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(stardust savant)
09/12/10 04:33 PM
David Bowie: I Am The Dragon Chapter One [re: ]  

excerpt from David Bowie: I Am the Dragon

Chapter One: The Bitch Is Born

Gloria Stewart made a living as a nursemaid in Brixton in the late 1940's. She assisted in literally thousands of births. There was really nothing special that dreary Brixton day on January 8. 1947 when she was called to the Jones household to assist with the birth of a little boy, David Robert.

Ms. Stewart always looked closely at the newborn babies she helped birth. They were beautiful, adorable, but without exception always the same. Their eyes were closed, they cried and were not aware of their surroundings. But this one, David Robert, born 3:30 pm, was very, very different.

When David was born he was not like the other babies Ms. Stewart had seen. His eyes were clear, open and he was aware of his surroundings. It was like he was a little reporter, observing it all and taking it all in. When he focused his eyes on Ms. Stewart, he held eye contact. To Ms. Stewart he was like a little adult. Imagine a newborn baby acting like this! This was the most traumatic event in their little lives, yet David Robert was still, calm, intelligent and aware. There was never a baby like this. Ms. Stewart could not contain herself. She said something that would go down in history.

"He's been on earth before."

Everyone gasped. Even David Robert's mother and father knew what Ms. Stewart meant. David was already meeting their gaze with a steady gaze of his own. He was not crying, but reading their eyes and facial expression. Then, the unimaginable happened. David smiled. It was the first time he would charm an audience, but hardly the last. Everyone laughed with joy. David was already a star!

copyright 2010

(cracked actor)
09/15/10 11:58 AM
Re: David Bowie: I Am The Dragon Chapter One new [re: to_dizzy]  

I like your first chapter, you have a great style of writing.

(stardust savant)
09/15/10 12:47 PM
Re: David Bowie: I Am The Dragon Chapter One new [re: infidel]  

Thanks! Stay tuned for Chapter Two: "Shading His First Few Chords."

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