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(byroad singer)
03/22/11 06:47 AM
Too much to bear new [re: Marquis]  

Yeah, Knut is indeed being missed.

The assumption is, that he never got over the death of his keeper Thomas Dörflein 2 1/2 yeras back, which apparently broke his heart. Dörflein fostered Knut after Knut's mother had rejected her newborn son and even threatend to kill him.

What is Fokoshima when you have the world's most beloved polar character floating dead with his arse up?

And from Knut to Kurt:

Kurt Hauenstein is dead. Some may remember his mega hit "Lovemachine" which he released under the name of Supermax. It gave the Austrian a major hit in all of Europe during the 70s Disco era. He died at the age of 62.

He will be remembered like this:


(stardust savant)
03/23/11 09:46 AM
Re: 2011 Dead Pool new [re: Auntie Prism]  

Liz Taylor has passed at the ripe old age of 79....

March 23 2011

Jareth's speech: Love Me, Fear Me, Do as I say, and I will be your slave. Heathen track: Show me who you are And I would be your slave
Coincidence? I think not.

03/23/11 09:52 AM
Re: 2011 Dead Pool new [re: Patches]  

She was my first choice.


I went to a restaurant that serves 'breakfast at any time'. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.

03/23/11 09:55 AM
Re: 2011 Dead Pool new [re: Patches]  

Halloween Jill
(cracked actor)
03/23/11 02:43 PM
Re: Too much to bear new [re: EJ]  

I'm so sad about Knut dying. I wish I didn't just see that picture of his lifeless body.

(two inch thoughts)
03/24/11 12:21 PM
Re: 2011 Dead Pool new [re: Patches]  

RIP Liz Taylor

end of an era


(phunnix little bunnix)
03/25/11 00:45 AM
1 down, 9 to go. ALL DEAD! new [re: Patches]  

This dead pool thing made me explode with joy when Elizabeth Taylor died. The people who were around me when I heard probably feel differently about me now.

Or...on second thoughts...maybe not.

People. What a bunch of bastards.

Halloween Jill
(cracked actor)
03/25/11 12:34 PM
Re: 2011 Dead Pool new [re: Auntie Prism]  

Yes, I know I'm late...

Has anyone put in their vote for Zsa Zsa Gabor, Lady Gaga or Lemmy Kilmister yet? I just read through this, but clearly not that well.

I have a 2 year old daughter now - I can't pay attention to shit anymore!

(cracked actor)
03/26/11 01:22 AM
Re: 2011 Dead Pool new [re: Halloween Jill]  

Foolish woman! She'll get a nappy rash!


Halloween Jill
(cracked actor)
03/26/11 12:02 PM
Re: 2011 Dead Pool new [re: Mxy]  

That was a good one!

Actually, I pay attention to her shit, just not anything else.

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