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(two inch thoughts)
05/03/10 06:29 AM
Re: In The Middle Of A Fire Fight new [re: EJ]  

keep an eye out for the National.

here's there latest song Bloodbuzz Ohio



(wise like orangutan)
05/03/10 06:07 PM
Old Dogs, New Tricks new [re: sonofsilence]  

I was pretty into Boxer for a hot second, but the same-y-ness kinda did it in for me. I'm having the same problem with the new one -- dude's voice is great, but he needs some new vocal melodies.

On the flip side, there's the Black Keys. I assumed after Rubber Factory that these guys had pretty much run their course, albeit a pretty solid one. And I never got around to Attack & Release, because let's face it, Dangermouse's name is increasingly worth more than his actual contributions.

Well, I was wrong. Maybe about A&R, but most definitely about Brothers, which is their best record by a damn sight.

I don't walk it like I talk it cause I run it

(two inch thoughts)
05/27/10 05:40 AM
Re: Hot Releases for 2010 [re: sonofsilence]  

The Pineapple Thief - Someone Here Is Missing
and the album cover done by the one and only Storm Thorgeson (also known for Pink Floyd and Muse album covers)

the album is a grower. What has been described as prog rock for the 21st century.


(cricket menace)
05/27/10 08:42 AM
Re: Hot Releases for 2010 new [re: sonofsilence]  

As many of you must know, The Flaming Lips have put put a new album which is Pink Floyd's Darkside of the Moon covered in its entirety.

I've only heard it once so far and quite liked it. The Lips definitely place their stamp on it.

Any one else heard it or have an opinion?

"My God you look nice in the cold ....... almost ....... Ukrainian ~ David Bowie as 'Monty'.

(two inch thoughts)
05/28/10 02:42 AM
Re: Hot Releases for 2010 new [re: Adam]  

Yeah I've heard it. I've got it but I dunno. It doesnt get me in the same way the original would or even Easy Star All Stars - Dub Side of the Moon.

Might listen a few more times. Maybe it's a grower.


(grinning soul)
05/29/10 05:35 PM
Re: Hot Releases for 2010 new [re: sonofsilence]  

I have listened to it a couple of times and it is OK. Don't think it will grow so much though as it was easy to get into. I haven't heard anything really great this year. LCD Soundsystem was Ok. Gorillaz and Massive Attack too. I guess I am getting fed up with pop music listening more and more to classical music. I have almost played Beethoven exclusively the last month. Piano sontas and symphonies.

06/02/10 04:09 AM
Re: Hot Releases for 2010 new [re: sonofsilence]  

(byroad singer)
06/02/10 09:27 AM
A Less Great Gig new [re: sonofsilence]  

In reply to:

Yeah I've heard it. I've got it but I dunno. It doesnt get me in the same way the original would or even Easy Star All Stars - Dub Side of the Moon.

Yeah, same her. The charming factor with the Easy Star Allstars was that they transferred the album into a completly different genre. A genre which you wouldn't exactly expect to work with an album like that. But it did. Nicely and with lasting joy. The Flaming Lips version is an exerimental rock band re-recording an album by another experimental rock band. Not badly done, the guitar in "Us and Them" is cool, but all in all the album lacks the extra idea and charm.


06/02/10 06:06 PM
Re: In The Middle Of A Fire Fight new [re: EJ]  

In reply to:

Iggy and The Stooges' Raw Power returns to the shops as the double CD called "Legacy Edition". The album has been remastered by some Mark Wilder and whoever he is he did his job well. The sound is much deeper and and has more pressure than any of the mixes I have heard before. And it is still a wild recording. The fabulous "Search & Destroy" is even more of a treat now that the fantastic guitar on it sounds voluminous and agressive as it always should have done. "Gimme Danger" was the track which least suffered from the lack of depth in the mix but songs like "Penetration" or the title track itself gain loads of presence and pressure here, with the thin and blurred noises from the old days vanishing completely.

Great stuff.

The second CD is a live recording from Atlanta 1973, which is great fun because of its authenticity. Two outtakes from the "Raw Power" sessions round off a release which is defintely worth the money. Even if you already have several "Raw Power" issues in your recor collection. This one stands out.

I've been keeping an eye out for the Raw Power re-release, but it doesn't seem to have been released in Australia yet. Granted, I haven't looked in a few weeks. Anyway, despite already having the Bowie mix, the Iggy mix, and Rough Power, I still feel obliged to pick up the re-release, even though for some reason I've been off Iggy for a while (I never even got The Weirdness or that French jazz album thing he did last year).

06/06/10 02:44 AM
When, Zigg? new [re: ziggfried]  

Despite how incredible JFPL was, can't say I'm too confident about this.

C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre

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