01:20 PM
Re: A pit bull against an enraged chimp? new [re: to_dizzy]  

Would it change matters if it was a trained chimp against an enraged pitbull?

Like a Nun on the Run, I'm terrible fun.

(band intro)
01/30/10 02:25 PM
Re: A pit bull against an enraged chimp? new [re: Persilot]  

I'd put my money on chimp. Thumbs and intelligence win.

"OK, I quit. You win. Last post. The end. Goodbye." - Stu, 1 October 2007

(cracked actor)
01/30/10 02:36 PM
Re: A pit bull against an enraged chimp? new [re: Monkeyboy]  

Picture it: two magnificent creatures, both magnificent murderers, at the top of their game. It's a matter of pride among both animals, which one is most vicious, most talented at tearing the other apart.

Believe me, both beasts are experts at tearing others apart. Let 'em go at each other. This could be a great sport. I don't feel sorry for them. I don't think either can feel pain!

(two inch thoughts)
01/31/10 04:42 AM
Re: A pit bull against an enraged chimp? new [re: to_dizzy]  

I agree that the Chimp would win because of intelligence too. Also the Chimp has the advanatge that it can climb and swing around and possible drop objects on the dog.


(cracked actor)
01/31/10 07:36 AM
Re: A pit bull against an enraged chimp? new [re: sonofsilence]  

So you're saying intelligence wins against a pit bull? I don't know about that. I think it'd be a great war. If I had to bet $1,000, I'd put it on the pit bull. The little "street thug" would clamp down and not even a Haitian earthquake would persuade it to release.

(Reality Ale)
01/31/10 08:09 AM
Re: A pit bull against an enraged chimp? new [re: to_dizzy]  

Where exactly is this fight taking place? That could have a big impact on the outcome. The forest? The pleasant grasslands? Asda carpark?

Like a Nun on the Run, I'm terrible fun.

(stardust savant)
01/31/10 08:45 AM
Re: A pit bull against an enraged chimp? new [re: Persilot]  

In a large cage.

(cricket menace)
01/31/10 09:26 AM
Re: A pit bull against an enraged chimp? [re: to_dizzy]  

The strength and cunning fighting of the chimp would provide victory.

On a related matter, I recently read about a confrontation between a pitbull (one of my least liked animals) and one of my favourites (the Tasmanian Tiger or Thylacine) having just returned from Tasmania. This is apparently what happened when one of the best domesticated fighting dogs from the northern hemisphere faced the marsupial dog from the south:

"A bull-terrier once set upon a wolf (thylacine) and bailed it up in a niche in some rocks.

There the wolf stood, with its back to the wall, turning its head from side to side, checking the terrier as it tried to butt in from alternate and opposite directions.

Finally, the dog came in close, and the wolf gave one sharp, fox-like bite, tearing a piece of the dog's skull clean off, and it fell with the brain protruding, dead."

~ Hugh Mackay (quoted by Le Souef and Burrell 1926)

Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)

.....as evidenced here, the jaws of this animal could crush skulls. Likewise, it's nearest living relative - the Tasmanian Devil - has the strongest bite of any mammal alive today (about 10 times the psi [pounds per square inch] of the most powerful canines). Even though the Tassie devil is shy and quite small, it is suspected it would even have the advantage over a dingo in a one to one....

Tasmanian Devil

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(stardust savant)
01/31/10 10:54 AM
Re: A pit bull against an enraged chimp? [re: Adam]  

It's very sad the Tasmanian Tiger is extinct, especially since the last one in captivity died of neglect, locked out of its shelter during a freezing night.

I wish there were at least several left; we could fight one against a pit bull and see what happens. It would be fun to see a monstrous thug get its ass beat.

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